I’ve been watching Suspicious Observer’s daily updates on what the sun is doing since July of last year, and I have been aware of coronal holes all this time. Here is a video from July 9th, 2016 with a discussion of the incoming coronal hole…nothing hysterical to see here. There is a large northern coronal hole, and a large southern coronal hole on the other side. Usually one or the other is facing the Earth at any time. These are not holes per se, they are merely “dark” spots that show up when you view the sun under a certain filter of 211 angstroms. Suspicious Observers explains this here at around the 3:00 mark. They are merely “cold” spots if you will, with a different gas mixture than the surrounding coronal mass. Our sun is an active gas giant, with all kinds of different nuclear and gaseous reactions going on at all times.

So I was really startled to see a couple of MSM articles that seemed to be implying that the sun has developed coronal holes and that this is something to be alarmed about. Check out this title by Mail Online “The sun is ripping apart! NASA image shows vast ‘hole’ spreading across the solar surface” WTF? According to the article:

An elongated coronal hole stretching across the face of the sun sent solar wind particles gushing toward Earth last week. 

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has revealed a stunning animation of the phenomenon, showing the massive dark patch marring the surface of our star.

Space-weather forecasters warned that the resulting geomagnetic storm, while minor, could have some effects on satellites and the power grid. (emphasis mine)

And, the activity brought breathtaking auroras dancing across the sky in the higher latitudes.

Ummm…yeah, coronal holes leak solar winds all the time, cause geomagnetic storms which in turn can cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and are the reason there are beautiful auroras. This is not news. I have seen larger coronal holes than the one they showed (as seen in the header). Other indications of “non-news” are these statements made:

Space-weather forecasters issued a ‘G2 alert’, the second lowest classification on the geomagnetic storm scale.

But, at such a low classification, the effects of the solar storms on power grids and spacecraft operation are typically expected to be minor. 

Second lowest classification…effects of the solar storm are typically expected to be minor…what the hell is with the scary title then???

And it’s not the only such story I read: “NASA Reveals Vast Hole in the Sun That Could “Cripple Power Supplies”. They reference the Online Mail/Daily Mail article too, which I think is just fear-mongering at MSM’s best. 😦 What I really want to know is, why is NASA releasing pictures of the sun with these doomsday scenarios attached to them? I have been watching this coronal hole for the last couple of days, because it’s there and Suspicious Observer talks about it all the time. It didn’t just suddenly pop up. So what with the doomsday proclamations??? I smell a false flag coming….sigh Maybe the power grid is going to go down on January 20th, to disrupt the inauguration and try to blame it on the sun? Geez…I hope not! 😦