I have been watching Suspicious Observer’s videos for several months now, and watch it mainly for its’ analyses and interpretation of what is going on with our sun. In case you haven’t noticed from previous posts (see here, here, and here), I’m a little preoccupied with the sun and the whole idea of a solar flash/sneeze or ekpyrotic CME that causes Ascension. I am convinced that the sun is going to do something drastic that will totally change the planet and everything on it. Well, the coronal holes are quite large, and NASA has recently released info to MSM so that it was reported (see here) and brought to everyone’s attention for whatever reason. I also mention in that post that I have a feeling that the NASA imaging of the sun is not accurate, since Suspicious Observer has been reporting that the sun is quiet and not much happening. I don’t feel this is accurate, and now I have found some videos that show other things happening with the sun.

The first one I noticed was this one, “Video Shows Sun Flashing and Pulsing!“, and looking at the sidebar in YouTube, there are a lot of other similar videos out there! This surprises me, since that doesn’t seem to be the case at Space Weather.com and their real-time survelliance of the sun. This video also shows how the images were censored and deleted. There is also this video “VIEWING THE SUN WITH LASER LENSES…LOOK WHAT WAS CAPTURED!“, where an anomaly was seen at the 5 o’clock position by the sun. I’m not sure what it all means, but I am intuiting that there is something going on with the sun that either NASA or NOAA or whoever doesn’t want us to know about, or they don’t understand what is going on either!

Could we be getting close to the Event and the solar flash of Ascension????