Well, it kinda looks like California is getting some karmic retribution IMO. Not only are they virulently anti-Trump, but they are hysterical leftists that house pedophilics, the elitist Hollywood who are owned/are the Illuminati, and want to secede and become a sanctuary state. Maybe the 4 year drought addled their brains…I dunno. But they are hysterical radicals who are very dangerous to the American people, and other countries as well, since that stupid “Women’s March” went global and incited violence and discord in other countries too. I know I should have more compassion for them, especially now that they are suffering natural catastrophes, but I can’t help but think they brought it on themselves though. They want to force vaccinations on everyone? They want to vaccinate fetuses? pfftt…I think karma has come for them.

That rant out of the way, I do recognize that the Oroville Dam is about to cause widespread damage, and probably not to the people who need to suffer it. It is interesting to listen to David Wilcock’s take on that “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” that kept the drought going for 6 years. This is his statement found here:

I have said for years now that since we know microwaves can steer weather, the California drought is in fact an artificially-produced event.

Meteorologists even called it the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” off the coast of California, since nature never creates a six-year high pressure zone that just sits in one place.

Everyone I know has heard me say that “We will know the Cabal is defeated when the rains fall in California for days at a time.” That is exactly what we are now seeing.

It’s great that the drought has ended, although the excessive rains are wreaking other kinds of havoc, like the dam issue, flooding and mudslides, and sinkhole problems.

Although…it seems that the Oroville Dam is not a naturally occurring event either. I didn’t buy the whole “sudden erosion” story to be honest. According to David:

 Now the Cabal has fought back with whatever technology and ‘dirty tricks’ are still at their disposal by attempting to blow the largest California reservoir dam in Oroville.

The media referred to it as Unexpected Erosion. That’s a good Orwellian term for someone blowing up a dam — either with surface explosives or some sort of particle beam technology from a satellite.

Yes…I have heard before that the Cabal are being sore losers and are willing to destroy the planet rather than lose control of it. 😦 But I have found other “proof” that there was/is something weird going on in the Oroville area that caused this spillway “erosion”. According to this video by Dahboo777, there is a strange radar anomaly being detected in Oroville. He suggests it might be coming from some kind of weather modification station, or else it’s a glitch in the radar equipment. He finds this unlikely though, so something weird is going on in Oroville. Too much of a coincidence that the dam is falling apart for some weird reason too.