I’m not sure why I automatically went to the whole alien abduction scenario in my head upon seeing that truck, but I’m thinking it was a memory trigger or something. I was abducted as a child and into my twenties, although I have not “felt” them around me for a couple of decades at least. I would think that I am no longer valuable to them, since I am post-menopausal and have no eggs to harvest. I’m probably just being paranoid thinking they might be trying to put new implants in me, since I managed to rid myself of any I had just a few months ago…right??? bleah. Maybe I am losing my mind. sigh

Anyway, here is my post that I wrote right after the incident, at about 4:30 AM. Funny how the middle of the night is so…suggestible? to the occult. Everything seems scarier in the dark, doesn’t it?

Occult Codex January 14, 2017

Woke at 4:14 AM because feet were too hot, and I had become aware that my night-time playlist was sounding “weird”. I have a few “negativity clearing” songs that are essentially nature sounds – birds singing, water gurgling, etc. Well, the bird song was sounding weird, more staccato I guess. I have noticed this before upon awakening in the night, that the bird song playing sounded off – even kinda mechanical and sinister. Yes – sinister. I’m not sure what exactly makes the bird song sound sinister, but it just doesn’t sound right. I have been listening to this playlist for months, even a year now, and I know what they sound like. Waking up and becoming aware that the “song” (it’s not always the birds) sounds “off” has actually been happening for a while. I almost wonder if they are not working to eliminate negative energy and entities (one is specifically supposed to remove negative entities). I have wondered if the negative entities are instead warping the subliminal messages inside the songs somehow. Perhaps I need new ones. It is a disturbing thought – that something negative is hijacking my negativity clearing songs. 

Something else happened this morning as well that has now disturbed me too, and made me think in a whole other direction. I got up to pee, and when I was done, my black cat Nefari¹ was “leading” me into the living room. I figured he needed more food (their dishes are in the living room), but upon entering the living room, I became aware of a loud engine idling rumbling sound. I have been noticing this kinda of sound for a few weeks now, and have commented on it both here in my codex and on my blog. I was reading something yesterday about Ascension energy symptoms and something they called “The Hum”. Yes, that could fit the sound/vibration I have been sensing – a sort of humming, whirring, engine idling, low-pitched roaring – I dunno exactly how to characterize it. It makes me want to look outside to see what is causing it, because it seems to  be coming from outside. And shit! now I am reminded of something that used to happen to me when I was younger, actually starting in my teen years I think. I would hear a humming, whirring engine sound and would rush to the upstairs window and look up in the sky, searching for…something in the sky. It wasn’t until after I read Whitley Strieber’s Communion book² (I think – the one with the Grey on the cover) that I realized I was looking for a spaceship. 

That cover disturbed me greatly at the time, and the first night after reading it, I had a very disturbing dream that smacked of deja vu. I dreamt that I was very young, in the bedroom all 4 of us shared (I have 3 sisters). My sisters and I shared a single bedroom with 2 bunkbeds in it until I was 13 and we moved to a bigger house. This little bedroom had 2 big windows in it, that met in the corner, which gave us views of the backyard and the alley beyond, and the driveway and the side alley beyond. 

Anyway, I am standing in the middle of the bedroom, and there are multicolored lights flashing into the room. There is a spaceship sitting in the side alley. It has come for us, and my sisters are crying in their beds and calling for my parents. I know that our parents will never hear, and won’t come to our aid. I scream at them “Leave us alone – go away! You don’t have the right to scare us! Go away! You’re scaring us! You’re scaring my sisters!” I am very angry and scared in the dream, and I awakened feeling very upset and scared by what this dream signified. This was the start of a bunch of memories surfacing about being abducted by Grey aliens. Although not all memories were actually Greys to be honest. Some were taller Greys who weren’t grey colored or quite so “Grey” looking. There were even some who looked like children, small like children, but with normal coloring and obviously not children.

What brings this up? Well, what I saw when I looked out the window “sparked” a memory that led to a disturbing thought. I was hearing a louder than usual engine idling sound, and looking out, I saw a large semi truck sitting in the abandoned field right across the street. Farther down is the manufacturing plant, and their driveway for trucks is much farther down, in the next block. So WTH is a big truck doing in the driveway of this abandoned field??? The strange thing I noticed about the truck was all the running lights it had on it. It had several yellow lights on both the top and bottom of its sides. It was a dark color though, so the first thing you notice are all the little lights on this thing. And strangely, as soon as I looked out, it pulled out and exited that fenced in area. Like it sensed that I was aware of it, and decided it should leave. WTH was it doing there at 4:30 AM??? Just sitting in an abandoned field with its engine idling??? WTF!?!? Then I had a disturbing “vision”, or perhaps memory that flashed in my mind.

I remember reading that often our memories are changed by the ETs after an abduction, and that we are made to remember them as something else. Like spaceships as big trucks, them as children. ETs as animals/our pets³, staring at us beside the bed. Holy fuck – did I actually see a UFO in that field, and they somehow have changed my perception so that I saw it as a semi with lots of running lights?? My God, I think maybe I am being abducted again!!! The weird whirring I’m hearing again – it’s like the sound I used to hear when I was younger! Instead of looking up in the sky, I am looking out  at the Plant, but I am now in a basement apartment and the windows are at ground level. Shit! I do NOT like the idea that I am being abducted again!!!

I was talking to my sister yesterday, and she was telling me about how she thinks something is in the house, because she has felt someone sitting on her bed, and seen “someone” in her room at night when she woke during the night. I too noticed “someone” standing next to the bed just the other night. Shit! I am now thinking that we are both being abducted! Should I tell her? bleah

I am feeling very disturbed here. The fact that my music is being messed with, the damn humming/whirring sound, and now the big semi with all the running lights that suddenly pulled out as soon as I looked out, is all adding up to an ominous realization. I don’t think this is a good thing. I think these are negative ETs, since my “negativity clearing” songs are sounding weird and sinister. Shit! Now I am feeling too scared to go back to sleep! Why is it starting up again???

Since I can’t sleep, I decided to go for a little walk and check out that Plant. I want to know if they are 3 shifts and operational at night. No, they are not. It was dark and silent when I walked past at 5:30 AM. There was a car sitting in the road idling though. The guy sorta shifted down in his seat when I walked by though. I was on the opposite side/the Plant side, and he was parked beside the little park. yes, there is a small park behind the house across the street…who knew? Hmmm…lots of big empty spaces around here. The Plant is called Arrow Hanley I think…shit, I can’t remember its name now! It is a Reliance something division. There was also a Worthington sign at the far end. When I passed by, all the gates were closed off/locked up, and when I came to the dead end where the Worthington sign was and turned around, the car was gone. I noticed that there was a car going into the parking lot of the Plant. I guess someone opened the gate, and strangely, there were 3 cars in the parking lot now. I say strangely, because the parking lot was empty when I went by just minutes before, and I had not heard any cars in back of me as I was walking. What a strange night!!! And why is my damn pen gumming up? It’s never done that before! sigh


NOTE: Talking with my sister later in the day, she says all trucks have those running lights so that if they stop to sleep somewhere off-road, they don’t have people plowing into them because they aren’t noticeable. I also want to note that there is another semi (the same truck?) sitting in the open field this evening. Perhaps some trucker is using it as a place to sleep – I am feeling a little foolish now, although I still don’t understand why I flashed to the idea of a disguised UFO…perhaps it was just a flashback?

Typing this up now, I am also remembering that the semi I saw originally was dark, and I couldn’t see any markings on it until the end, which was too dark to see, despite it being right under a street lamp. Granted, I didn’t have my glasses on either though. Today’s the 15th, and I don’t feel as upset about all this. I have declared my sovereignty and told them they can’t negate my free will and that I will not honor any contracts, agreements or vows made with negative entities and members of the False Light. I am wondering if it was just a ploy to scare me and get me all upset and disrupt my sleep. The Dark is getting desperate after all, and us Lightworkers are prime targets. I have been doing a lot of work throwing White Light at all the things that are going wrong in the world. Takes me like an hour at night! LOL Throwing Light and Love at people who need protecting, and at nations that need healing. I’ve probably made myself noticeable to the Dark, and I’m thinking this is another psychic attack. I am stronger than this, and they won’t succeed! I’m not scared any longer. 🙂 I think that the truck is legitimately there, and they just used it to trigger me. 😦 Ah well…at least I have come to a realization about it. Throwing Love and Light at them too! LOL 😉

I want to point out a couple of things that I also realized while typing this up…they are the annotated points 1, 2 & 3.

Nefari¹: I want to note that my cat Nefari has taken to having “conversations” in the living room with someone???? in the middle of the night. It’s not that he’s talking to me, because he’s obviously in the living room, and his funny meowrings are faint. What does this mean???

Whitley Strieber book²: while looking for an image for my header, I discovered that Whitley Strieber also wrote horror stories, namely The Wolfen. I read that book years ago, and it scared the bejesus out of me! I didn’t think it had, and I had finished the book well before bedtime. But that night, I had a weird astral experience where one of these Wolfen came up the stairs and stood beside my bed and stared at me. It scared me so much that I wanted to wake myself up, but was paralyzed. I think it was trying to determine if I was awake or not. Very freaky, and makes me think that these things are real, at least on the astral plane. Freaky that Strieber is the author of this horror novel too! Geez…both books of his that I’ve read have scared me to death and caused freaky, astral type dreams!

ETs seen as our pets³: I have noticed a few times that my cats have stared at me, and their eyes seem black. It’s always freaky when I have noticed them staring at me like this…it doesn’t seem like them that I am looking at. I have only just remembered reading that they can disguise our memories of them and make us think they are our pets instead. Disturbing thought.