Strange how ideas develop when you’re reading something! I’ve read about brown dwarfs before, and looking it up led me to researching the different kinds of stars and how they form, and what will happen to our sun in its development…and this post came of it all! LOL This is my actual entry in my Codex, but I will do another post which details my research into stars here.

Occult Codex January 19, 2017

Reading David Wilcock’s Synchronicity Key book and he was talking about how we might be part of a binary star system with a brown dwarf. I always thought we were a binary star system with Sirius – I don’t know where that idea comes from though. I think it had to do with something I read about the significance of 12-21-2012…that it was the closest that Sirius A comes to the Sun in its huge, elliptical cycle around each other. I must have misunderstood.

The talk of the brown dwarf made me think of my own planet’s blue dwarf sun. While brown dwarfs are “failed suns”, blue suns are supposed to be ultra-bright. The literature still says that blue dwarf suns are only hypothetical at this point, since the universe isn’t old enough to have produced them. This is because they assume that blue dwarfs develop from a red dwarf, and red dwarfs lose their hydrogen at such a slow rate that none have become blue dwarfs yet. 

However – tapping into Ladosa Jenavi, she says they actually develop from white dwarfs; red dwarfs become brown dwarfs. Sirius B is a white dwarf…I will have to look up what they figure it will become. The Sirius star system is supposedly a lot younger than our solar system though. hmmm…

They say our sun is 4.6 billion years old, but that is based on moon rocks, and since the moon is not native to Earth, but was brought here by ETs from elsewhere, then it is not the yardstick to measure the sun by. Our sun is a yellow dwarf, and has a lifespan of 9-10 billion years. But who knows how old it really is? Perhaps it is in the process of “dying” and that is what the solar flash is really about.We might be in the last days of our sun’s life! I think the solar flash, if it is the sloughing off the entire coronal mass, then it will obliterate Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, and ignite Jupiter into a new sun!

According to NASA, our yellow dwarf sun will become a red giant, then become a planetary nebula and evolve to a white dwarf. Except, we don’t really know much about white dwarfs. it is believed they become black dwarfs, but they too are hypothetical like blue dwarfs. Ladosa Jenavi says that white stars become blue dwarfs and that red stars become brown dwarfs. This is based on color progression (colors have a progression for a reason!) The basis of elements that the scientists are using is wrong – not all stars burn hydrogen and helium! There are other elements they don’t know about yet that fuel some stars farther away from here!

Meditating on it further last night, Ladosa Jenavi claims there is no such thing as black dwarfs. Scientists say that black dwarfs have used up all their nuclear elements and are dead stars. Stars that are no longer luminescent are not considered black stars…they are planets. Which made me wonder if all planets might have been stars, or could become stars. If they use up all the gases in their lifetime and essentially “wink out”, if they have a rocky core, then they become just a regular rocky planet. If they still have gases, just not nuclear reactivity, then they would become a gas giant like Jupiter and Saturn. Perhaps this is why I am thinking that when the solar flash happens, it might ignite the gases in Jupiter, causing it to become active and become the next sun.

Ladosa Jenavi also says that stars are alive, sentient beings. They are individuals, and no two stars are the same in their development. There is some commonality of course, but different factors can cause different things to happen. I do not believe that the scientists are correct in what will happen to our Sun. I do not believe it will become a red supergiant, swallowing up all the inner planets. And I do not believe that a red supergiant will devolve into a white dwarf. Red stars are the coolest stars, energetically speaking. Blues are the hottest. I’m not sure where the white stars fall, but I don’t see how something that has cooled to the red spectrum would somehow heat back up and become a dense, white dwarf. Ladosa Jenavi says red stars devolve into brown dwarfs, not white dwarfs.

Which leads back into the idea that David proposed that we are actually part of a binary star system with a brown dwarf. Hmmm…wonder if yellow dwarfs devolve into brown dwarfs too? I am thinking yes. Although, thinking it through last night…if our yellow dwarf sun throws off its coronal cloak and ignites a new sun in Jupiter, then it will devolve back into…a planet. It will no longer have a radioactive mantle, so it will just be a gas giant. Hmmm….strange things I ponder at night! LOL