I just read an article “Pope Will Not Increase Security on Travels Despite Risks“, which prompted an intuitive omen. I think “they” are going to off the man. I think this is the Dark’s way of letting us know they are going to do something about this man, who is making some very vocal statements that are actually calling more attention to the Cabal’s nefarious behavior than if he remained silent.

Pope Francis says he realises he may be the target of an attack but that he will continue to travel without bulletproof vehicles or heavy security because he wants to get close to people.

Wow…isn’t this kinda like waving a red flag in front of a bull???? I dunno, but I am reminded of a universal law that guides all beings, including the Dark: that they must first have our permission. That is why these horror movies and disturbing films are made…they are telling us what they are going to do, and if we accept the premise of the movies, then we have given implicit permission for them to do it. I am reminded of the TV series V, and Independence Day, and even the latest Avengers, Ironman and Captain America movies (which are actually Alliance made and show Disclosure items, according to David Wilcock and Corey Goode).

But I had a chill run down my back when I saw the title and read the article…I have a terrible premonition that we will see the Pope gunned down soon. 😦 I know he’s a puppet of the Cabal, but I’m not convinced that he’s a pedophile or Satanist or anything bad. Like my sister says, he’s too naive and he probably doesn’t even know what’s really going on behind the closed doors of the Vatican. They probably keep him in the dark, and I think he’s embarrassing them all with his proclamations, and I think they’re going to get rid of him soon. sigh I don’t think he is the man who they think can help them when the shit hits the fan, because he will be as shocked as everyone else is. Poor Francis….my prayers are with his eternal soul.

Addendum: I think it has already happened, for the man that seems to be posing as the Pope "feels" different these days. See my post here to see how I'm feeling about his behavior these days!