Well, with all the political nastiness still ongoing in the US, here are a couple of funnies I found today. I am so relieved to find that some people are not so unhinged, or so bemused by the unhinged, that they cannot find humor in the craziness.

Here’s a great little jab at all the executive orders Trump is signing right now, courtesy of the Love In Action Now blog:


I certainly hope he has time to implement that one! LOL

And there’s this hilarious remake of an old Star Trek episode parodying that horrid Ashley Judd speech…wow…wish Captain Kirk could have really blown her up! LMAO But seriously…while watching it, I thought to myself “what in the world would aliens who were watching be thinking?” Wow…her speech really made me cringe for the human race. What must they think of us if they only viewed this piece of vitriol??? 😦


I thank both authors for the laughs though…we need to keep our senses of humor, and perspective, these days or it will be a very long 4 years!

And for the record, I still like Obama, despite the fact that he was Cabal coerced and did some horrible things because they forced him to. I don’t believe he ever wanted to be a puppet for the Elite, but he just didn’t get the choice. Remember…his daughters are pizza. 😦 I hope they can’t get to Trump, and I suspect they can’t since he’s so rich and independent of lobbyists (and the US military are supporting him, and they are Alliance backed). The fact that all this hysteria is going on seems indicative that they are panicking because they can’t control him. I feel sorry for Obama though…I’m glad they got out. I pray for Trump now too. But let’s get past the horrible shit and try to get back our perspective and find some humor in it all! I prefer the laughter personally. πŸ˜€ And I think there’s plenty to still laugh about!