Well, I guess I have to admire my government for their slam against Fox News for spreading misinformation and engaging in fear-mongering when they claimed that one of the shooters in the Quebec City shooting was Moroccan. A direct quote from the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office):

“These tweets by Fox News dishonour the memory of the six victims and their families by spreading misinformation, playing identity politics, and perpetuating fear and division within our communities.”

Although I agree with their stance against the stupid MSM, I am not as pleased about this statement:

“Canada is an open, welcoming country that stands by its citizens,”

It isn’t all that accurate in many ways, and I think it sends the wrong message to illegal immigrants looking for somewhere else to go. See the rest of the article here “PMO slams Fox News for incorrect tweet about Quebec City shooting suspect“.

I guess Fox did issue an apology and deleted their tweets, but seriously…what is with this new ploy MSM is using to tell nasty lies and then retract them and sometimes apologize? The damage is already done with the words. And of course, not everyone will see the retraction, and how do you unsee a tweet??? This is playing dirty in my book! I’m getting so sick of them all! bleah

And this is starting to become true with the alternative media too. I subscribe to Censored.News, which is a listing of alternative media, and have noticed a new trend amongst them too. Or maybe it’s always been that way with any news media and I just never noticed. I dunno, but I am getting sick of it all. Geez…can’t anyone just relay the news without going into propaganda mode for either side??? The alternative news sites are looking a lot like some of the far left sites, except in the opposite direction. So much bashing of the lefts that they’re just as guilty of political hysteria as the left is. This is not news. I don’t want to read it or hear it. I just want the facts. WTH does the sane, rational person do for news these days??? sigh

I have also noticed a couple of sites that seem to be infiltrated by said left wing nuts and are now posting nasty stuff about Trump. Not that I don’t want to hear if he’s doing stuff he’s not supposed to – like the Keystone XL and DAPL pipelines Executive Order – but I’m starting to see some…bashing is a good term. Not that I believe that Trump is perfect and that he will never do any harm, but what’s with these headlines???





WTH??? What’s the alt media doing with such fear-mongering articles? Wow…I dunno anymore. sigh I’m really starting to feel you can’t trust anyone anymore. Maybe I’ll just stick to Alex Jones…I know he’s rather loud and inflammatory and always takes the extreme view, but at least he’s honest about it. Although…he does do the plugs for his products on his shows, which I don’t like. His latest product is fear-mongering too…it’s for a new age, lightweight body armour. Is the US really gearing up for a civil war? I was reading an article yesterday that claimed that the liberals have Trump to thank for waking them up and realizing they need to get guns. WTH? This saddens me…I don’t like the way this is going. 😥

I just read an article “About 900 State Department officials sign protest memo: source“, and I really like the video of Sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary, where he cautions restraint to these officials. Of course, Yahoo is still maintaining that all of the upper management of the State Department has quit, leaving Trump in a bind. That’s not the case of course…those are appointed positions and they were let go as they were part of Obama’s administration. Standard procedure people…and it was only 4 people. sigh Maybe Obama kept his predecessor’s people, but a President isn’t required to do so. And I don’t blame Trump for “draining the swamp”.

What really struck me from Sean Spicer’s video is the sense of bewilderment I got from him. He seems genuinely surprised that these State Dept officials did this, and I think his sincerity throughout the speech was genuine too. I think those dissenters should be worried…if you can’t get behind your president, then you shouldn’t have that job. That only makes sense. Who needs to be looking over your shoulder all the time??? Sheesh…I think big things will be happening in the State Department. Poor Trump…what a load of crap he’s having to put up with!!! I think his intentions are honorable to be honest…why don’t people just give him a chance? Well…guess this just goes to show how many people in the State Dept are under the Illuminati’s thumb! Scary thought. 😦

I guess what I really don’t understand is what the fuss is about with this travel “pause” from the 7 most widely recognized terrorist countries. The “pause” is just until proper vetting procedures can be reviewed and instituted, which they weren’t under Obama. I am heartily disgusted with Obama for denouncing this EO, since he did it himself not just once for 6 months, but for a total of 6 times during his tenure!!! WTH is that about?? Don’t believe me? Read this article “Obama mocks Trump, but has barred immigrants, many Muslim, 6 times” by the Washington Examiner. All the hypocritical democrats are denouncing the exact same procedure when Trump does it! What is wrong with them all? Is the Illuminati really leaning on them that hard??? Pure craziness!!! I pray this all doesn’t lead to a civil war for my American friends.