Ohmigod…poor David did not have a Happy Christmas or New Years! 😦 Someone with the pseudonym of Alec Theodore Wallace has claimed copyright infringement on 4 of David’s most popular videos, and YouTube has not just deleted the videos from his channel, but has even gone so far as to totally shut down David’s channel on YouTube! Please see all the details at his blog here:


For whatever reason, this guy from Iceland has claimed David’s work as his own, and forced this situation to David’s detriment! This Alec Theodore Wallace cannot be found on Google anywhere (I did the search too), and is now re-posting David’s videos under Wallace’s own YouTube channel which is deceptively called Ancient Aliens TV…which is NOT affiliated with the TV show at all! There are potential ramifications for stealing the name of a syndicated TV series too. The real Ancient Aliens television show has never heard of this guy, and this is not their YouTube site.


It is very cleverly designed to mimic both Ancient Aliens and David Wilcock as the people behind it, but all of it is fake. Notice the encouragement to send Hate Mail to David’s legitimate email address (that is why David blacked it out). WTF??? This screenshot is the one that David posted in his blog, and where he denounces this site and this man who has stolen his videos and disabled his YouTube site permanently.

This is looking really bad, because David is now prevented from ever having a YouTube channel again. What the fuck is going on with YouTube, and the MSM, and all of social media???? You KNOW this is Cabal shit, trying to silence those of the alternative media who are bringing them down and exposing them. 😦 I’ve heard Vimeo is a good alternative video site…wow…all alternative media sites should move over to another provider and boycott YouTube!!

Addendum January 2, 2017

Great News! David just posted a second part to his post with the good news that his YouTube channel has been reinstated, and the phony Ancient Aliens TV one is disabled now.


As of about 8PM PST last night, our YouTube channel has been completely restored. No strikes, perfectly clean, as if nothing ever happened:

The phony ancientaliens.tv website is still up, but since he only linked to himself, there is nothing to see:

Wow…I am so happy to see this rectified! It gives me hope to be sure! I threw a whole lot of white light at the situation, at the YouTube people last night and this morning…I hope it helped! Let us hope that this means that they (the Cabal people controlling YouTube) are only limited in what they can do to subscribers and channel owners who are not actually doing anything wrong. They can cause some trouble, but they can’t permanently shut them down. I know I am keeping all the alternative media and Truthers out there in my prayers, both at 6 pm and my MOTN meditations. I like to think that the Light can help these situations…and it is part of my job as a Lightworker to direct it where it is needed. 🙂 Maybe it’s magical thinking to believe my throwing light at the situation helped, but…who says it can’t??? I’m certain I am not the only one who prayed and did what we could to help the situation! I am just relieved it was resolved! Thank you God!!! ❤