I’ll start with Jeffrey Sessions, the Alabama congressman who is being confirmed for Attorney General. I was reading yesterday that crazy people disrupted the confirmation session with all kinds of crazy rantings about him being racist and…well, I’m not sure WTF the KKK was doing there to be honest. InfoWars outlined the reasons why he isn’t racist here, but I just wanted to point out something. Even if he was guilty of saying racist things 20 or 30 years ago, it does not mean that he still holds such opinions. And his mixed racial little granddaughter is proof of this. Life events can change how we perceive the world, and personal experience can persuade us of the error of our ways. One of his children falling in love and marrying an Asian person is bound to be such an experience. It was obvious that he loves his little granddaughter, so I am certain that he has come to terms with whatever racism he may have once had.

I do think that having said child sitting on his lap during the session was a ploy to emphasize his change of heart though. There was no need to bring a baby to a governmental proceeding. So I am ambivalent about the message he was trying to send with having his Asian granddaughter sitting on his lap. What I don’t understand though, is why the crazy liberal left used his confirmation session as a false flag situation to play out their stupid ploy to discredit all of Trump’s nominees. To be honest, it makes me believe that Jeffrey Sessions is probably the best man for the job, if they are trying so damn hard to discredit him! I’m not sure if it was the InfoWars video or something else I’ve read today, but they made the point that Sessions, in his role of Attorney General, would be in a position to investigate Hillary and the Clintons. Hmmm…I hope he gets in!

Now I am worried about Julian Assange and Wikileaks though. I have been praying every night that he is safe, and I am thinking that he is still alive. But his AMA Reddit interview was far from reassuring. He had stated before that he would provide proof of life if there was ever any doubt, and if he didn’t provide it, then it would mean that Wikileaks was compromised. As this video shows:

After saying in the past that if he could not provide digital proof of life via a key, to assume Wikileaks has been compromised! Today Assange was asked repeatedly to provide the Key during his “Ask Me Anything” Session on Twitch via his Reddit Account.
We now have scores of people that were asking Julian for this proof. By simply not providing it, he gives the impression that Wikileaks is compromised. And he knows this is what people are thinking because they were messaging in real time. The number one top pinned questioned was concerning this matter. Julian avoided it the whole time.

This is not good. And the videocast that showed him live was not encouraging either. He looks pale and drawn, and not very happy. His words don’t seem to match his mouth movements, and he’s so very hesitant in his speech. And what’s with this large scarf around his neck??? Something is not right here, and my mind wants to wonder if it’s not a clone or something. And while another part of my mind said that was ridiculous, what did I happen to find??? This Anonymous video that outlines all the ways that the Hannity interview could have been faked. It is disturbing how our technology could fake someone being alive when they are actually no longer with us. It makes me think that Hillary does indeed have clones because she is not well, and maybe they cloned Julian after offing him. I pray this is not the case, but I don’t trust the damn Illuminati! I do feel that Julian is still alive, and he may get away and start a new Wikileaks at another point in time though. Awww…this is awful though…the poor man! I hope the Alliance, of which he is a part, can protect him. My prayers are still with him.