An FBI insider had predicted that 72 or 74 high profile arrests were to be made soon regarding the pedophilia ring in DC. There was recently that huge sting in Los Angeles, but it seems that the whole Pizzagate things isn’t being investigated and broken wide open. The Wikileak emails that exposed John Podesta and the whole disgusting pedophilia and child sex slavery thing happened back in October/November, and it has been kinda discouraging to not see any results to stop this.

Well, I found the above meme that actually puts the whole thing into proper perspective…there is a lot going on behind the scenes, and the stuff that is happening now is just not being reported by the MSM. The only MSM reporter who actually did a report on it for CBS seemed to have disappeared days later. Ben Swann did a very good piece covering all the salient points, and days later, all his social media accounts were deleted and his Reality Checks program was stopped by CBS. I had worried that he was silenced and maybe even done away with, but it turns out he’s quit CBS and started his own private news site. I’m sure they got to him. 😦

But this new guy I’ve started watching is right on the money IMO. He explains the censoring of all Pizzagate news that is going on, because he has been a victim too. Even though he’s just small potatoes with only 1700 subscribers, they have targeted him. He discusses this here, along with his theories, which are really cogent and well-researched. He knows his stuff, which is encouraging to see in someone so young.

He also did a followup video, where he asks a really good question: “Could Disclosure of Ancient Antarctica Civilization Distract From Mass Pedo Arrests?” Wow…I think he is right…that the MSM is going to Antarctic so they can use the “breaking news” of the secret civilization to distract from Pizzagate arrests. I applaud his insightful analysis of the situation and he makes some really interesting suppositions. The idea that the Vault 7 Wikileaks might be another distraction in case of these mass arrests. Yeah, I like this young guy…it is so encouraging that the young are awake and aware too!!!

Addendum: Here is an article I found on the subject of CNN and CBS being in the Antarctic for the ostentatious purpose of covering global warming. We will see if it suddenly changes to an ancient ruins discovery in time to distract from the Pizzagate mass arrests.

He did yet another video on the subject, and he is doing his part to disclose the Antarctic thing so that we don’t get distracted by the subject when the Cabal tries to hide from the disclosure of their heinous activity. I also like that he agrees that Corey and David aren’t disinformation, and he’s aware of how MSM is a bad thing and that the Cabal is a real thing. That the Nazis were in the Antarctic and that this isn’t news either. I love his “cheeky ETs” comment regarding that crop circle he analysed. LOL Disclosing this information will keep people from being distracted by the release of this info by MSM, so he is doing his part to be of service. I won’t be following it personally. I wouldn’t trust CNN or CBS to give us the truth about the ruins anyway…it will be the Cabal’s narrative about it.

I agree that this is going to happen soon, and it will be interesting.