Well, there’s a lot to read these days! LOL Much is going on on the world stage, and it is really interesting times we are living in! I’ve been reading some things that I haven’t really commented on yet, so I thought I’d just put my two cents in now.

First off, I have been reading about the Cabal being arrested in large numbers. This article by In5D “Mass Arrests Of The Cabal Have Begun, According To Two Sources” shows that both Kent Dunn and Benjamin Fulford have claimed that 15000 arrest warrants have been issued for high ranking Cabal members. Both Kent Dunn and Benjamin Fulford are insiders with Alliance intel.

On December 29th, Kent Dunn initially told Gary Larrabee about the impending mass arrests of the criminal cabal.According to Dunn, “After January 1st, the government has got 15,000 arrest warrants. They’re bringing in 30,000 FBI to server these warrants on the cabal and cabal associates.”

Now, there hasn’t been any word of who exactly will be arrested, and of course this is because this is an ongoing event, but let me guess at some.

It was not mentioned who are among the 15,000 of the cabal that are being arrested but speculation would infer that there would be many politicians, world leaders, banksters, and anyone who has worked against the best interests of humanity.

As of this date and time, no names have been mentioned as to who has been arrested.

I’ve already mentioned here that it seems the Queen and her family must be under house arrest, what with her “bad cold” that she has, making her miss both the Christmas mass and the New Year’s Day mass. Both are traditions she hasn’t missed in decades. I just read an article where the British people are now worried for her health, and that at the very least, that she will be stepping down due to her health. Hmmm…I suspect she will be stepping down. I think she has been arrested by the Alliance personally. You KNOW the monarchies are Illuminati groups…they have inherited power and wealth and privilege for centuries! I’ve heard she’s a reptilian…I dunno about that, but I’m sure she’s part of an ancient Illuminati bloodline. I know there’s a huge British pedophilia problem that’s been investigated before, and I don’t doubt that the monarchy is involved too. Satanic rituals and black magic to stay in power and live long. Their seeming benevolence, even here in Canada, is suspect IMO.

Addendum: I found this article "Queen Under "House Arrest" After Trying to Expose Dark Forces" that offers a different perspective on the house arrest idea. It suggests that her own family (the Illuminati) placed her under house arrest to keep her from running off at the mouth about the Truth. It is an interesting premise.

The Queen has been detained by the Royal Family under the guise of her having flu after attempting to expose powerful establishment figures for “the most heinous crimes against our most vulnerable, our children.”

Then there’s this headline “Israeli police question Netanyahu over corruption allegation“. Seems the prime minister of Israeli has been detained by the police and is being questioned over receiving “inappropriate” benefits and accepting gifts. I think this is just the cover story, and isn’t it interesting that no further details are being released???

Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said Netanyahu was questioned on “suspicions he received benefits.” She said there would be no further details released at this stage.

Then there’s the fact that Netanyahu is being questioned “under caution”:

Netanyahu has repeatedly denied wrongdoing, but the arrival of the national fraud squad indicated questions raised about him are considered serious enough to merit an investigation. Police said Netanyahu was questioned “under caution,” a term signalling that he is a suspect.

Hmmm…this comes suspiciously after the US has refused to back him up in the UN. I’m thinking that Obama did the right thing in not vetoing the UN decision, and Netanyahu is being left out to dry. I’m willing to bet that he is one of the Cabal being arrested now.

Then there’s the big talk of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un who is claiming that their nuclear weapons program is nearing its final stages. I guess Trump has tweeted that this will never happen. According to this article:

Trump tweeted, “North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the U.S. It won’t happen!”

The article seems to think that Trump is underestimating North Korea, and that they may very well have nuclear missiles that could at least hit American targets in Asia, if not make it all the way to the US mainland. I don’t think they have that capability, personally. I do know that the positive ETs will not allow nuclear war to break out, so I think they’re just trying to make themselves look bigger and better armed. Maybe they’re worried about China taking them over…I dunno. But I think that North Korea is Cabal territory, and that the Cabal is still trying to strongarm everyone. sigh.

Then there’s this hysterical funny headline “Pope tells bishops to have zero tolerance for sexual abuse”. Pfffttt…the head of the biggest pedophilia organization is making hypocritical statements…again! I’m sorry, but I’ve lost all respect for the Pope…at best he’s a naive mouthpiece for the Illuminati, and I think this statement he made is a very poor attempt to distance himself from the whole Pizzagate pedophilia thing. The Vatican is the center of the whole thing! The Roman Catholic church is so enmeshed in the whole child sex slave thing it’s obvious even to the most unaware people. The comment section was very telling…lots of people derided the Pope and the Vatican, and the Catholic religion in general. As one commenter said “Are people still dumb enough to be religious?”. Too many have not seen any proof of the Pope actually doing anything to stop the abuse. Defrocking a couple of token bishops is not the answer! We all know that it’s a huge issue in the religious sector.

Anne Barrett-Doyle, founder of the U.S.-based research and monitoring group BishopAccountablity.org, said in an email that the pope’s words were little more than rhetoric.

“This pope keeps proclaiming zero tolerance but doesn’t enact it. He knows full well that Church law contains no zero tolerance provision. Zero tolerance is mere rhetoric. The sad fact is that the Church still has not changed its system to make zero tolerance a binding reality,” she said.

Makes me wonder why the Pope addressed this subject…he’s been addressing all kinds of subjects lately that make me wonder! The whole “pedophilia fascination is like eating feces” speech makes me question WTF the Pope and the Vatican is up to! Definitely trying to distance themselves from the whole situation…could it be because the shit is about to hit the fan???? I certainly hope so…this whole child sex slavery thing is so disgusting it has to finally be addressed and stopped! And it will lead right to the Vatican…I think they’re running scared. The Pope is not an effective mouthpiece though. sigh

There’s also this video “A Massive Volcano Is Rumbling Right Under One of Italy’s Biggest Cities” that calls attention to the fact that one of the largest volcanoes in the world is showing signs of activity under the city of Naples. And yet…there are no warnings going out on this potential eruption.

A volcano in the south of Italy could be coming closer to erupting, putting the lives of more than half a million people in danger, an article from Nature Communications has warned.

Scientists believe that magma at the Campi Flegrei volcano in Naples is reaching a level designated by “critical degassing pressure” (CDP). This is characterized by sudden release of water-rich gases in vast volumes, which could lead to rock failure and explosion of the volcano, the report, released late last month, said.

“We propose that magma could be approaching the CDP at Campi Flegrei, a volcano in the metropolitan area of Naples, one of the most densely inhabited areas in the world, and where accelerating deformation and heating are currently being observed,” the eight scientists said in the report.

The author of the video makes a very good observation: “it may not erupt, but when it comes to volcanoes, it’s only a matter of time, because that.is.what.they.do!” I think I’ve mentioned this volcano before, in reference to the Edgar Cayce prediction that one of the big Italian volcanoes will erupt as a signal that the Pole Shift is starting. I thought it was going to be Vesuvius, but this Camp Flegrei is feeling like the significant one to watch! :/

Then there is this article, “The only prediction that really matters for 2017: The global debt collapse begins, followed by the rise of fascist, totalitarian government“, which feels like fear mongering to me. I do think the financial reset is coming soon, and it would not surprise me if the Cabal instigates it by trying to pin a collapse on Trump. But I do not think this reset will be the apocalyptic disaster that everyone is touting it to be…I think the Resistance and the Alliance will come forward with NESARA/GESARA and everything will be just fine.

I don’t like that I am seeing a lot of these fear mongering stories though…this is not the reality to be envisioning for our future! We must keep the faith that there are benevolent forces at work that will not let such a dismal thing happen on a global scale. That said, I am worried for the US though. They may be spiritually authorizing such a disaster scenario in advance to the Full Disclosure thing, in order to wake more people up. I am praying fervently that this will not come to be though. I think that trying to force a financial collapse will only ameliorate Full Disclosure. (And why can I not think of another word for ameliorate???? LOL)

In any case, I think things will get very interesting in the next couple of months. I do expect something either shortly before or shortly after the inauguration. Poor Trump…I keep him in my prayers every night! sigh