Just watched a fascinating video “Steiger-Olson Feb 1 – Sun was JOLTED says Theoretical Physicist! THEN IT HAPPENED LIVE!” which was very provocative and fascinating. This Steiger-Olson team gives a different perspective on the sun’s activity than my usual Suspicious Observer channel. Although to be honest, I’ve been wondering if SO isn’t telling the whole story. Ben Davidson, the owner of the channel, has been very busy with his new Quake Watch app he’s developed, so perhaps he’s not studying the sun as closely these days. I watch his channel because he always starts off interpreting the sun’s activity. Call me lazy, but I’d rather watch his analysis than go over to SpaceWeather.com to watch and try to interpret it myself. I tried it once, and not my cup of tea. Now I’m wondering what I’m missing. I also wonder if SpaceWeather.com is showing all the real data too.

The Steiger-Olson video shows clearly that the sun was showing up as shaking or being jolted or something on February 1st. I checked SO’s site for the same day, and it didn’t show the sun shaking, but I noticed the jolting on February 2nd’s video at about the 1:14 mark, although Davidson doesn’t even mention the fact. As Steiger-Olson point out, they thought it was a camera glitch initially, and almost discounted it too. Then they point out how they found a paper by a physicist that analysed the frames and discovered that it wasn’t the camera shaking, it really was the sun! That is detailed in the initial link I provided here.

Steiger-Olson also talk about the size of the coronal hole, and what it can mean. I’ve talked about this before here, noting that the huge southern and northern coronal holes have been standard since I started to follow SO’s channel back in July. NASA, that bastion of disinformation, recently released an animation showing the huge coronal holes to MSM and they were quick with the fear-mongering headlines about the sun ripping apart and other such nonsense. Just to reiterate…it’s not really a hole, it just looks like it under certain filters. They really are large pockets of denser, colder gases, as opposed to the super hot nuclear reactions that go on everywhere else in the corona of our sun.

Then Steiger-Olson also point out in their Jan 31st video that pictures and video are being sent in by regular people who have noticed the sun taking on a “lemon” shape in the sky. I had seen this before, but just in passing. It seems this is a much more prevalent thing that people are photographing. In any case, something weird seems to be going on with our sun, in contrast to what Suspicious Observer is reporting as the sun being “quiet”. I have mentioned some other anomalies that I had found as well in this post here.

What does it all mean? Something is definitely going on with the sun. It is not business as usual any more IMO. I am no longer lulled by SO’s calm “all is calm on the sun” mantra, and am really wondering if his bland pronouncements are intentional or not. Maybe he wants to be seen as a legitimate scientist and is distancing himself from any observations that might label him as conspiracy theorist or something. I dunno…but what’s wrong with a little conspiracy theory conjecture???


In any case, these videos are bringing out not so much the conspiracy theorist in me, as the woo-woo theorist I guess you could say. Yup…I’m talking about my ekpyrosis theory yet again. LOL

I’ve been pondering and meditating on these new solar developments, and taking into account some of the new information I have gleaned from reading David Wilcock’s books. Interestingly, Steiger-Olson also forward the notion that the sun is being affected by a brown dwarf. Specifically, they think that the coronal holes may be a sign of said brown dwarf impacting our sun. If said brown dwarf sun is really a part of our binary solar system, as David suggests, then this makes a lot of sense actually.

The scenario my mind is envisioning is thus though…what if the sun is actually getting colder because it is dying, or rather maybe evolving too? I’ve discussed the mainstream science’s theory of how our sun will evolve into a red giant, then a planetary nebulae, and finally into a white dwarf. I still don’t understand or agree with this notion of expanding from a yellow dwarf into a red giant, but I am thinking that the sun is probably older than they think and is going through an evolutionary cycle right now. It is more than humans that are ascending, more than Gaia that is ascending, and more than the solar system ascending. The sun is “ascending”, going through a new evolutionary cycle in its own life cycle, and it is affecting everything in our solar system.

I do not think it is in the process of becoming a red giant…it is getting colder, so what would account for an expansion into a red giant?  Could it be evolving into a brown dwarf, like a twin to the other brown star that is part of our binary “galaxy” as the Law of One purports? The Law of One has called our star system a galaxy because there is more than one star in it…our sun has a neighbor that is part of our system. Could our yellow dwarf sun be turning into a twin brown dwarf? In some of those filters that NASA uses to document the sun, it is easy to think that. The coronal holes do make it look brownish.

I’m not sure what is happening to the sun, other than the feeling that it is evolving- ascending – into something else. And that in the process, there will be some kind of solar event that will transform Gaia and everything on her into the 4th or 5th dimension. Still not sure on which of those yet. Researching the 4th dimension isn’t any help in this matter, though I still find it weird that everyone seems to think that we are moving from 3D to 5D and bypassing 4D altogether. But we all agree that Ascension is happening soon, and wondering what that looks like is seeming more like a solar event all the time IMO.