Well, I had a disquieting dream this morning. I dreamt I was on the set of a movie watching the actors do a scene where the father kisses the baby on the bed. All of a sudden, the guy’s lips curled up like a Grinch’s sneer and it snapped me awake so I became lucid in the dream. I suddenly realized who the actor playing the father was…it was James Alefantis! Oh ick, horror of horrors! I was horrified and thought “get that poor baby away from him! Do you know who that is?!?! We need to call the police!” But it was weird, because the set was like in a bubble and I couldn’t get inside it. I was outside peering in, but not a part of what was going on inside the bubble.

It was very dismaying that I couldn’t do anything to stop what was happening. I knew that calling the police wouldn’t help, because he hadn’t actually done anything wrong that I had seen. But the sense of malice was palpable, and I was left just standing there feeling totally impotent. I didn’t know what I could do, so I threw Love and Light at him, in the hopes of changing him and bringing light into the situation he’s in. I prayed to God to stop him and protect all the children. I woke almost immediately after the standing there feeling helpless part, and did some major prayers for this man to be stopped and the situation rectified.

Then I tried to analyze the dream. Why was Alefantis an actor in my dream? Is he only playing a role? What is his role in the whole Pizzagate thing? Let’s face it, he is some kind of actor or maybe more accurately cartoon character (the Grinch reference?). James Alefantis is not his real name…it is a play on the French term “J’aime les enfants” which means “I love children”. So he has a stage name that has chilling implications. He’s the 50th most powerful person in Washington…a pizza shop owner??? So who is he really? My dream suggests he’s playing a role of something he’s not. Which means what…that the innocent pizza shop owner is a role to hide his real identity and vocation? The interview with Megyn Kelly was creepy, and I got real bad vibes from him.

Okay, the part of him being an actor in a movie role makes sense, but why in the world did he appear in my dream??? I could feel his presence, despite being in a bubble that I could not penetrate. I was outside looking in. Hmmm…interesting statement I just made. Makes me wonder if I wasn’t the one in his dream. Freaky thought! ick. What was the purpose of this whole dream experience? The overwhelming sense of helplessness to stop him was the main gist of the dream. Why dream about him if I can’t do anything to stop him?

Perhaps it was in reaction to a couple of recent things I read about 500 people being arrested in Los Angeles in a huge human trafficking sting (see this article here) and another article on how an FBI informant spoke with someone and said that an expected 72 people will be arrested in DC too. It also looks like Anonymous just did a huge data dump on pedophile stuff from the Freedom Host II hosting site, as detailed on Voat here. So there finally seems to be some movement and action taken to stop this whole horrible nasty business of human slavery, sex trafficking and pedophilia.

Addendum: Here is another article confirming that arrests are to be made next week in DC, involving some well-known politicians.

I was feeling hopeful…so why the icky dream that left me feeling helpless? I almost feel like it was a psychic attack of some sort…a reminder that I am helpless in the face of this kind of evil. To disempower me. Why me? Well, I will continue to pray for everyone involved…the kids, the women, the perpetrators, the investigators. Ben Swann is missing it seems. 😦 His accounts were deleted and he was MIA shortly after he bravely aired a Pizzagate segment on his Reality Bites show on MSM. 😦 I pray he’s alright! We really need that solar flash actually. LOL Burn up the dross and elevate the rest of us into Ascension. Meanwhile, I will do what I feel I can…pray and throw Light and Love at the situation. I know prayer is powerful, and so is the Light…maybe I’m more powerful as a lightworker than I realize???