I talked yesterday about how poor David Wilcock had his intellectual property stolen by some guy going by the pseudonym of Alec Theodore Wallace who claimed copyright infringement on David’s own videos. YouTube sided with this Alec guy, and has banned David Wilcock permanently from the YouTube channel. WTH??? Thankfully, it seems that David’s original YouTube channel has been restored as of today, January 2nd.

Now it seems that another David that I watch, David Seaman, has also been fucked over by YouTube and his Patreon/PayPal account (see his video on this here). He cannot access his PayPal account because his Patreon account with YouTube has been shut down. It seems they have demonetized some of his videos too, and have also blocked a fellow alt media friend from posting on her account. She has 2 strikes now…one more, and she’s banned permanently like David Wilcock. Her channel is Reality Calls, and she cannot load any new videos to her account. W.T.F.?!?!?!

This is so wrong! I can’t believe this kind of censorship can be going on in this day and age! I pray to God that this can all be reversed when Trump gets in! We need Full Disclosure to happen now!!! 😦 I am beyond outraged, and refusing to give into fear, but I feel so awful for these poor, brave souls who are trying to get the Truth out and are being stymied in every despicable way possible! All of our voices can’t be silenced though. But we all need to wake up!