Yesterday’s weather was very weird…I woke to snow on the ground, it changed to rain, and was all gone by the end of the day! And man! Did I have a massive headache! It was actually 3 headaches…I hate when there’s more than one and they are all bad! It makes it really hard to function. sigh. In case you don’t know this, but there are like 13 or 16 kinds of headaches…or so I read a number of years ago. Googling it now, it seems there are differing opinions, ranging from 14 to 17. Whatever. Gotta love the medical community. sigh But what I learned was that there are many kinds of headaches and they can be impossible to diagnose, mainly because they can have multiple causative factors, and different factors can cause a headache at different times. You have to keep a headache diary if you want to understand your own headaches.

I have discovered that headaches at the temples are caused by my TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome) from my misaligned jaw. The misaligned jaw also causes tension headaches at the back of my head and in my neck. It also causes my sinuses to go out of whack, and I can move my jaw and my sinuses will drain. Cool eh? Not. sigh. But sinus headaches occur behind the eyes. I had all three of these yesterday. All were at high levels too. And I KNEW that it was the damn weather causing it all. It caused my sinuses to act up (all that humidity and barometric changes), which in turn stressed my jaw, causing my jaw to hurt and the pain caused my shoulders to tense, causing the tension headache. It was not a good day yesterday. 😦 That being said, when I woke because of the pain in the middle of the night, I decided I may as well sit up to let my sinuses drain, and I decided to write in my Occult Codex, which I have been neglecting. Picture credit goes to Susan Mathews.

Addendum: This Weather Network article details how fierce the winds were, especially a lot farther north of where I am. I am closest to Sarnia in the map they show. And this article outlined how it was a Colorado low.

January 12, 2017

Wow, yesterday was crazy, weather-wise. We woke with an inch of snow, only to have it rain all day and have it all melted by dark! My sinuses are killing me! Literally! Damn, but I have a terrible headache! The black tourmaline did help temporarily, as in only when I had it on my Well of Dreams chakra (back of the neck). But I did manage to finally fall asleep, with the frankincense diffuser on. Woke again at 2:30ish AM in terrible pain again though. Good grief, this is intense pain, both in my temples and behind my eyes! It must be the weather though…the wind is still screaming like a banshee out there!

Which brings me to why I am writing here at this time of the morning. I tried to connect to Oya to see if she is out there in this wind. Yes, she was indeed surfing these crazy tsunami waves! I have felt her in the winds before, but she is claiming these are not her winds. Again. Last time we had crazy winds and a weird storm, she said they weren’t her fault either. It makes me wonder if the weather isn’t HAARP manipulated. Because it went from down in the teens to in the 40s in a single day!  And this horrible headache! I don’t think this is normal, and Oya confirmed the wind wasn’t. She seems bewildered by the crazy wind – its strength is unnatural to her. Sounds just terrible, like a great continuous roar. For some reason, it’s not rattling the windows or anything else (like the air conditioner vent), which is odd. And now there is a little blood on my kleenex, although the headache is abating. I did break down and take an Excedrin though. The bromelain and the frankincense aren’t enough for this monster headache. The constant roaring of the wind is annoying too…I don’t know if it’s just the way it sounds here in this new place or what. There is that big, empty field across the road, so maybe it’s just making it sound worse. I will try to connect to Oya again to see if she can tell me more.

After composing myself and pushing away the pain so I could meditate, I did find Oya just outside my window. Weird. I had read/heard before that the Orishas are elemental energies, and that is the sense I get from them. They are more intimately tied to the Earth than most gods, who are ETs. The Orishas come from Earth, are part of Gaia; that is why I can feel Oya in the wind and Chango in the storm. Anyway, when I asked her about this weird wind, she said it came from far away. I asked if it was the Colorado low I had read about, and she confirmed it. She said there is a device there that causes the wind – could this be HAARP??? I have noticed that the last 2 or 3 snow storms we’ve had were the result of Colorado lows. I had noted this fact because my friend K lives in Colorado and I’ve thought to tease him about keeping his storms to himself! LOL I should ask him if there is anything like that there…or look it up, since it’s probably not in his area. 

I asked about why the Colorado lows are this far north, and she said that they are meant to swirl to the east, to hit Ohio and New York. We are just getting the tail end of it here, the edges. That is why we never seem to get the predicted storms; they always seem to go around us and hit further north – London and Toronto. She said it was because of “convection currents”. Her exact words. Interesting. I will have to look this up. 

Another interesting thing that happened while I was talking to Oya…Chango showed up at the end! It’s like he wants to be included. I think he likes me. LOL But my head was still hurting so badly, and he put his big hand on my head and kinda smoothed my hair back. It strangely helped alleviate some of the pain! Wasn’t that sweet? My headache is still much better this morning, although not completely gone. 

Oh, something else about Chango; when he appeared he kinda does this ta-da thing. LOL I had been thinking about Oya as elemental energy and how I feel her in the wind and storms, but I only feel Chango in storms, but not the wind. He says he likes the thunder and lightning, and he tapped a little ditty on his bata drums. He likes to dance in the storm, and he laughed and did a little jig. He is such a warm and effusive energy! Always smiling and laughing….Oya is a more serious, even aggressive energy. She seems more the warrior than Chango, although he is quick to be fierce whenever I have needed help with my psychic attacks. It is strange that they have come to my aid and become guides. I am thankful for them though. 🙂

So…I went looking for some evidence that there might be HAARP technology in Colorado, which would be creating these Colorado lows that keep bombarding us. I found a site that shows “The 10 Most Top Secret Military Bases In The United States” and found 2 interesting facts. First off, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is in Colorado.

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a hollowed out mountain in Colorado Springs that keeps track of everything in outer space and all planes in the North American airspace. Yes, this is the home of NORAD.

Then there is the infamous Dulce Base, which is between Colorado and New Mexico. This highly secretive base is often said to be the real Area 51. Who knows what really goes on in both these places! They are both suspect in my book, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some sort of weather anomaly device at one or both places. There’s also the Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. They made the short list on the site. Hmmm…

Then there is this page, which is by Dutchsince, a YouTube site I have frequented before, who has a lot of information about how various energy waves can be used to modify the weather. He seems to be very knowledgeable about the science, and verified a HAARP ring corresponding to a weather advisory in Colorado, back in 2013, just as an example. Hmmm…well, it’s seeming all too likely that there is probably something (a device like Oya said) out in Colorado that is causing the weird weather and winds. 😦 Wonder why they would be targeting Ohio and New York though.

Checking that 10 Most Top Secret Military Bases site, Ohio is home to the Wright Patterson Airforce Base in Dayton, which is the home of Project Blue Book. It doesn’t seem likely that they would target their own sites though. Checking this site out, I see that

A significant part of southeastern Ohio is mountainous and the population profoundly poor. By most accounts this is an extension of the West Virginia area of Appalachia, a traditionally bankrupt region of the country dominated by the coal mining industry as well as poor social and economic conditions.

My first knee-jerk reaction is that this is what is significant…a good place to work on for a depopulation agenda. bleah.

Checking the same site for New York, I find this:

The Hudson River is completely contained within the state and too has become an iconic symbol. The river features a major tributary, the Mohawk River, which feeds into it in upstate New York, in the steep Adirondack Mountains. The mouth of the Hudson is at New York Harbor and the river is more brackish than others of its kind much further up into the river. Historically, major rivers have drawn large settlements and the Hudson is no different. Some of the most well recognized names in New York, cities, sites and universities, huddle close by. Yonkers, Poughkeepsie, and Albany all sit alongside the Hudson.

Again, the only thing that comes to mind is a depopulation agenda. New York is certainly population dense. I am also reminded of a personal vision I’ve had for many years…I am certain that when the poles shift, New York will wind up under water. I dunno why New York would be targeted by the Illuminati though…the New York Stock Exchange is there, as well as their mouthpiece, the New York Times. Hmmm…I will have to keep my eyes open.