It seems another strange pulse has happened. We had a strange microwave pulse that was noted by Dutchsinse back on December 26th or so, that was detected by the MIMIC TPW microwave application. No one really knew what it was about, but it didn’t really have any discernable effect on the planet, and of course it was not noted by mainstream science.

Well, I just found another video by a guy who has been following and analysing the earth’s heliplots, which has to do with seismic activity. And according to his latest video “Ground instruments detect strange “PULSE” from East Coast to West Coast | *3 minutes apart*“, there was a massive pulse that traveled from east to west across the United States on February 14th. He doesn’t know what it means, but he notes that some of the heliplots also showed harmonic disturbances. Which got me to thinking about how the Schumann Resonance site is still down. WTH is going on with the earth and sun???? Something is definitely up, but no one seems to know what it is. Or at least, those that do are not telling us. 😦

At the same time that I was thinking about writing about this strange anomalous pulse, I came across this article here: “Breaking News: This Night, February 14th, 2017, a Critical and Final Transgalactic Shift of Gaia Took Place“. Now, I normally wouldn’t look at this kind of article, since it is a channeling by the Elohim no less! But the title hooked me, and I made a connection to the strange pulse. Could this be what that pulse was about???

Now, I have a lot of problems with most of this post, with a lot of ego being displayed by the channeler and a lot of stupid stuff being said. For instance:

Tonight I experienced the most dramatic and life-threatening event since I anchored the protuberance field with codes for the understanding of the new Theory of the Universal Law last summer.

Uh-huh, right. Whatever. sigh. Total New Age jargon that is meaningless. I don’t know what drugs he does on a regular basis to have the experiences he has, but ick. Just ick. The Elohim are not good things, and no one should be channeling them. I don’t know what he’s channeling, but I wonder if some Truth wasn’t inadvertently released during his episode. After a “most vicious assault on my physical body from Source”, he heard the words “This earth has just ascended”. He claims it was his Higher Self, which might or might not be true. He also claims that

Throughout the night and in the morning the intensity of the energetic vibrations was off the scale and my body and skin are still burning as if on the verge of being incinerated.

Who knows, maybe he did feel this pulse…I am willing to concede that he is a sensitive to such phenomenon. However, the rest of his assertions leave a lot to be desired, filled with strange ramblings of “transhuman” experiences he and this Carla person have had. Here comes the ego stuff:

The reason for that was that she was raptured into the higher realms from where she delivered the necessary primary energy as Elohim of the first cause which then flowed through my fields and triggered this ascension leap of the earth. I know this for certain as after I got the information from my HS that this earth has ascended and slept again I dreamt lucidly of both of us working together on stabilizing the earth’s orbit. I had a clear idea of how precarious and important this energetic work was. This whole experience cannot be even described in words as it is transhuman.

Wow…okay wow. Whatever. Strange that such a momentous event was not noted by any other psychic (insert sarcasm here). I didn’t feel anything. I think these people are delusional. Not that I’m some great psychic, but I have discovered that I am sensitive to some of these energy waves that have been bombarding our planet. I do meditate regularly, and am not just empathic but HSP (highly sensitive person) too. I am focused on the ascension process and am in contact with my own Higher Self and several angels and ascended masters. I think something would have mentioned something to me, since I am always questing for this kind of info. I did awaken with an anxiety attack though. Which makes me think that the pulse was real. Yeah, it probably had some esoteric purpose related to Ascension, but I am not sure it was as the Elohim suggested via Carla:

just talked to Carla who had a meditation and she told me that she has received a short message from the Elohim that confirms this massive shift. They have assured her that it is bigger than the usual Interdimensional shifts (ID shifts) we have had in the past and have reported on numerous occasions. This was a Transgalactic Shift of this earth into a new space and time continuum with completely new physical characteristics and quantum energetic configuration.

I wouldn’t recommend reading the rest of this article, for it just devolves into worse channelled garbage. But I only mention it at all because I do feel that something may have happened at a planetary level and this is something that came up to explain it (without me consciously looking for an answer). So I’m feeling there may be some Truth in what they had to say, and I’m putting it out there for others to use their discernment in trying to figure out what that strange pulse that was detected in the heliplots means.

Now, I may as well also note the conspiracy theory out there about it coming from the Russian ship that was anchored off the Eastern seaboard. I highly doubt the Russians did it. sigh.

I also want to note this article on a strange noise that was recorded in Plymouth England on February 14th…does it have something to do with this strange pulse too???