I’ve done a post before about the wonderful law that has been written, but not enacted yet, that will reset the financial picture for everyone on Earth and bring prosperity to us all. It is the bill that was to be discussed on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center, and is the real reason that the buildings were bombed, in order to stop it from being enacted.

I’m also aware of 2 recent predictions that it was to be instituted recently that did not come to pass (see here). Both were predictions made by Hollow Earth sites, one which is no longer active, and was taken offline shortly after the prediction failed to materialize. This one that I spoke of initially said it would happen in time for Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday spending season, and the second site said it would happen before Christmas.

I think the timing is important in discerning how valid a prediction is going to be…I don’t believe that it will correspond to any traditional spending sprees. Sure, it would be nice to have more money to buy Xmas presents, but that’s not what a global financial reset is about! There is no reason for it to begin with anyone’s holiday season. So that is a flag that it’s not a valid intel of an imminent reset.

What would be a more telling marker of when this would happen is something globally significant, like maybe cease-fire of all wars??? I just read a very convincing argument that proposed this very same idea in the article “Geopolitical Overview (Intel Report #2) – December 31, 2016” by Ascension With Mother Earth.

No wonder there were so many “false start times” because if the RV rolled out and your nation was still at war, meaning left behind, your nation’s entire population and future of your country would in an instant be 100% left out!  Wow!  Talk about hard core deal making at its finest.

Since BRICS is the Alliance that seems to be leading the whole GESARA thing, and China is the country with all the gold and precious metals that are to be used for the financial reset, it puts this statement into perspective.

Because all fighting between nation states globally must cease before any nation will be allowed to participate in the new Chinese based gold backed financial system per a GESARA mandate.

This was done by decree of the Chinese Elders who control the global collateral accounts which is basically are humanity’s untouchable trust(s) savings accounts now being released to the world.

Thus to follow only the banking, or only the politics, or only the military in terms of predicting RV release timing, was an incomplete and ultimately disappointing strategy.

This makes total sense. Corruption at all levels must be eliminated so that financial prosperity can trickle down to the populace, and not be co-opted by the elite at the top of these corrupted organizations. The corrupt central banks need to be dismantled, the illuminati puppets in governments, and the whole military armament that instigates and maintains war in defenceless countries needs to be exposed and stopped in order for the rest of the world to enjoy prosperity.

I don’t believe we will see a financial reset until Full Disclosure has happened. Full Disclosure about the corrupt Cabal and the horrors they have perpetuated on humanity, the fact that ETs exist and are in contact with us already, and the wonderful technology that they have given us that we are not told about and cannot use to give us free energy, wonderful healing technology, and other technologies that could clean up the oceans, our food supply, etc, etc.

So…I am redoubling my prayers for Full Disclosure, because I do need the financial reset to happen for me to enjoy a much easier life. *WARNING* Personal Rant coming! LOL It would be nice to be able to afford some new clothes, since all of mine are at least a couple of decades old, and most no longer fit. I need new shoes…my good shoes are also that old, and do you know what happens to cheap vinyl shoes after a while? The insoles dry out and curl in on themselves, making them unwearable. sigh. I need new underwear too. It is insane how expensive a good bra costs!!! bleah

Anyway…I know I am only one of way too many people who need, not so much money to make our lives easier and better, but abundance and the ability to get the things we need and are currently doing without. I know there is too much of the world even worse off than I am, and this is not right. It needs to change…now.

It is encouraging to see the changes happening though, with corrupt regimes being ousted out of power in many countries (Spain, Italy, Syria, US and soon to be Germany), and the cessation of wars in Syria and other places in the Middle East. As the article points out:

Today (Dec 31st, 2016) 15 members United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to approve a nationwide Syrian cease fire.  On the surface, not big news.  But look a little deeper and your jaw will drop, taking your breath away with it.

Russia, Turkey and Iran have now officially guaranteed Syrian border integrity and national sovereignty; while China has agreed to rebuild the nation via finance.  This after over four decades plus of fighting.

Together these core rebuilder nations represent the legal, moral and abundant leverage for all factions in the Middle East to now lay down their arms, once and for all, and get to the business of living in mutual peace and prosperity.

It is funny how the UNSC vote was not touted for the wonderful news that it is. Not surprising that our western MSM didn’t mention it though. 😦 And the only news we did hear about was how Israel was upset because the US didn’t veto the UN vote to stop their “resettlement” efforts to take over Palestine. sigh But this is good news, since it reinforces this Middle East cease-fire of aggression. Do we dare hope that the Middle East will finally have ongoing peace? This would be a wonderful sign that we are ready for the RV/financial reset!

Unfortunately, this article and site has made the stupid prediction that the RV was going to happen on January 1st, 2017. sigh They were so spot on with their earlier analyses…they had to wreck it by making false predictions. Too bad they weren’t right…yet. As of January 7th, they made this announcement here:

GESARA/GCR/RV was sure a slow process.  The NPTB kept news of said process very low, if not invisible to the casual observer, for an extended period of time by design.  Less eyes on the prize, the safer everyone would be at the time of release. 

Yeah…invisible…by design…pfffttt! 😦 Hmmm…now I am very disappointed by this site…wonder how much longer it will stay up? Too bad, their geopolitical analyses are really intelligently discoursed. sigh.