You just can’t make this stuff up. It is patently true that truth is stranger than fiction! And this Women’s March against Trump, set for the day after the inauguration, has just proved this caveat. It seems that not only are the women organizing this March refusing to allow pro-lifers to march with them, but they have now decided that they need to make an even bigger statement by wearing…wait for it…pink pussyhats. Yup…their name for it, in honor of Trump’s infamous pussy statement. According to this article by the Daily Sheeple:

They say they chose to use the term “pussy” (which caused femi-outrage when a recording of president-elect Donald Trump saying it in 2005 was released) because they want to “reclaim the term as a means of empowerment.”

Ummm…okay, and pussyhats are the way to do it. Yup. sigh

And according to the original Reuters article:

The project is meant to “create a sea of pink hats which is going to be a strong collective visual statement,” Zweiman said.

I guess they’ve been at it for a couple of months now, and have asked women around the world to help out in making these things. They are simple rectangles sewn at the sides to make a hat with ears no less.

The women have asked volunteers around the world to help sew, crochet or knit pink hats with ears by using simple patterns available on the project’s website. They say it is easier than knitting a scarf, the typical starter project for novices.

“It’s a rectangle folded in half, stitched up the sides and when you put it on your round head, these ears come out,” said Zweiman, surrounded by women stitching away at a knitting store on Friday night.

Uh huh. Pink hats with ears. WTH? I have to agree with the Daily Sheeple article when they say:

I’m actually embarrassed for these people.

Really, really embarrassed.

I am embarrassed not just for those poor women, who will be ridiculed by everyone when it gets out on that day, but I’m embarrassed just to be a woman because of them. Geez…why are they doing their utmost to ruin their credibility like this?? I was already ashamed at my fellow women for even wanting to take part in this stupid march, but now they’re being inane and wearing pink pussyhats…with ears????

Okay…I’m going to call it yet again…this march will not be 100,000 strong, it will not happen in 150 cities, and it will be a dismal failure as a protest.

Organizers have said the protest could draw around 200,000 people, but Suh and Zweiman decided to aim for the 1.17 million people that could feasibly fit in the Mall.

Hahahahaha…Seriously??? They’re making this many??? What a waste of wool!!! Well, it will be interesting to see how few show up in these silly hats…yeah, it will make a visual statement all right! LOL

Addendum: Yeah, there were women, and a few men too, who showed up with the hats, but I wouldn't even say half of the women were wearing them. Waste of wool, and the march was inane to boot! sigh Seriously, some of those signs...women dressed as vaginas...sticking sanitary napkins on the wall with anti-Trump classless to boot! sigh