Still reading David Wilcock’s Synchronicity Key book. Yes, it is taking me a long time. It is very information dense, and there are a lot of concepts that are very thought provoking. There’s also things I don’t really agree with. Granted, he has a lot of scientific resources backing up what he is saying, but…I’m of the opinion that the scientists don’t always know the truth, or aren’t divulging it. Although I respect David’s intelligence (he does have an IQ of 179), and his “thinking outside the box” has led to some remarkable insights, I still think that he’s missing the boat on some things.

The Law of One…a channeled series of spiritual knowledge from a social memory complex called Ra. Yeah…that one. He has evolved, along with his other entities, and claim they left Egypt when they realized that their teachings were being co-opted and misused. Question: wouldn’t it be more ethical to stay and correct this??? Whatever. I have mentioned before that I have problems with channeled messages because it is too easy for the False Light to fool people and come across as divine beings. So…I’m not inclined to believe everything I hear/read from channeled sources. Of course, we all should use discernment to determine what Truth is, and I ask my own trusted source (my guardian angel) to help me with this. Mostly, I like to check in with my higher self, Ladosa Jenavi. Of course, it can be argued that she is actually a False Light being, or at best, just my imagination. We all have to decide for ourselves what “feels” like Truth, and remain open to finding it. Wherever. Not all sources will always be right IMO. And what is Truth for one person can be different from another. It depends on your level of development too. So….this is just my opinion here.

Throughout the book, David talks about this cycle of 25,920 years that seems to play a significant role in our history and spiritual development. He has found other even longer cycles, but those are kinda hard to prove. But I have to agree with him that time is not linear, and the idea of cycles of time makes a lot more sense. The Law of One seems to agree with him, although they talk about the 25,000 year cycle. I’ve also encountered him, and some of the other data he uses, describe a 26,000 year cycle. I dunno, but since time doesn’t actually exist (it is a man-made construct), I guess the actual number doesn’t matter.

But according to the Law of One, this 25,000 year cycle is a basic pattern that governs evolution of all 3D life on any planet in our Milky Way galaxy. Ra says

there are 3 cycles of this nature during which those who have progressed may be harvested at the end of 3 major cycles. That is, approximately between 75-76,000 of your years. All are harvested regardless of their progress, for during that time, the planet itself has moved through the useful part of that dimension and begin to cease being useful for the lower levels of vibration within that third dimension.

The first thing I want to comment on is the idea that “all are harvested regardless of their progress” because the planet itself has become useless for the lower vibrations. This seems like validation of the idea that a solar event will be a world-wide catastrophe kind of thing. Yes, I am talking ekpyrosis here. Either a massive CME (coronal mass ejection) or even the throwing off of the entire coronal mantle. I am not sure why I am so enamored of this idea, but it just won’t go away! Instead, I keep finding more and more things that support this idea. I do believe that the poles will reverse at the same time as the Ascension. I think one causes the other…or rather, they are part of the same process. I think the pole reversal is Gaia’s way of ascending. She is actually doing the Ascending…and taking us all with her! Which makes this feel like a cosmic event.

I think the planets and stars are alive and sentient…they have souls. This is why the whole Moon as an artificial satellite idea has me so bothered. I don’t really care if it is hollow and not a natural satellite to the Earth…does it have a soul like Gaia and Sol??? Is it a naturally occurring rock? I still haven’t found an adequate answer to this. sigh But I am certain that the earth has a consciousness named Gaia. I believe that the consciousness of the sun, Sol, is helping Gaia with her ascension. Of course, the whole solar system is going through an ascension process…even NASA has noted that all the planets have gotten brighter and hotter. There is a global warming phenomenon going on, but it’s going on everywhere in the solar system. It is not man-made, so the stupid rhetoric about man-made global warming is an elaborate Illuminati ploy to confuse us about, not just ascension, but also to hide their weather manipulations and geoengineering of the world.

In any case…the Law of One does say that the planet is about to become uninhabitable for 3D life. That we will all be ascending, whether we’re ready or not. This is good, because I unfortunately think that there are a whole lot of people not ready yet…and may not be any time soon! I’m sick of waiting for it to happen…it shouldn’t be dependent on 7 billion people to all be ready! And looking at it as a cosmic event, there is no reason for it to wait for us. If the planet is about to go through a pole reversal, a natural catastrophe that will catapult us all to another dimension, then it will just happen. This is a planetary thing. Somehow, this makes me feel better about the delays. Maybe they aren’t delays…it just hasn’t happened yet because it’s a cosmic timing thing, not a human timing thing. It’s definitely a new way to look at the Ascension process.

Note: This 25,920 years is also called the Equinox precessional cycle, and corresponds to the full cycle of the zodiac…hence my graphic for my header. We are now in the Age of Aquarius as of December 21, 2012. We just left the Age of Pisces, which is the end of the zodiac cycle. This is what makes me believe we should have gone through Ascension on that day.