The last couple of days, I have been feeling…something…is going on energetically. I keep looking to see if someone knows something about that “massive gamma ray burst” that supposedly hit on December 26th, but this is almost 2 weeks later, and I’m only now starting to feel something is going on. I don’t think they’re related though. But for the last 2 nights, I have woken up for my MOTN meditations with my body vibrating. At first it feels like one of the cats is scratching themselves and shaking the bed, but looking at them, I find that they are all peacefully sleeping. No…it is I that is vibrating, shaking the bed. I don’t know if the cats can sense the vibration (I suspect not, since they continue to sleep on), but damn, the whole bed feels like it’s shaking.

Another disturbing energy pattern I’ve noticed in the last couple days centers around seeing things in my periphery…also feeling things that I think are my cats around me. It has been most pronounced, and I am constantly seeing things out of the corner of my eye, usually at ground level. But also on the kitchen counter and beside my desk and bed. I’m trying not to give into fear here, but it’s disconcerting to say the least. There is never anything there, but I keep seeing/feeling something that is not physically there. I have started to smudge a lot, just in case. LOL Particularly, my hallway and kitchen feel “dark”. I keep thinking I see/feel something dark at the base of the door leading to the outside hallway, which is opposite my bedroom door. I have a nightlight in the bathroom which is between the bedroom and the front door, but the light doesn’t seem to penetrate. I don’t know what to make of all this to be honest. I know the Veil is thinning, but I’m not getting any definite “hits” or see anything definite. 😦 And the one cat is still have “conversations” with someone in the living room in the middle of the night. sigh

I have also noticed this hum outside…like a semi truck engine idling or something. There is a manufacturing plant just down the street, but it’s the middle of the night and I don’t even know if they are operational at 2 or 3 am. I’ve looked outside and not found any trucks or movement at the plant. I’m not sure what this humming/engine idling sound is. When I asked my guardian angel about it, I was told that it was energetic. Angels can be damn frustrating in their brevity. sigh I suspect, no I know, that I am meant to research it for myself. bleah

So…I found this video, “Huge Electron Storm. Instruments Being Censured! PROOF!” that talks about how there are helium electrons bombarding our planet and sun, and NASA and other governmental agencies are censoring the apps that have been showing it. Now, I’ve talked about helium energy here and here, and how the whole helium cone thing has been touted as an endtimes scenario for a couple of years at least. Suspicious Observer debunks this here. It seems that every December we pass through a helium cone from being on the other side of the sun and between it and the galactic core.

But watching this new video made me go back and look at the first video I posted about the helium “scare”, which coincidently is by the same channel. sigh. Now the first video was rather hysterical and talking end times scenarios and that the December 19 energies were really helium3 and 4 energy, caused by a brown dwarf sun. I dunno, but I feel this is disinformation and fear-mongering. I don’t know what they were trying to prove, but it didn’t mesh well with me. So I discounted it after Suspicious Observer debunked the helium claims. Rewatching this video though, they do make some valid claims about how solar filaments have been edited out from various apps that show the sun. Yup, I believe NASA does this, and looking at the unedited versions makes me flash to that “Solar Flash” or sneeze that’s supposed to happen. Why are they editing the sun’s activity???

My intuition is telling me that NASA is editing the sun’s activity. I watch Suspicious Observer every day specifically to see what is going on with the sun, and the activity has been quiet the last few days. Even with the massive coronal holes. No sunspots and no CME (coronal mass ejections). Now I question whether that SO uses is not being edited too, and his reports are misleading as a result. I wonder what the hell is really going on with the sun!

So maybe there is something more to this helium thing. Maybe the December helium cone thing happens regularly, but the second video is talking about massive electron particles bombarding Earth since the beginning of the year. But watching further, he still seems like he’s fear-mongering. Wow, he has a bee in his bonnet! He’s got a lot of videos all talking about this same helium “problem”. I dunno about this, but I do feel he is right that NASA is censoring the different apps that report on what is going on with space news. I think there may be more deleting of things going on with the sun and energies coming in than we know about. I FEEL like there is something going on energetically, but I can’t even find a real time streaming program of the sun! I am feeling very frustrated at the moment, and wonder what is really going on.

In my MOTN meditation, I did get information about the solar flash that is coming. I think it may be coming sooner than we think, and that “they” know it and aren’t telling us. David Wilcock and Corey Goode and all their insiders all know about this solar event, and no one’s telling the general public about it. I’m sure they are tracking the progression even! Could this be the real reason why all the Illuminati are streaming to Antarctica to hide in their underground cities??? In case you don’t realize it, but there have been a lot of high level people visiting Antarctica lately…John Kerry, Prince Harry, Bill Clinton, the Russian archbishop, even Obama supposedly visited! I know there are ruins there, but I’d bet there are final preparations for movement being made. Yeah, I’m in full conspiracy theory mode here! LOL

But my meditations led me to another disturbing thought…when this solar sneeze happens, it will affect all the other planets too. I think there is a good chance that Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars will be wiped out of 3D life…that perhaps the physical world will be burned up and cleared, making the way for a new vibrational pattern. And I wonder what this massive CME, which if it is the throwing off of the entire corona of the sun as I’ve read somewhere, then what happens to Jupiter? I have always believed that Jupiter is set to become the next sun when ours dies. Will it suddenly become the new sun? If the sun throws off its entire corona, then will it die? Is that what is really happening in our solar system? I sincerely doubt it’s “all about us”. Yes, I believe we are going through ascension, but I think the bigger picture is that the rest of the solar system is going through it too. Which means what exactly? What kind of ascension does Jupiter go through???? It’s a massive gas giant that’s getting hotter and brighter…what does it ascend to?

Wow…guess I needed to do a woo hooey rant today! LOL I blame the weird energy I’m feeling right now. LOL Seriously though, I really feel like something is up, and I don’t know what it is. Something is happening energetically, and I’m not finding any esoteric sources that know what it is. But I am calling it right now…something big is about to happen.