I just encountered a video by a YouTube channel I like and respect, and the video is about a television broadcast from November 26, 1977, that was interrupted by another broadcast from a being from the Ashtar Galactic Command named Vrillon. The entire broadcast can be seen here ” Alien Voice Hijacks Television Broadcast? 2/3/17“. Googling it, I also found this article about it, where they state:

The Southern Television broadcast interruption was a broadcast interruption through the Hannington transmitter of the Independent Broadcasting Authority in the United Kingdom at 5:10 pm on 26 November 1977. The broadcast message is generally considered to be a hoax, but the identity of the hijacker is unknown.

The whole thing seems really bizarre to have happened back then, but would no doubt be well received today. LOL It was an amazing message, and gave me goosebumps to listen to it. I believe it was real to be honest. Like one of the commenters noted:

Well i work in telecom and the only way to get over a current livestream like this and at that time is to use the same frequency and break the shield that prevents capturing from another frequency. So this signal was alot stronger in low frequency has a role of carrier to travel into there own network structure and do this. This is very powerful for that time of our progression in technologie. I mean that any company today cant even garanty a good wi fi signal in your own homes cause of the unexpected signals you can have in your surroundings. Anyways i wonder who at that time could of done this beside that station.

I have to concur that I doubt the average person, and even the not so average hacker, back then had any clue how to break into a public broadcast like this…the technology was too new. And the message seems more geared to us today, for more people today believe this kind of thing. Back then, people were NOT awake enough to even understand this message IMO. But this was during the Cold War, and the message to lay down arms and try to come together in peace before we do irreparable harm was very timely. It’s still timely to be sure!

I really think this was a real message from an extraterrestrial named Vrillon. I know I have heard of the Ashtar Galactic Command either from Corey Goode or Cobra. I really think this was an early attempt to communicate with us! I am astounded that something like this happened way back then…it is amazing! I guess no one ever came forward to claim responsibility for doing it, and to this day they don’t know who did it. Wow…how concerned must those ETs must have been, watching us with our nuclear weapons and our fingers on the damn button, just waiting to push it on each other! I could feel the concern they were expressing, and I imagine they were truly trying to help us. Actually, I think the Ashtar Galactic Command is an Inner Earth group, and yes, I imagine the idea of nuclear war was very distressing to them in particular! They had as much at stake as us on the surface!

In any case, this was a fascinating video on a fascinating event that happened back in 1977 no less! For some reason, I find it reassuring that they were watching and trying to help even back then.