I’ve been tracking the Schumann Resonance for a while now, although I have depended on someone else’s interpretation for it. The In5D Alternative News always lists the value at the end of their list of alternative news. I outlined January’s values in my post here, noting that it’s been high a lot so far this year. Specifically, at the 8.80 level, which I also discovered did not include some fantastically high spikes in the 30 Hz range. According to this article, it even spiked to 36 HZ on January 31st…the highest ever! I guess it remained in the 30s range on February 1st too.

I’m a little confused though…is the 8.80 number just an average for the day? If it spiked into the 30s range, then what does the 8.80 average actually mean? Is it artificially inflated then? Was it maybe at the 7.83 standard the rest of the time? I can’t even find a way to look at the data myself, since the site seems to be down that In5D uses. And googling it, I can’t find another site that reports this. WTH???

So far this month, it seems that the Schumann Resonance has maintained a steady 8.80 reading on all days but February 9th (8.29), Feb 5th (8.60), Feb 4th (8.50), Feb 3rd (8.50), Feb 2nd (8.49) and Feb 1st (8.44). So the beginning of the month was lower overall, although the above article says there were 30 Hz spikes on the 1st as well. These figures are then misleading…without factoring in any high (or low) readings, we can’t really tell what is going on with Gaia’s heartbeat.

And now the website that was reporting the Schumann Resonance (a Russian site that needed to be translated) is reportedly down, it really makes me wonder what is going on. Conspiracy theory mode has kicked in, and I’m wondering why it’s down. What is being hidden from us? Or is it just because it’s a Russian site??? I have mentioned before that I think the sun’s activity isn’t being accurately reported either, and that there is something going on with the sun too. Is the sun doing something to raise the Schumann Resonance? I don’t like that sites go down and have “glitches” in their apps that conveniently happen whenever something anomalous goes on. 😦

Addendum: The Russian Schumann Resonance site came back up on the 18th, and I have not been able to find out why it was down for almost a week. I mean, there is NOTHING to google! :(