One of the questions I have pondered on is what exactly it means to be at 4D or even 5D and whether the dimensional levels correspond to the esoteric system of the 7 levels of consciousness. The lowest 3 levels are manifested here on Earth…namely, the lowest level which is physical, the emotional level and the intellectual level. The 4th level is the astral level, and as far as I am aware, the 5th level and beyond are part of The Other Side, heaven, whatever you want to call it. The 5th level is the etheric level, the 6th is the Akashic level, and the last level is the ketheric level. I am familiar with these levels because I have gone into the Light before, both astrally and in dreams, and find I come out on the Etheric level. I am familiar with the Temples that exist on this level, as I have discussed before, and have repeatedly gone into the Temple of Knowledge. These temples are merely portals though, and lead to other levels and areas. The Temple of Knowledge is at the Akashic level. Does this mean it exists in the 6th dimension, and that I have been visiting the 5th dimension whenever I go into the Light?

This is a paradigm shift thought for me. It requires rethinking what I know about The Other Side, and what I think the dimensions are. I KNOW that there is a place I call the Hinterlands on the astral plane, and that hell exists at this level. I also know that the archons (ickyons) are lower 4D entities. They are not corporeal, and therefore must exist on the astral plane. The astral plane is the place a soul without a physical body exists in. Thus, when we die, we will find ourselves on the astral plane, and if you remain there you become a ghost.

Well…let me qualify that. I am actually very familiar with the astral plane, and know there are different levels there. This Hinterland place seems like a slanted platform to me, but it isn’t someplace you want to go. It is where dark souls, evil people, go when they die. They cannot get to the Etheric level because it is so full of light that they cannot tolerate it. So they must remain in this grey Hinterland place. Not hell, which is merely a repository of Darkness, not a place. But hell exists in the astral plane too. I think it is safe to assume that demons are ickyons.

But there are other areas on the astral plane. When you astral project, your consciousness can remain here on Earth, just in a discarnate form. Your soul can move around on the earth and go to other places on earth and see people far away. Again, this is what a ghost is…a dead person who’s astral form has remained on earth instead of moving on to the Other Side. But there are also other “places” on the astral plane which seem a lot like earth, with buildings and environments that can seem surreal. There’s also this other space that kinda feels like a bubble or something. I’m not aware of any forms there, just energy and other souls at times. It’s like an energy field or something. Nothing to see at all, just blankness I guess you could say. At least I believe this is on the astral level. It “feels” different than the Etheric level or inside the Temples.

Now if this astral plane is the 4th dimension, then I can kinda see why people would think we are moving into the 5th dimension and bypassing the 4th. Because this is what we do when we die…we will find ourselves without a body on the astral plane, then we go into the Light and come out on the etheric plane. So the passage would be from 3D to 4D to 5D in a very short space of time. The astral plane is more like a temporary holding ground until you go into the Light. Most people remain for a while after death, to comfort loved ones and to attend their own funerals. I know this happens, because I have always felt the deceased person at the funerals I have attended, even seen them in my mind’s eye.

I have always felt that the astral plane is like a transitional place, where you still basically have a form (your astral body, which looks much like you do, although you can change it to a more ideal form of yourself). The etheric level can still have forms, but you don’t have to. It’s customary for souls to take on a form that is familiar to a new soul arriving after death. The temples are a distinct form, although once you go inside them, forms disappear. At least that has been my experience. But then I usually go into the Temple of Knowledge, which is at the akashic level and there are no forms there. There are no forms in the Temple of Music either…that is on the ketheric level. If you correspond them to dimensions, then there would be no forms at the 6th and 7th dimensions. I dunno if that’s true, from what I have read about higher dimensional extraterrestrials. But then I have heard about 24th dimensional chakras and stuff, which I don’t know what the hell that means to be honest.

Meditating on it last night, I think that there are many dimensions within each of the levels. So I don’t think that the 4th dimension necessarily refers to the astral plane. I think that the astral plane can contain multiple dimensions, since I have experienced different “versions” of it when I have gone there in my meditations/visions/dreams. I feel that Ladosa Jenavi is 6th dimensional, and I believe she exists on the astral plane ie has an astral form that exists on her own planet. The picture in the header is an image I found years ago that is a close approximation of what Jenavi is. I colorized it because she is of the pink ray of consciousness. She is pink with an overlay of silver. Pink is love and silver is intellect. There’s also the purple of spirituality. She has no physical form, no legs and lower torso. I have mentioned before that her chakra system starts at the heart chakra, and I believe this is the chakra system for any ET that is non-corporeal and existing at higher dimensions.

This doesn’t answer the question on whether 4D is the astral plane though. Can 4D exist on the physical plane? If we are already at the 4D level as I have read, then I guess it can exist at the physical level. I have also read that some believe that we are moving into 5D on the physical planet too. That we will still have physical form, but in a vastly different setting, with all kinds of psychic powers and the ability to manipulate the physical. I dunno about this…there is talk about the Light Body and the Rainbow Body too. I am reminded of the Star Trek: Next Generation episode where the encounter someone who ascends into their Light Body in front of them all…see this article “This Is How 160,000 People Physically Turned Into Light Bodies!” that details this idea and has a clip. Is this what is going to happen to us all? I am thinking so. But is this form still somewhat corporeal? And will we still exist on the planet?

This makes my brain hurt. LOL