Okay…just read an article “A New Gaia Portal (February 17th, 2017) | An Energy Update By Henda” which not only got its dates mixed up (ummm…how could she have channeled this info weeks after today?) but makes some outrageous statements. Granted, the date may be a typo, but who doesn’t proofread their posts? Because this date typo was also included in the body of the article. Today is only Feb 4th, right? I may have a really bad sense of time, but unless my computer is off too, this channeler is not very accurate. Makes you wonder about the rest of her content. And yes, I will be wondering out loud in this post! LOL

Speaking of January’s energies, she states:

January has been a very intense month to begin the new year. We had at least 4 waves of energy that came on earth from higher dimensions, upgrading us on a multidimensional level from the physical (DNA upgrading transmission frequencies) to the energetic body, increasing our crystalline bodies with new light codes and information from very high knowledge as the Sacred Geometry which have been very accurate in different areas of our creation (artistic amongst all).

First off, I don’t recall hearing anywhere about “4 waves of energy” that hit us. I’ve reported on other energy waves before, but I hadn’t heard anything about these 4. Four she says??? Ummm…I don’t think so. Maybe 1 or 2, but I haven’t felt anything to be honest. Maybe the horrendous unrest that the American leftists are engaging in are drowning it all out, but if these energy waves came from higher dimensions, should they not have calmed these chaotic energies down?? To be honest, I don’t even know WTH she’s talking about with this “very high knowledge as the Sacred Geometry which have been very accurate in different areas of our creation (artistic amongst all).” even means. This is some kind of New Age gobbledygook IMO. This is the second and third ping on my discernment meter that this is false information.

Then there’s this assertion, which is channeled from where exactly???:

The Earth has been receiving new light codes coming from so far and from higher densities and dimensions.
We are preparing the 6th Dimensional Earth, grounding in the 5th.

Ummm…who are “we”? Does she mean humans collectively? And I will say it yet again…what happened to the whole 4D reality that should logically follow an ascension from 3D? What? We are now going to be ascending to 6D instead of 5D??? I don’t think so…I have no clue what this Henda person is even talking about! I cannot see that the mass of unawakened and unaware and still war-like humans are ready for 4D, never mind 6D!!! My discernment meter is sounding major warnings of BS here.

You are now holding in you the New 5th dimensional frequency of light and information. The Light Codes of the New Earth, bringing it to everyone who will be asking and lead for healing.

You are channelers of this wonderful energy of Love Compassion, so Be It. And For sure you are now bringing in you the 6th dimensional earth, coming ahead and the work has already began.

Oh yeah…and the assertion that we are now 5D beings…yeah, right? Where is this person living??? Is she not paying attention, not just to the news, but to the vibrations that are so screwy and angry right now? I am shielding and grounding up the wazoo to protect myself from the anger and chaos that I am feeling so strongly, even without reading any news articles any more. I am only perusing headlines because it helps me to identify why I am feeling these energies. It can be difficult to be an empath. sigh. Shielding is like a life jacket, and grounding is like knowing how to swim, but neither is helpful when you are being swept away by a tsunami. That horrible shit coming from the US is powerful stuff…wow, I doubt any empath in North America isn’t being bombarded! My headaches are horrible these days! 😦

“Channelers of this wonderful energy of Love Compassion”??? Ummm…where is that happening??? The veterans are gearing up to go back out to the DAPL pipeline to fight the good fight again. UC Berkeley is a yucky hotbed, and I think this Milo guy is fomenting trouble to be honest, and both InfoWars and The Next News Network is getting carried away with their fear mongering and inflammatory headlines. I’ve noticed this in a post before…the alternative media is getting insane too. 😦 Neither side is maintaining the moral high ground of neutrality. sigh Sorry, but I am not seeing a whole lot of Love Compassion anywhere right now. I’m seeing hypocritical references to “LoveTrumpsHate” while rioters are setting people’s hair on fire and pepper-spraying them in the face. Nope…I don’t see that energy coming in, and certainly not the high spiritual energy needed to anchor a 5D reality, never mind a 6D!

All in all, I’d say this channeled message is not so much an example of misinformation by the False Light, but some delusional rambling by an out-of-touch New Ager. Nothing in that message struck me as Truth, and I am not even sure of the motivation to put that piece of nonsense out there. Maybe to try to calm the ugly tensions, but seriously…none of the crazy leftist snowflakes are going to be reading her stuff. And those of us who are lightworkers and trying to defuse the chaos with Love and Light are already doing what we can. We don’t need false information which doesn’t even give plausible hope. I might have bought into the message if it only mentioned anchoring in 5D energies, but going out on a limb and bringing the 6D into play just pushed the whole narrative into la-la-land IMO. But I also didn’t feel any high dimensional energies in January, never mind 4 waves of them, and the fact that she didn’t even get her dates right calls the whole piece into question. So I hope no one else is taken in by this deception.

Always use discernment and trust your gut instinct when you hear something…I noticed there were only 2 comments to this post, and one was to ask for verification of the date. I’m shocked that one of the blogs I follow actually reposted this false narrative. sigh Oh…the header is the one attached to the article…not sure what it represents though. Just like the post.