Wow…it is fascinating how the rich and famous are losing their grip in more ways than one…they are losing their grip on our imaginations and esteem, and they are losing their grip on their emotions and minds. It’s not just Meryl Streep’s wacky monologue, based on an anti-Trump bias and false emotional manipulation, but it’s these weird PSAs the minor celebrities and used-to-be celebrities are making trying to influence people to go against Trump. Talk about pathetic. I dunno, but they are as bad as the Washington Post, New York Times, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC for histrionics and disinformation. What makes these celebrities think they are actually valid political pundits and that anyone even cares what they think???? I think what they really are doing, inadvertently at least, is showing how truly irrelevant they are. I think the days of hero worship of TV stars, movie stars and singers are over.

Which reminds me…where are those pro-Hillary celebrity supporters now? They seem suspiciously quiet if you ask me. Or is it that I am not paying attention to them? But what are JayZ, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, et al doing these days? Granted, I don’t pay attention to the Top 20 Music countdowns and MTV and stuff (there’s another “institution” that’s dying a well-deserved death), but have they even put out any new music lately? Usually there’s a big hoopla when they do, or at least it’s covered by Yahoo, which I do briefly peruse in the mornings. No, it’s not the big names that are making these anti-Trump rants…it’s the has-beens and small name entertainers.

I am becoming increasingly disappointed in the celebrities who are making such outrageous claims against Trump, like it’s the only issue out there to speak out against. I was very surprised that Barbra Streisand actually defended Meryl’s speech…I used to like Barbra. sigh. Meryl…meh. I always thought her emotional portrayals were weak in her “hit” movies. Being an empath, I can tell you that they never struck me as sincere. Some actors are phenomenal in their emotional portrayals, and you can tell the method actors who come from the heart and are drawing on personal experiences to portray an emotion…I never got that with Meryl. She has the same emotional depth as Tom Cruise and Gwyneth Paltrow. bleah

None of these actors know what they are talking about…they are making things up with their comments about sexism, racism, xenophobia, etc. Trump is not any of those things, and the MSM misrepresented many of his statements to make it look like he was. If you’re really paying attention, which they aren’t, they would see this. And as Mark Dice points out, Meryl doesn’t even have her facts straight…he was not making fun of the deformed reporter…he has used that “flapping hands” mannerism many times before, as a way to make fun of someone who is flustered, including himself. It turns out the deformed reporter doesn’t even have palsy in his deformed hand, so it was hardly a derogatory mimicry that Trump was doing in his comments against said reporter. I believe that Donald didn’t even know he was disabled, since he is not obviously disabled in any other way besides the deformed hand.

Even other stars are sick of their brethren speaking out like this…Piers Morgan was particularly scathing, saying:

he hasn’t “heard such elitist snobbery since Hillary Clinton branded Trump supporters ‘a basket of deplorables.'”

And Travis Tritt hit the nail on the head and echoed the majority of us who feel that they should just stick to their jobs and not make political statements when he tweeted:

“If you have fans who respect your talent enough to spend hard earned money to see your talent, be thankful and gracious and leave it at that”

Which also brings us to the fact that instead of thanking said fans, and others who supported her throughout her career, she chose to use her acceptance of a Lifetime Achievement Award to make a really bad political statement. And….she bashed both football and MMA to boot. I know that the MMA has countered her claims that they aren’t really “arts”, and they aren’t happy with her. To be honest…I think more people watch football than they do her movies. It seems she’s getting a lot of bashing for this horrible speech she made…and I’ve only heard that Barbra and an anonymous group of attendees were in agreement with her. I love this candid shot of Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn listening to her speech I posted in the header…I like to think many more were feeling just this way during it! LOL

Now I’m hearing that Cher, Katy Perry, Amy Schumer and Chelsea Handler are all going to participate in the stupid “Women’s March” that some women are supposed to engage in on the Inauguration weekend. I just want to say that I am disgusted at my fellow women…and I suspect that there won’t be the turnouts they expect. There’s supposed to be marches in 150 cities…how much do you want to bet that many won’t happen??? And I am certain there are not going to be no 100,000 women nationwide participating. I can already see the headlines laughing about the dismal turnout. Maybe the one in Washington will happen, and Chelsea Handler’s one in Portland, but I think in both cases, they will be poorly attended. I prefer to think that women have better things to do than engage in a useless march whose purpose is rather amorphous and irrelevant. I suppose there will always be those who are willing to do it for the money…and you know that George Soros is behind this. Hey…let’s cause more division with a stupid march…like all the other false flag events weren’t seen through and failed to make the impact they were intended. sigh

Addendum: Now there is a horrendously cringe-worthy "I Will Survive" music video/reading that is circulating. Much bigger names are in on this one, and the video is by far the worse, since most are not singing, only speaking the words, which falls flat and doesn't really fit the idea that we will survive a Trump presidency. The words are for domestic abuse, which isn't a good fit to bitch about Trump IMO. All the commentaries I have seen on this video did not even show the entire video, since it really was horrible to watch...much like fingernails on a chalkboard! Can we hope that this is the last one, since they are saying they will survive after all????