I have to admit, I did not, could not, watch this horrible video. As an empath, even viewing the photos of it makes me want to cry for the poor autistic guy. I quite frankly think that the real issue of the suffering that poor young man went through is being overlooked in favor of the other factors that, granted, were part of why it happened. I agree it was racially motivated, and no doubt inflamed by Black Lives Matter (that George Soros’ machine designed to cause racial tension). It was definitely a hate crime of the worst order, and to watch the police dance around the issue was cringeworthy. Fuck political correctness…saying “fuck white people” is a racial slur! Kidnapping a white man and beating him up while saying this is a hate crime.

Forget the color of the skins involved…this was a heinous crime that should net those thugs life sentences. I don’t care that they’re only 18…they are adult enough to know better than to harm another human being in this horrendous manner. This was torture, pure and simple. There is something drastically wrong with your soul if you can torture any living thing. I am sure that the poor autistic guy will be traumatized for years, and the nightmares of this will live too long in his memory. 😥 I just want everyone to remember that there was a poor man who was terribly tortured at the heart of this event.

Addendum: I am very pleased to read this post that showed that a GoFundMe account was set up for the poor victim and his family, and has already way surpassed their initial goal of $10,000 and has pulled in almost $80K instead, in a wonderful outpouring of support.

That being said though, I did happen to watch a couple of YouTube videos by black people who denounced this as a hate crime against whites. Like Some Black Guy points out in his video, that if the tables were turned and a black mentally challenged man was kidnapped and tortured by 4 white people, the MSM would be up in arms! Actually, everyone would be claiming racial hate crime without a second thought. Why are white people so hesitant to claim the same thing when the tables are turned? Is it guilt maybe? I dunno, but I don’t feel guilty about what happened to blacks…it wasn’t me personally that discriminated against them, or enslaved them. And since I am as much a victim of that damn social agenda that impoverishes them, I don’t think it’s personal on anyone’s part that they are poor and downtrodden. They are just more vocal and socially visible.

I could get all hot and bothered because I am a single female and living considerably below the poverty level and claim I’m being victimized for being a woman, but ultimately, that is not the real factor here. There are all kinds of people who have been marginalized and dehumanized and stripped of their economic freedom…it is irrespective of race, class, education, gender, political affiliation, religion, etc, etc. It’s the 1 percenters who have done this to us, not one race to another. But George Soros and his Black Lives Matter would like you to think so. ISIS would like you to think so (another George Soros funded group). And everyone’s so damn frustrated at the inability to earn a decent living, have a decent life, that they’ll buy into such dogma. Especially the children, who lack the properly developed moral sensibilities to see through the dogma and propaganda.

I just watched a very interesting video on InfoWars, The Truth About #BLMKidnapping, that interviewed this black preacher, Jesse Lee Peterson of Rebuilding The Man.com, who was very cogent on explaining how the black people have been lied to about how the white man hates them, and how Obama’s administration actually made things worse, by reinforcing such stereotypes. He credits both the lies that have fed black people’s fears, and the breakdown of their family units (since so many are raised by single mothers any more) for the situation that developed in Chicago with the 4 black thugs and the poor white guy.

I think he may very well be right…there is a harsh narrative that white man has done the black man wrong (well, European whites did do some nasty things in both America to the Native American people as well as in Africa with the African people), but that narrative is no longer valid. And honestly, it was the Illuminati that was responsible for all the damn genocide in the world, not white people per se. We have been targeted too. It’s not about race IMO…I believe it is more about land and resources. The indigenous people are ousted and killed to get at the resources and land.

In any case, I believe that this was just another red flag to raise racial tensions and blame it on Trump. I hate to say this, because violence is not my thing, but damn! Someone needs to kill off George Soros! All of the Illuminati! They cause so much harm that they should not be allowed to live. I have always had the firm conviction that if you can’t play nice, you shouldn’t be allowed to play at all. I did it with the kids I babysat…if there’s fighting, then everyone goes home. The Illuminati need to be taken out of the game.

Ultimately, there were five victims in this horrible scenario…not just the poor autistic guy, but the 4 black kids who are being used to perpetuate such horrors. Their lives are now destroyed because they will go to jail and their lives made difficult from here on out. It’s beyond sad. Those poor thugs shouldn’t be hated…they are victims too. sigh

Addendum: In my MOTN meditation, I came to realize that this incident is proof positive that the archons are not gone...those 4 thugs were definitely being influenced by the most malevolent of entities! This reinforces this post, wherein my guardian angel sadly denied that the gamma rays had destroyed all the archons. :'(