I wish the world a very happy New Year…I did it last night too, as I watched the celebrations on the other side of the world take place earlier in the evening. I did not stay up to ring in the new year this year though…I was in bed by 10 pm. Sorry, but without the TV to watch any of the typical New Years’ shows, and the online webcast in NY was rather boring, I decided I needed the sleep more. LOL

Anyway, I perused my Reader lineup of posts that I follow this morning, and I found a lot of ones that were making predictions for the new year. Strangely, I find myself not attracted to the “woo-hooey” ones any longer…the ones with the vague talk of energy patterns and raising vibrations and interdimensional events that never seem to come to pass. Yes, I am very disillusioned by this New Age stuff that spouts so much vague metaphysical stuff that can’t be verified and seems beyond subjective. I dunno, but there are some people out there either on really good drugs or are totally taken over by the False Light IMO! sigh

I find I have no patience for either their videos or their written posts, usually on In5D.com. I find I no longer use In5D as a major resource any longer. This is quite a change for me! I seem to be leaning more towards alternative news stories on what feels like the more relevant world stage. As I’m sure is quite evident from my posts lately. LOL

Despite saying that, I did find one post on In5D that resonated with me. “2017 Offers A Time Of Transition And Momentum Both Globally And Personally” seems to mirror my own interpretation of what I feel is coming for this new year.

There could be a sense of bittersweet experience about 2017. It could be bitter to aspects of us that have been conditioned to 3D life and the thought and behavior patterns that it has brought us. It will be a time of mourning and letting go of lower vibrational frequencies that no longer serve us. It may feel bitter to complete relationships that were previously meaningful and no longer can seem to transact even as love remains. Sweetness comes from the continual awakenings to the experience of less separation from within and with others.

I feel this will be true in a global sense, with all the craziness we are experiencing right now with fake news and censoring of the alternative media, Pizzagate, the Russian conspiracy fake news…on and on. I think 2017 will see people’s eyes open increasingly to the Truth, and the bitterness will be how people are seeing that their trust in the Establishment has been so very misguided. I think this will happen all over the world, more and more this year. Yes, and on a personal level, since each of us will have to come to terms with the bitterness of this realization. So I am thinking that Disclosure might very well happen this year.

Many people feel that 2017 will bring a global disclosure of that which has been suppressed and put in the shadow, primarily in the exposure of the Illuminati, Cabal, Archons, New World Order, etc. It is an unveiling that which will serve us all immensely as that which is of a lower vibrational, negative frequency can no longer resonate with Gaia’s ascension and ours. It will also be a very difficult and shocking time for many souls as they are more abruptly woken up to the realities of what has been going on around them.

Yes, I know many of us are really praying that this global Disclosure will happen this year! I have read many other people’s words that all express this same discontent with the delays that are occurring with Full Disclosure. It is time, and it seems to me a 1 year (2+0+1+7) is the perfect time for it to happen.

I also read something in David Wilcock’s book, The Ascension Mysteries, where his insider Jacob states:

Jacob was also well aware that our solar system was moving into a highly charged energetic cloud. He said this would create a massive energetic flash from the Sun, which would propel us into the next level of human evolution. All the way back in 2009 he told me, “The event you are expecting to happen in 2012 is more likely to occur in 2017”.

I guess Corey Goode puts it more like 2018-2023, but I’ve been meditating on it. Could both be correct? I am thinking that Full Disclosure may happen in 2017, but that the awakening of the masses will continue to build through 2018 to 2023. Bashar has said that first contact won’t happen until 2023-2025. Bleah…still too far away, but I am reminded of the fact that I am encountering that energetic “blank wall” for the later half of 2017.

It could be that our future is going to be in flux, and these old predictions are now able to be changed. Well, all predictions can change, since we have free will. I think something significant is going to happen this year, and more than likely it will be Full Disclosure. Which I believe needs to happen before we are ready for Ascension. More people need to be awake and aware, so Disclosure needs to wake them up and force the change in awareness and pave the way for a new spirituality.

Why do I feel that Disclosure will lead to a new spiritual awareness? I think the bringing to justice of the Cabal and the negative ETs will lead us all to re-examine our consciousness and our sense of justice, and ultimately unconditional love. We need to forgive these people and entities, and let God take care of them. If we can show beneficence to these horrible people who have harmed us in so many ways, then we are indeed ready for Ascension.

I doubt that will happen this year, but the 2023 timeline seems doable. It gives us several years to get over the shock, fear and horror at discovering the truth, working past the anger and revenge, and get to the place where we can see that they are just victims too. I believe the human Cabal are used and abused by the negative ETs, I know the ickyons possess the Reptilians, and the ickyons are just an experiment in free will negating God that will be recalled by Source and removed from the universe. It’s God’s justice that needs to prevail for them, for we are not wise enough, nor powerful enough, to punish the ickyons.  But if we can rise higher and forgive their pawns, then we are indeed ready for Ascension.

So…here’s to Full Disclosure this year! Happy New Year!