During my MOTN meditation this morning, I grabbed my Dotsero diamond stone to help me with my grounding meditation. Let me just say, this stone really does speak to me! I’ve discussed it before here and here, and it really helps me to connect to the planet, especially the “heart” of the earth, the molten core.

Well, today’s meditation wasn’t really any different…I “became” the rock, and then dropped down lower into a magma chamber and allowed the lava to burn away any negativity. However, this time, I started to get images and information about other volcanic areas. In all, I was given information on 4 different areas in the world that would be suffering volcanic eruptions probably this year. I will say right now, my time predictions are terrible and rarely right, but I’m feeling like these events are real soon. The events tend to come to pass, but not at the times I think. Ah well…anyway, here are the visions I got.

First off, I was reminded of the article I read yesterday about Yellowstone’s activity not being reported, and looking it up on the internet today, I discovered there is an ancient supervolcano under the park. Uh oh…that lends credence to the vision I got. I saw a river of lava flowing between cliffs in a Grand Canyon kind of valley. Looking up images of Yellowstone, I discover that the Colorado River runs through it. Colorado…keep that location in mind when I talk further about Dotsero.

Yellowstone National Park

Yup, this is like I saw. Flat topped cliffs with a narrow canyon below. Instead of the river though, I saw a flow of lava. I don’t know where exactly in Yellowstone, but that Supervolcano is about to awaken. According to the article I was reading yesterday, there has been seismic activity that is being suppressed and not reported to the public. This is bad…I have a bad feeling here. 😦

Then I was reminded of the Campi Flegrei supervolcano in Naples Italy. It has been rumbling for a while now, and no one is sounding an alarm there either. I see it erupting too, soon. It will be a horrible tragedy like Pompeii, where people will be surprised and killed while doing everyday tasks. I was reminded that Edgar Cayce had said that the pole shift would be signalled by Mt. Vesuvius erupting again, and I decided to look that up. I was surprised to find that Mt. Vesuvius is right beside Campi Flegrei!!!


Wow…this little bit of info gave me goosebumps! And it seems that Mt. Etna has been active for a while now. This does not bode well for the poor people of Naples!! They will not survive the pole shift. 😥 But I think Campi Flegrei will erupt before Vesuvius, maybe even being the trigger for Vesuvius. I definitely saw a horrible tragedy happening here. I also read an article just today that discussed this Campi Flegrei and how it’s looking like it’s about to blow!

Addendum: It looks like Dutchsinse was predicting an earthquake in central Italy for the 9th, and it looks like a 4.9 or 4.5 earthquake did hit on Feb 9th, although it was downgraded and removed off the USGS report. :( If they are doing this regularly, then there is not proper reporting being done. The earthquakes are the first signs of seismic instability and potential volcanic activity!

Then the Dotsero diamond brought me back to its home…to the vision I have had a few times now about lava coming up through the ground in the caldera of the extinct volcano. Dotsero volcano is in Colorado, where my friend K lives. He hikes there a lot, and I am very worried for him. I know the “diamond” has tried to warn him (via my visions) about being careful, but he doesn’t seem concerned. All I can do is keep him and his family in my prayers so they remain safe.

Finally, my meditation/vision came to Papua New Guinea. They were recently hit by a 7.9 earthquake, and they are constantly being bombarded by earthquakes, most of them smaller in size. I got the feeling that it was going to be destroyed by a volcano, but looking up an image of the place, I got this. Hmmm…this is not what I was seeing in my vision.


I did not know that Papua New Guinea was actually part of Indonesia…in my vision, I was seeing an island. A small island that would disappear. I believe it is actually one of the small islands of the Solomon Islands. Looking up the 7.9 earthquake, I find it was more likely the island where Arawa is, which is the Bougainville Island.


Actually, this still doesn’t feel right…I feel it is a small island. I discovered there are a lot of both active and extinct volcanos in the Solomon Islands, with a large grouping in the Kavachi region. Kavachi is an active volcano in this area. Now I am no longer sure where this volcano and which island is going to be destroyed. sigh


Although it might be the Tinakula volcano too. I got the numbers 8.6 and 9.2 in reference to the destruction, but I think this is earthquake figures. I think a huge earthquake will precede the volcanic eruption. Looking up the Solomon Island volcanos, I found an article that had information dating back to 2013 and 2014 when they had an 8.0 earthquake that led to Tinakula’s last eruption. Maybe the same thing will happen with an 8.6 or 9.2 earthquake????

Addendum 4-16-17: Dutchsinse reported that a huge volcanic eruption occurred in Manam, a small island just off the north coast. It was a 40,000 ft blast and there are now more earthquake and volcano alerts issued for the whole region!

After the information with numbers for the Papua New Guinea vision came through, I started to get other numbers for the other locations. They are either earthquake figures or maybe volcanic eruption figures…I really am not sure. I got that Yellowstone would have a 6.8, that Campi Flegrei would be a big one at 8.2 (which may be the VEI figure), and that the one at Dotsero was only a small one at 4.6 or 4.8. Other information I got was that no one will be warned in advance in these areas, and it will come out after the fact that the authorities knew and never warned of impending disaster. 😦

In any case, I am keeping these areas in my prayers and sending love and light protection to the people that live there.

Addendum: February 28th

It looks like Mount Etna in Sicily has erupted, according to this article:”VOLCANO WARNING Panic in Sicily as Mount Etna BLOWS in huge eruption on Italy holiday isle“.

Italy’s Mount Etna has started spewing lava in what is its second eruption of the year.

I hadn’t realized that this is the second time this year so far, but that sounds ominous since we’re only 2 months into the new year.

The Meteorological Observatory in Nunziata said: “You can clearly see the lava fountains, although currently modest, as it escapes from the crater in the southeast.”

Granted, it’s the largest active volcano in Europe, but still…

This latest eruption is the second this year, and comes just a month after Mount Etna experienced a flurry of activity in late January, which brought 8 months of inactivity to an end.

I’m feeling like this is the beginning of something…. 😦