I am currently reading David Wilcock’s Synchronicity Key book, and have encountered an interesting concept proposed by the Law of One series and the “collective social consciousness” that were channeled. According to this series:

Another very important data point in the Law of One series is that the entity can only go so far on the negative path before it has to go positive and fully integrate a love, forgiveness and appreciation of all others. Otherwise, it will completely disintegrate into pure energy and cease to exist, through a process called “spiritual entrophy.”

Huh. Isn’t that an interesting hypothesis? I want to believe that evil cannot triumph over the Light, and that there is a universal “law” that prevents it from happening. This gives me hope that the negative ETs that are plaguing humanity might very well be on their last legs.

David goes on to outline how the universe is divided up into 7 major levels or densities that correspond to the 7 colors of the visible light spectrum.

The visible light spectrum of seven colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – is apparently intended to serve as a mirror of this greater structure. Each of these levels represents a plane of existence populated with its own forms of life. We are connected to each of these energy levels through what the Hindus call chakras…

It is taking me a long time to get through the book, because it is very information dense. And he discusses things I already know in different terminology, so my mind is constantly backing up and re-interpreting it in terms I am already familiar with. So this statement makes sense to me, despite being “new” info in other ways. I have discussed chakras before, and about the 7 ethereal bodies we have, which correspond to the chakras. I did know that the ethereal bodies were related to the levels on the Other Side, but this helped coalesce and bind the concepts into more coherency for me.

Those 7 major levels are the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Etheric, Akashic, and Ketheric. I had never considered that the Universe is ordered that way, I guess because I’ve always considered the Universe, with its stars and planets and space as being a physical thing. Yet I know that the planets and stars have sentience and consciousness, and often call God both Source and the Universe. I guess I just wasn’t clear on how they fit together.

From this statement, I now realize that our chakras actually exist on the Other Side, in these 7 major levels. I had never really thought of characterizing the root chakra with the Physical level, the Sacral chakra with the Emotional level, the solar plexus level with the mental level, the heart chakra with the Astral level, the throat chakra with the Etheric, the Third Eye with the Akashic level, and the Crown chakra with the Ketheric level. Makes a lot of intuitive sense though. I have also never thought of those levels as resonating with a specific color either.

I guess we are currently at the yellow level, the solar-plexus chakra level, the mental level, or 3D.

We are currently at third density – the yellow, solar plexus level – and are moving into fourth density, which is the green ray, or heart chakra, level.

I have heard this before…that we are moving into the green ray of Love. This would be the astral level. This is the level where there are no physical forms though. Ghosts live in this level…souls that don’t know how to move on to the higher levels of the Other Side. If they go into the Light, they will find themselves on the Other Side, which I know to be the Etheric level. I am kinda having a hard time seeing this as the 5th dimension though. I have “gone into the Light” a number of times in both meditations and dreams. I have been on this Etheric level of the Other Side, where I have seen, and gone into, a number of “temples” that are portals to other areas and levels. My favorite place on the Other Side is the Temple of Knowledge…and it leads to the Akashic level. I have been in the Temple of Music too, which is at the Ketheric Level. The experiences are too esoteric to be able to describe adequately here. I may attempt it at another time though.

My point is, I see the Astral and Etheric levels as part of “The Other Side” or “heaven”…a place your soul is released to upon death. Where your soul can reside when you lose your corporeal vessel and leave the physical world behind. Since I have conscious memories of this “Other Side” or the Etheric level, does this mean that I am already familiar with 5D? Is that where we are all going when Ascension hits???? My mind is boggling…and I am not certain this is what is going to happen. So in some ways, things are clearer, in other ways, this knowledge has confused me about what Ascension is. I cannot see us all becoming “ascended masters” like Jesus and Kuthumi and Chango and Oya.

I guess I was under the impression that we would still exist on Earth in a crystalline “light body” instead of a carbon based physical body. More like a parallel reality than a different spiritual level. I have discussed some of my theories about what ascension entails here, and realize I’m still not any clearer on what will happen. sigh

Okay…I am digressing here though. I wanted to comment and analyse what the Law of One says about negative entities and their spiritual development through these levels.

Importantly, no negative beings have ever been able to make it past the beginning of sixth density, located at the pineal gland center in the middle of the brain. Nonetheless, all souls must still reach and master seventh density before they can fully reunify with the Creator. 

There are a couple of interesting points here…first, I disagree with the notion that negative beings can exist at the sixth density. Intuitively, I feel that they can’t get to the 5D level, if the 5D level is indeed the Etheric level. I have never encountered any kind of negativity at the Etheric level…it is so saturated with Light that there are no shadows there, no Darkness of any kind! I have encountered demons and werewolves and other negative things on the Astral plane, and they say that the ickyons are lower 4th dimensional beings. I can understand this…the lower 4D would correspond to the level I have seen on the Astral plane that I would call the Hinterlands. Hell is also on this level, although it is not a place per se, but a repository of negative energy. This is a whole other topic, but people don’t go to Hell, since it’s not a place, they go to the Hinterlands.

The Hinterlands is a grey space, unlike the Etheric Plane, which is filled with Light. Evil people whose souls are filled with darkness cannot tolerate the Light that is on the Etheric Plane, and they instead go to this grey space. It has varying levels of greyness to it, depending on how dark your soul is. I have always seen it as a slanted platform, with the top levels very light grey and leading to the Etheric Plane, and the bottom levels being very dark and leading to Hell. This is where evil human souls go, although I have seen demons, which are strictly negative energy given form, here too. This is on the Astral plane. I can astral project and move around on the Astral plane. I find it difficult to believe that we are moving up to this level though. For whatever reason, I don’t see the Astral plane as the same thing as 4th dimensionality. And it doesn’t seem like much of an Ascension thing to be stuck on the astral plane IMO!

The other point I wanted to comment on is the idea is that all souls must get to the 7th level and reunite with Source. Yes…I believe this. That is the whole point of our existence…to become one with God again. We are all little pieces of God, separated from It so It could experience Itself and explore all aspects of reality, which It created of course. But free will has created a true rift between our souls and the Source God. Angels are also parts of God, but they are not separate from It and do not have free will. It is a different path we, with free will, tread to get back to the one Source.

I do believe we have to go through all 7 levels, although I am not sure if there aren’t other levels beyond that that correspond to even greater spiritual development. I think angels have different levels than us, that animals have different levels, that planets and stars have different levels. I have heard of 12th dimensionality, but I’m not sure what they are talking about. It all seems kinda moot at this point in our development. Like babies talking about what university they will go to. LOL Just not that relevant at this point!!!

So it is interesting to learn that since all souls must get to the 7th level, but they can’t get there in a negative state, that all negative beings must turn from the darkness and embrace the Light before getting to the higher levels. If we are moving from the 3rd level to the 4th and I think the 5th, then the Illuminati and their masters the negative ETs are quite rightly frightened by the implications of us moving into 5D. I don’t think 4D would scare them much, but they seem really determined at preventing us from reaching Ascension and the 5th dimension.

I guess what is confusing me is the idea of what happens with Ascension. If we are moving up to the astral and the etheric level, then it is my understanding you don’t exist at those levels in a physical form. Do ETs at the 4D and 5D levels have physical bodies? Are the astral and the etheric levels of the Other Side the same thing as 4th dimensionality and 5D? I dunno what to think…guess I will have to meditate further on this. I do think that Ladosa Jenavi and her people are 6D though, and they live on a red planet in a blue dwarf star system. I don’t think of the Other Side as being on planets though. hmmm….my brain is hurting here. LOL