Well, it’s starting to look like Fox News is determined to remain relevant in the MSM wars. They are changing their tunes and doing something their competitors aren’t…telling the truth. It started with firing Megyn Kelly and replacing her with Tucker Carlson. I am really loving Tucker to  be honest. Wow…he gets right to the heart of the issue with his guests and just blasts the idiots! LOL I LOVE the perplexed look he gets as he listens, intently, to his crazy guests as they spout some absurd stupidity. He is always polite though, but he sure has his facts down cold and will bring back the narrative to the true topic and stop the rhetoric in its tracks. It is very amusing to watch him with these triggered leftists…wow, kudos to him for his patience and his persistence!!! He doesn’t get triggered himself, and just lets the truth speak for itself. Granted, he usually has to repeat said truth to these people multiple times…sigh. But they always come off as the nut cases they really are. I am very impressed with this Tucker Carlson guy…he is a great reporter and interviewer!


In this article “‘It was so brutal I changed the channel’: Tucker Carlson debates immigration lawyer David Leopold“, the title refers to how Tucker really made David Leopold look bad, and the article includes tweets that also commend Tucker on a job well done with this leftist lawyer who doesn’t have a foot to stand on. There is another one, “‘Is she from another planet?’: Tucker Carlson interviews organizer who backed Berkeley riots over Milo” which is the same deal…he’s interviewing the teacher (!?!?!?) who organized the Berkeley riots and is the leader of the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary — also known as BAMN. Wow…this Yvette Felarca is a nut case and just plain scary. 😦 I highlight these articles, not just because they have great headlines LOL, but also because they include the comments that were tweeted in response to the interviews. All are in support of Tucker and the great job he does with these crazy guests.


You can see in all the pictures, that perplexed frown he gets when he listens to the craziness that these people are spouting. You don’t need to be a telepath to hear the “WTF is this person saying?!?” inherent in that look. LMAO He is truly astounded by the narratives these people are expounding. To be honest, I am surprised these people are on his show, unless they really don’t realize how crazy they are sounding versus his more reasoned dialogue. Or they just so desperately want their 15 minutes of fame…whatever. But Tucker Carlson is doing an awesome job interviewing some of the craziest leftist activists.

Another credit to Fox News is the Judge Pirro’s Justice show. Wow…she’s a real no-holds barred type of woman! And being a judge makes her viewpoint pretty powerful too…she’s speaking from a legal perspective too. She doesn’t hold her punches at all, and will say things as they really are…I have a lot of respect for this person too. Her commentaries and interviews are right on the money, and totally honest…I can appreciate this in a newscast. Too bad I don’t have TV…well, not really. I can still watch the interviews online without the ads and shit. LOL This is a current one of Judge Pirro, “‘Street Justice’ – Travel Ban – Judge Pirro: Are You High?” where she takes on that Yvette person and the Milo protests and discusses the travel ban with both sides. I love her highly opinionated and strongly put forth viewpoints. She is highly educated and cogent in her statements, and knows her law to back them up. I love listening to her. She is a great addition to the Fox News team.

So kudos to Fox News for managing to turn around their “fake news” status. I hope they continue to hire and give air time to rational journalists who do their research and know the facts.