Last week when I was meditating with my Dotsero diamond stone, I had a vision of 4 volcanoes which I felt were soon to erupt (see my post here). One of those supervolcanoes that I feel will erupt sooner rather than later is the one beneath Yellowstone Park. Now I have just discovered something alarming in conjunction to Yellowstone.

It seems there is a gigantic molten carbon sea under Yellowstone. Like just regular molten rock isn’t bad enough, there is a sea of carbon dioxide lurking under a vast portion of the Western US. They say it is caused by the friction of the Pacific tectonic plate rubbing under the North American plate. They have only recently discovered this “sea” of molten carbon that could represent a distinct threat to humanity. According to this article “Terrifying Sea of Molten Carbon Hiding Under Western U.S.

Geologists at the University of London’s Department of Earth Sciences are reporting the discovery of a sea of molten carbon-based minerals underneath the western United States. The sea of carbon stretches across 695,000 square miles (1.8 million square km) and lies some 217 miles (350 km) below the surface of the Earth. The temperatures of this reservoir can reach up to 7,230°F (4,000°C), hot enough to melt carbon-based minerals known as carbonates, thought to be responsible for the conductivity of the Earth’s mantle.

Now, climate change advocates are sounding the alarm that this could have dire consequences for our climate if even 1% of this carbon is released through volcanic eruptions. University of London geologist Sash Hier-Majumder states:

We might not think of the deep structure of the Earth as linked to climate change above us, but this discovery not only has implications for subterranean mapping but also for our future atmosphere. For example, releasing only 1% of this CO2 into the atmosphere will be the equivalent of burning 2.3 trillion barrels of oil.

He believes that this needs to be “managed properly”, which means what exactly??? Ummm…I don’t think there’s anything we can do about this giant sea of molten carbon. I really don’t think we should be “doing” anything about it either. Just leave it alone FFS. But it does have me worried about my vision of the supervolcano under Yellowstone erupting sometime soon. I’m sure it will release some of this carbon, which is actually standard procedure for volcanoes. This article here “Scientists Have Found Something Seriously Weird Beneath Yellowstone” sounds a less hysterical note on this find:

Although this carbon will slowly make its way to the surface via volcanic eruptions, there’s absolutely no need to fret. It will have an incredibly small effect on the rate of climate change we are now experiencing, which a recent study clocked as being 170 times faster than what would be expected if humanity was taken out of the equation.

I have to agree with the first part, despite the fear mongering hyperbole at the end. I don’t know what study they are referring to, but I don’t think this molten carbon sea is any different than other pockets around the world…and I am sure there are other pockets. I am sure if they could analyse the content of all the eruptions around the world, they would find carbon dioxide in them. This is part of the danger of volcanic eruptions…they eject all kinds of nasty stuff from the bowels of the earth!

With that in mind though, I think it is telling that they are now revealing to the world that there is this “gigantic” sea of molten carbon rock under Yellowstone, especially in light of the fact that they are pretty quiet on the fact that Yellowstone is rumbling. What narrative is being set up here I wonder??? I have a sinking feeling that Yellowstone is going to erupt very soon. It will be an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions, and they will blame this molten carbon sea. sigh. They’re setting up a distraction here…bleah on propaganda!!!

BPEarthWatch has a  video on this, which has some great explanations, but I’m a little disappointed at his fear-mongering:

Instead of Molten Rock, this heat signature is molten Carbon. Big Difference, one eruption means Nuclear Winter.

He really emphasizes the shallow nature of this sea of molten carbon, which makes me wonder if the Yellowstone volcano eruption is going to be a really nasty event with long-term consequences. He does make the connection with the potential of an eruption due to the solar winds that are coming at us from the coronal holes on the sun. He also worries me with his comment at the end about the debunking of the global warming agenda and the carbon tax…oh no, my conspiracy theory antenna are quivering! Oh dear…they aren’t stupid enough to use HAARP to cause an eruption to underscore their stupid theories, are they??? I am saying some big prayers here, for many people will be imminently harmed by this eruption. 😥

While uploading the image for the header, I was reminded of the image from yesterday’s post about the strange pulse that was recorded on February 14th. Looking at that image


umm…what was the purpose of that pulse??? Could it affect that sea of molten carbon? There was some conjecture about the pulse coming from a ship stationed on the east coast…they said it was a Russian spy ship but that’s undoubtedly propaganda. But maybe it did have sinister intentions.

Maybe I’m reading too much into random news stories of unexplained things, especially since they have alarming juxtapositions in time in my mind. I hope these vague, uneasy ramblings of my mind are not prophetic. I will continue to throw Love and Light at the situation…no, I will increase my meditations to keep this situation from becoming reality! Which then begs the question “If I am successful, how will I ever know?” LOL Awww…maybe I’m just being paranoid here. sigh