I’m becoming more and more convinced that the Ascension process we are undergoing is just a small part of what is happening on a larger scale in our solar system. I think the sun is going through some sort of cosmic cycle, which not only affects the sun but all the satellites that orbit it. Which is why the planets are all getting hotter and brighter. I think that all the ancient prophesies that David Wilcock and others have detailed are alluding to the idea of a vast solar event. This end of times that foretells of a Golden Age that we are currently living in is merely the microcosm effect for us humans.

There are BIG things happening in the solar system, and the Sun is the one Ascending IMO. I believe the planets and stars are sentient, and have soul consciousness of an order us puny humans do not understand. I believe we are witnessing our Sun about to change into a new phase of its development, becoming I don’t know what, and that translates down to our level as an Ascension event.

I recently read this article “Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock – Prepare for Ascension“,where the author tries to understand what will happen at Ascension too. Yes, he’s referencing David Wilcock too, and his TV series Wisdom Teachings, which I do not have access to. I really like this site because he often provides written transcripts of the various shows, as well as his own analyses.

As the author states:

This episode of Wisdom Teachings was of particular interest to me for two reason. The first is that, for the first time, I was able to see, in depth, the actual connections between the various ancient myths which seem to define the cyclical, cosmic events we are now experiencing. The second reason I found this episode exciting was the fact that it was the first time I was able to see the video evidence of the sunken, Atlantean-era city, off the coast of Cuba.

Wish I could see the episode, but it suffices for now that he includes some information that Carla Rueckert (the original channel of the Law of One text) left out because she felt that the information was too shocking for humanity to hear. Specifically, it was the information about the earth changes that the planet would undergo at the same time as the Ascension.

The concept of this shift in consciousness as well as these drastic Earth changes have been a major topic of discussion. This is most likely because there is so much to be discussed on these subjects.  Not to mention the fact that these details may directly pertain to our current juncture.

David has studied this idea and concludes:

According to his findings, there is to be a 21-degree pole shift in the Earth’s rotation at the moment of the conflagration event discussed in the previous episode. This shift would most-likely result in massive, planetary devastation, including tsunamis, major shifts in the Earth crust, and extinction on a very large scale.

This is in keeping with my own personal knowledge for the last 30 plus years of a pole shift that is imminent. Edgar Cayce spoke of such a pole shift event, and always referenced it at the same time as a rise in human consciousness. I have always believed that Ascension and the pole shift would happen concurrently, with the pole shift being caused by whatever mechanism that would energetically shift humanity into a new consciousness. This seems borne out by this statement by Ra in the Law of One series:

21.27 Questioner: Thank you. Then did the ending of this first major cycle have something to do with the destruction of Lemuria, or did this destruction just happen to occur at the end of that cycle?
Ra: I am Ra. There is a confluence of energies at the ending of a major cycle. This encouraged what was already an inevitable adjustment in the movement of the surfaces of your planetary sphere.
Of course, what is significant is that we are once again at the end of another major cycle. Many ancient texts have described the “end of times” that happens at the end of these Great Years, or the 26,000 yr cycle. It is always a cataclysm story, and the article referred to above does go into a few of them, including the Qur’an and Plato’s Timaeus and even the Bible. It is usually a fiery end, some sort of solar event. This leads right into the idea of ekpyrosis, which yes, I keep harping on about. LOL I really think that is what is going to happen, really soon. There is wierd shit going on with the sun, and I know that NASA is deleting information off of their apps. Too many people are monitoring these sites, and have caught anomalous data just before a “computer glitch” sends the app offline. Then NASA refutes that such a glitch happened and that any anomaly seen was not what people thought it was. It was space debris, image artifacts, whatever BS story they want to use to throw people off the truth.

Do I think this is anything we need to worry about? No, I do not. I have to agree with the author that

Keep in mind that this is only a fearful and devastating event for the cabal and those who have chosen the negative path. For those who have chosen the positive path, this event will not be much of an issue, as Wilcock described. As discussed in previous articles (and episodes), these events are a means of karmic balance for the Earth when conditions became unsuitable for ascension.
I think the “energy waves” that have been hitting our planet for the last few years have been changing us in a fundamental way, changing our DNA even. We are transitioning away from being dense carbon based beings to lighter crystalline beings. I think if a massive CME hits us, our dense carbon bodies will be burned away, leaving us with just our light bodies. It will not matter what is happening on the planet surface, since we will not be physical beings any longer.
Part of the issue here is whether this will happen to everyone. I don’t believe it will. Those on a negative path will experience it as a cataclysm and will die, to either be banished to the Central Sun and Source energy, where they will start over again as 1D entities, or for evil humans, banished to the Hinterlands to be retrained in the Light.
I have also heard that only 300,000 humans are actually ready for ascension, according to the Blue Sphere Beings in Corey Goode’s blog post here. He had a discussion with one of the Blue Avians:
Among the topics we discussed was the shockingly low number of humanity that would be ready for Ascension if it occurred at the current time. Tear-Eir communicated that “less than 300,000” would ascend at that moment in time. It would only be approximately 0.0042 percent – less than one out of every 23,000 people. It was apparent that time was short for all of us to process our karma and increase our own service-to-others polarity.
I have been meditating and pondering this for a while now, ever since I first read this. Corey was understandably upset that he is not included in that figure either. Am I too? No, and not because I think I will be one of the 300,000. I think the 300,000 are the ones who are ready to move into 5D reality. I think the rest of us will just move into 4D. I think the negative Cabal and elitists and those unwilling to ascend will just die and be reborn into other 3D worlds to work out their karma.
I have heard that the huge spheres that have invaded our solar system are possibly here to transport us off planet when this solar event happens, and take us to a new 5D Earth we have been creating with our positive timelines and free will choices. I dunno about this, although I doubt a “split” would be as portrayed in the graphic in my header. I think 5D would still exist technically on this 3D world, just in another dimension or parallel reality if you will.

Ick…this discourse has given me a headache now. I guess I shouldn’t worry about it all in such minutia, since it doesn’t really matter in the long run. What will be will be. I’m just so impatient for it to happen already. sigh.