Seriously, WTF is this drivel???? I cannot believe that anyone would even believe that a 35 page Russian memo that outlines sexual deviance in Trump (or anyone really) exists is incredible! What is wrong with people? Ummm…any kind of outrageous claim made by MSM about Russia is fake news. C’mon…can people not see this??? sigh

Of course, MSM jumped on the bandwagon (despite the New York Times bashing of CNN and their claims that they knew it wasn’t true so they didn’t report it, which you should note came after the fact) and were called out on it by Trump, alternative media, and even Russia, who denied the allegations. Poor Putin…he must be getting so tired of all this bullshit! Of course, CNN and Buzzfeed were the two main culprits who leaked the “fake news” about Trump enjoying “Golden Showers” and other deviant acts he supposedly engaged in while in Russia. Whatever…I didn’t even read the Buzzfeed full article where they “exposed” the entire 35 page memo. I don’t follow Buzzfeed, so I wasn’t aware of it until it hit the alternative media, and I won’t even acknowledge this stupidity by going to view it. I do know that it is now laughingly being referred to as “Peegate” though.

I did watch the Trump press conference where he berated both Buzzfeed and CNN, as outlined here:

In a live press conference Donald Trump addressed the so-called intelligence report, noting that none of it was true, and taking time to specifically call out the Buzzfeed story, referring to the organization as a “failing piece of garbage.”

The presser quickly devolved into what is perhaps one of the most memorable moments in the run-up to Trump’s swearing in when CNN reporter Jim Acosta repeatedly yelled out a request to ask the President Elect a question. The exchange shows that a Trump Presidency will be nothing like what the mainstream media has ever experienced before:

With Trump looking to call on other reporters, Jim Acosta yelled out, “Since you are attacking us, can you give us a question?”

“Not you,” Trump said. “Your organization is terrible!”

Acosta pressed on, “You are attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance to ask a question, sir?” Trump countered by telling him “don’t be rude.”

“I’m not going to give you a question,” Trump responded. “I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news!”

Actually, I don’t blame Trump one bit for being pissed at them…it was yet another false narrative that CNN specifically, has been repeatedly called out for. These personal attacks must be hugely wearing on poor Trump…never has a President-elect been so wrongly vilified. It is truly getting out of hand! I was cheering when he refused to acknowledge the CNN reporter, and kept trying to let someone else ask him a question. The CNN reporter was indeed very rude, constantly yelling over Trump who was trying to field another question. Yup…it’s gonna be a whole different ball game with the media and press conferences. heh heh heh

Now it’s coming out that 4chan, the same social media site that broke the Pizzagate scandal, was responsible for setting up this “fake news story”. Here’s a nice graphic that shows how it happened:


This comes from this article “How 4chan trolled the CIA, CNN and BuzzFeed with hilarious fantasy that got reported as real news (infographic)“, and is an elegant visual of the series of events. It seems that it was just erotic fan-fiction from the 4chan site that they “leaked” to stupid John McCain, who passed it on to intelligence agencies as fact. As the article states:

CNN and BuzzFeed just hit a whole new low as the world’s dirtiest “sleaze journalism” rags after being caught publishing erotic fanfiction fantasies as “CIA intelligence facts” to attack Donald Trump.

The revelations are astonishing and deeply damning to CNN and BuzzFeed, both of which utterly abandoned the most basic journalistic ethics in their rush to publish anything — including completely fabricated “fake news” — that might damage Donald Trump.

The allegations — which included bizarre, twisted fetish fantasies — were so obviously false and unsubstantiated that most news organizations refused to publish them. But CNN and BuzzFeed have abandoned any attachment to journalistic credibility and have demonstrated a shocking willingness to run with any and all news that they think might spread false rumors to damage the reputation of Donald Trump and his administration.

Actually, shame on all of them! Shame on McCain, the CIA, and the FBI! Why the hell didn’t any of them verify the salacious claims??? Wow…they are so intent on discrediting Trump that they are just digging bigger and bigger holes for themselves! Can they not see that they are only losing their credibility and the trust and respect of not just the American people, but the world stage?

In addition, Rand Paul makes a valid point when he states in this article that

those responsible for leaking intelligence pertaining to Donald Trump, whether fake or not, should be prosecuted and jailed.

“Someone should go to jail. If this was an intelligence agency head talked to the media, they should go to jail. If it was the Obama administration, they should go to jail.” Paul urged.

“The reason is you don’t want your public figures succumbing to blackmail.” Paul continued.

“But if you can’t trust the FBI to keep it secret and the FBI is going to tell the press what someone is blackmailing you about, what will happen is it will lead to where more public figures will be likely to be extorted or to be blackmailed.” Paul lamented.

This makes sense…it is not the intelligence agencies’ place to be leaking private intel to the media. They are supposed to investigate such serious allegations against public officials, not stoke the fires and de-legitimize the victim. Although it was the CIA that leaked the intel to the press, to be fair. It was the FBI that leaked it to the CIA. SMH. sigh But I agree…someone should be held responsible for trying to legitimize this obvious hoax. I am sure that the people at 4chan never realized it would be taken so seriously, or that this would go all the way to the CIA and FBI!

However…I have just found this article that seems to be saying that it was Anonymous that started the whole thing on 4chan…which gives the whole thing another layer of intrigue IMO. Here’s their infographic on the series of information:


They go into a lot of details about the actual 4chan posts that were involved, which makes it seem that Anonymous was involved in all of this. I’m not sure what to make of this, since it would seem that it was a deliberate ploy to not only discredit MSM but more specifically, John McCain and the CIA.

Something else I just realized…it’s very interesting that this came out just in time for Donald Trump’s first press conference. Hmmmm….

Regardless, whoever started the whole mess with the fake dossier certainly accomplished one thing…it nailed the coffin shut on Buzzfeed and CNN, and made the intelligence agencies look incompetent to boot! I guess this was a false flag by the Alliance for a change! Wonder how the Illuminati feel about having the tables turned???? heh heh heh