Wow…I had a weird experience last night. I think I have experienced my own Mandela effect. If you don’t know what the Mandela effect is, this video actually does a pretty good job of not only explaining it, but giving the supposed reasons for it. I personally think that it’s proof of slipping timelines. I have to agree with her about Febreeze and the Berenstein Bears and the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa is a new example for me, but yes, I always remember people saying she had an “enigmatic smile” and I remember thinking that she’s not really smiling at all! Now she is! WTH???? I had to actually go and check my bottle of Febreze to see that it is indeed spelled that way. I always thought it was a double e though. Very Freaky stuff to be sure. SecureTeam 10 has some more examples here.

But while reading The Synchronicity Key I had a really weird experience of remembering something that happened even before I was born!

Occult Codex January 23, 2017

Still reading David’s Synchronicity Key book. Came to the part about correlating the 2,160 yearly cycle to current events, and came to the study of the Macedonian War in 200 BC with the Cuban Missile Crisis in modern times. As he’s talking about how the

…conflict between the United States and Cuba was another proxy war fought between the US and USSR. The Soviet Union had made economic and trade agreements with Fidel Castro, the prime minister of Cuba…

I am shaking my head up and down, thinking yes, yes, I remember this. Then I read the date of this event – February 1960! I am floored! How can I remember this?!?!?! I swear I remember this happening! I remember the talk about nuclear missiles being so close to the US. I remember the Cold War as starting because of this (not as it starting up again though). This was on May 1, 1960. How can this be??? I thought it was in the 70s – that the Cold War was in the 70s and 80s. When David talks about

Predictably, the USSR then began beefing up Cuba with weapons – including nukes. This caused the US and the USSR to come close to full-scale nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis, which reached its peak on Oct 22, 1962. 

I was nodding along again in agreement, up until the date again. I still wasn’t born yet…my birthdate is Oct 27, 1962. How can I be remembering this??? I remember the fear that the US was going to retaliate by dropping a bomb on Russia. I remember they were going to bomb Russia for this, not Cuba. That Russia was declaring war by putting missiles in Cuba.

He mentions how 

US military forces worldwide were placed at DEFCON2, requiring an increase in force readiness. 23 nuclear armed B52 bombers were placed in orbit…

Yes! I remember hearing about DEFCON and that bombers were within striking distance of Russia…but not about them being placed in orbit. That suggests some kind of satellite capability, and the bombers weren’t capable of being put in orbit. My memories diverge here. 

Is this a Mandela effect thing??? I am freaking out here!! Did I jump timelines somewhere along the line?? Why am I remembering this as if I was alive and aware? And not even really a child’s awareness, which would have been the case if it happened in 1970 and 1972 rather than 1960 and 1962. I feel like the memories are more like a young adult’s awareness, like maybe I was in my late teens or something, not 8 or 10 years old. This is very freaky! I really feel like I remember this happening in my life!

Yeah, I was really freaked out when I wrote that Occult Codex entry. LOL I remember living through the Cold War, and I remember it starting with the Cuban Missile Crisis. It is sooo weird. I really feel like I was alive and saw this stuff happen. I don’t know how to reconcile my memories with the discovery that this happened a couple of years before I was even born! My mind is blown! And I thought Nelson Mandela had been killed in jail too, and remember being surprised when they released him. huh. :/

Additionally, while looking up a header for this, I encountered all kinds of discrepancies…how can so many of us remember things differently? Some of it I want to blame on rebranding, like Fruit Loops/Froot Loops and Febreeze/Febreze and Chick-a-fil/Chic-a-fil (I remember the first way, not the way I guess it is now). But I don’t know how to explain the Mirror, Mirror on the wall being Magic Mirror on the Wall, and Luke, I am your father as No, I am your father. Wow…how can so many of us be mistaken in our memories??? This is boggling my mind the further I look into it! Wow…something is going on, that’s for sure. I hope it’s a positive thing. It’s fascinating to research though. LOL