I’ve continued to look for some information of what happened when that “massive gamma ray burst” hit us on December 26th, 2016. I didn’t feel anything of an energetic nature, which makes me wonder WTH it all meant. I’ve been thinking that perhaps it was something meant to affect just Gaia, or maybe it was meant to affect the animals or the plants or the rocks/crystals. I dunno, but isn’t it massively arrogant hubris to think that these energy influxes are only for us humans???

As David Wilcock has pointed out, the entire solar system is getting brighter and hotter. All the planets in our solar system are being affected, and it’s all going through an energetic ascension process. Let’s face it, if the sun “sneezes”…let’s loose a massive CME (Coronal Mass Ejection…and I’ve heard potentially the Sun’s entire Corona!) that will cause the Ascension, that selfsame CME is going to hit Mercury and Venus first, and there is no reason to think it won’t continue on to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc, etc. So this is a cosmic event, not just a planetary one.

Anyway, I’ve been hearing a lot lately that this solar system is the last region of the universe to be liberated from the archons (ickyons) and the negative ETs. That they were pushed back to this region of space and this is their last stronghold. Gee…lucky us! NOT! But it does explain why there seems to be so many ET species trying to help us, and why there are so many ET ships in not just our atmosphere, but around all the other planets and moons. Why they are all here to watch this wondrous event. I guess the Prime Directive prevents them from helping unless specifically asked, and only a few have been asked to help. Like the ones that Corey Goode and some of the other insiders are aware of.

Now I know that Cobra is part of a Resistance group that includes the Pleiadians and a race from Planet X that has just recently defeated the reptilians and the negative ETs on their own planet. The positive ETs here are actively defeating the negative ETs and destroying this octopus thingie called Yaldabaoth, which is supposedly their god or something. Well, it’s the ickyons’ god, or the one who created them. That is my understanding at least.

Then along comes this post that talks about this Project Starquake, which is a purification program for eliminating the ickyons (note that I will not give them any respect by actually calling them archons, which means ruler in Greek). According to this post:

According to this message from December 25th, the Galactic Gamma Wave fumigated the parasites; the Archons.

The message they were referring to was a Gary Larrabee video with Kent Dunn, who is an insider with intel on the alliance and resistance movements. I find it hard to watch these videos, as the auditory quality is so poor that it grates on my nerves. Gary sounds like he has marbles in his mouth and I find I can’t understand him well, and the recording that Kent is on is so staticky that it’s largely intelligible to me as well. sigh. But I offer it here for others to try to make sense of it. Instead, I go to the source they list in the credit section underneath.

Going to their source, I found a channeled post. Channeled by Archangel Michael. sigh. If you’ve been reading my stuff, you know I have problems with channeled messages (although some contain kernels of truth), and I have a huge problem with the Archon angels. Had a bad experience with Michael too. 😦 So this post raised so many red flags for me that I want to totally disregard it! But at the heart, I want to believe that we can indeed somehow be rid of the damn ickyons through some divine energy that will intervene to eliminate them. If a massive gamma ray burst from the Sagittarius constellation/Cynus star/Galactic Core or wherever this article is saying it came from can do this, then I say hurray! But this post has so many convoluted statements I don’t even know where to begin.

What I do want to point out though, is this statement:


WTH is this little gem??? Who the hell is Sophia???? “The Creator of the Archons”???? “The female embodiment of God”??? Ummm…I learned a number of years ago that the female embodiment of God is named Azna…I have never heard of this Sophia. The male aspect is named OM. I have heard that Source allowed the ickyons to use their free will to turn to the dark, as an experiment, and that the experiment is now over, and that the negative ETs on all levels (reptilians are 3D, archons are lower 4D) are being “recalled” back to Source. So again…who is Sophia??? I dunno about this post, although I would love to believe that the recalling of the damn ickyons has indeed happened with this gamma ray burst.

So why was I led to this post??? Could it be that it is the answer, although the rest of the channeled message is bunk? I will assume so, since I am having a really hard time reading the post, and am actively resisting the intel. My discernment meter is playing havoc with my ability to take in the message. I actually read this late last night, and it was part of my MOTN meditation this morning.

I have determined that the gamma ray burst was not meant for humans and that is why no one felt anything. I’d heard some people blathering about it really hitting them hard, but I don’t think so. Although…if the ickyons were neutralized and eliminated, maybe these people were infected and that is what they felt. Maybe the fact that I didn’t feel anything means that I wasn’t infected. Hmmm…that is encouraging to know! I had that Reiki healing done a few months back, and I’ve worked hard to remove the implants from a couple of nasty psychic attacks that happened around that same time. I still feel “clean” in my aura and chakras…I do check at night before going to sleep. So…maybe there are no ickyons in my auric field for me to have felt anything. Hmmm…a distinct possibility IMO.

Addendum: Jan 5th In this morning's MOTN meditation, I asked my guardian angel whether the ickyons have been eliminated and she sadly shook her head no. I asked whether that channeled message had any truth in it, and she again shook her head no. So I asked if "Archangel Michael" was real or not, and I kinda got the feeling that she doesn't like Michael. Well, maybe "not like" isn't the right word...but maybe more a sense of disapproval or something. I asked why I was led to the article then, and was told that it was a lesson in discernment. And it pertained more to the Gary Larrabee and Kent Dunn posts than to the channeled messages by archangels (which I already know to either avoid or take with a grain of salt). I've been encountering these Gary Larrabee videos a lot lately, and it seems that the info being given to him by Kent Dunn is not valid. This is why I am having such a hard time listening to them, and why the sound distortions are so upsetting to me. Okay...so I need to discount the Kent Dunn intel and not bother trying to listen to Gary Larrabee's videos.

Something I have noticed since Christmas though…my cats have become quite “talkative” and active in the middle of the night! They are waking me up around 2 or 3 am (instead of my just waking up on my own, like in the past), and they are keeping me awake and preventing me from meditating with their meowing, yowling, growling, vocalizations, and running around. My one female cat has started growling at the big male cat, and even I guess you could say screaming when he corners her. I don’t know if he’s actually threatening her or not, but that high pitched scream of hers is unnerving! I don’t know why she is suddenly doing this. Whenever I go investigate, he’s near her, but I don’t sense any threatening behavior on his part. Very strange.

Then he is doing something rather bizarre too…he jumps on the bed and starts doing these spastic jumps to and fro. He has his paws out like he’s smoothing the bedding or something, then “digs” at certain spots. I don’t know if I should worry about him or not. Maybe he’s becoming demented (he is 11 yrs old) and that is what the female is sensing and reacting to????

Now the other male has taken to vocalizing while he is “patrolling” the place. I have heard that cats only meow and make other kinds of vocalizations in response to humans…they don’t do it with each other. When I “tune in” to him, I don’t think he’s talking to me. WTH does this mean??? I don’t know why he’s suddenly talking so much at night, and now the other male is doing it too. I am wondering whether they are “talking” to someone or something else, since the veil between the worlds is supposed to be thinning.

I am seeing a lot of things in my periphery, and sensing things that aren’t there…I think. Not sure what is going on with me or my cats anymore to be honest. But this seems to have been happening for awhile, at least on my part. The talking cats is a new thing. Could it have something to do with the gamma ray energies, or even those microwave ones on the 19th???