I have started reading David Wilcock’s book “The Source Field Investigations” and have already uncovered a couple of topics I want to discuss here and explore further. He initially goes into some things to set up his own exploration of the Source Field (GOD) and one important factor is the pineal gland. This is a gland we really don’t know much about, but science has made some surprising discoveries. Religious traditions tend to know more about its esoteric nature though.

For instance, I discovered that in Hinduism, the “kundalini serpent” is used as an image to show how the flow of kundalini energy moves up the spine to the pineal gland. I did know about the kundalini serpent and how it moves up the spine, which is much like the nadis and meridian system also. The nadis is part of the yogic tradition, and the meridians are roughly an equivalent system in Chinese medicine. I found a pretty good explanation here:

In many eastern health sciences, nadis are considered channels or tubes in the human body that carry prana. Prana is also known as energy or life force. These energy channels, or nadis, can be found in both the physical and the subtle body (Kripalu, 2008). In Chinese medicine, nadis are known as the meridians.

The kundalini utilizes these channels or tubes when the energy forces inherent in the root chakra are awakened. That primal energy (or shakti) rises from the root chakra and is released through the crown chakra. At least, that is what I always thought, and what I always did whenever I would awake with that intense energy coursing through my body. I personally believe that it can cause spontaneous human combustion (see my post here), so I would always make sure to release that furnace-like energy through the crown chakra. It seems that the kundalini travels to the pineal gland…instead of to the crown???? Referring to this image, it shows that the kundalini energy finishes at the pineal gland. Or at least the polarized channels of the Ida and Pingala do.


Hmmm…I am struggling to understand this new info. It does make some sense that the kundalini energy could enliven the pineal gland. It is the third eye after all, and is the seat of our consciousness. It resides at the very center of our brain, but is independent of the blood brain barrier. It has a lot of features that are similar to our physical eyes. In esoteric texts there are more spiritual explanations of its function though.

In Manly P. Hall’s “The Occult Anatomy of Man”, he states that the pineal gland

is a spiritual organ which is later destined to be what it once was, namely a connecting link between the human and the divine. The vibrating finger on the end of this gland is the rod of Jesse and the scepter of the high priest. Certain exercises as given in the Eastern and Western mystery schools cause this little finger to vibrate, resulting in a bussing, droning sound in the brain. This is sometimes very distressing , especially when the individual who experiences this phenomenon, in all too many cases, knows nothing about the experiences through which he is passing.

Hmmm…this would seem to explain that strange, persistent buzzing so many of us are experiencing as an ascension symptom. So it’s actually coming from the third eye/pineal gland. Interesting. It seems that the third eye is more than just retinal tissue. Yet Edgar Cayce refers to the pineal gland as a literal eye in the center of the brain stem that was an anchor point where the soul joins with the body. It is this statement that made me think that the pineal gland is the point where the silver cord meets with the physical body.

What is the Silver Cord? We have come to learn a lot about it through Near Death Experiences (NDE) and out-of-body experiences (OBE), as this article here explains.

The silver cord has been described as being smooth, very long, very bright, like an elastic cable made of light, about an inch wide, sparkling like a tinsel on a Christmas tree, and attached to one of several possible locations on the physical body. During the dying process, as the spirit body leaves the physical body and moves farther away it, the silver cord becomes thinner as it is stretched to its limit and becomes severed. When this occurs, the spirit body is released from being attached to the physical body. At this point, it becomes impossible for the spirit body to ever return to the physical body.

It has been variously seen as being attached to the physical body through the top of the head, the back of the head, the center of the forehead, the center of the body, the chest, the abdomen, and the back. Most images seem to show it as attached to the head though, like my header image above. I do think it is attached via the pineal gland, and why so many accounts and images show the silver cord attached at the head.

In any case, it is a very important structure that keeps us tethered to our physical body. When it is severed, death ensues. It keeps us from getting lost when we astral project. I guess I had never really considered where it attached to our physical form at, but it makes sense that it would be at the enigmatic pineal gland. It is not well understood by science, and at one time was considered vestigial, like the appendix. They are discovering that is not so.

They have discovered that the pineal gland may be detecting photons via phototransduction, just like the retina in our physical eyes. David Wilcock in his book also pointed out that the pineal gland may also contain rodlike phototransduction cascades…which I had to look up to try to understand better. Phototransduction is the process by which light is converted into electrical signals in the rod cells, cone cells and photosensitive ganglion cells of the retina of the eye. David was suggesting that the activity in the pineal gland might be more like the rod activity in phototransduction. The rods are responsible for night vision, motion detection and peripheral vision. It also caused him to ask a very pertinent question in this regard:

What are we really seeing when we dream, have an out of body experience, or get sudden images flashing into our minds?

It seems this would be the physical structure that explains visions and that strange phenomenon of seeing things in our periphery that seems to be an ascension symptom as the Veil lifts and we become more sensitive to other dimensions. I happen to get this a lot in the last several months, to the point of it being disturbingly distracting! I keep seeing what I think is one of my cats somewhere out of the corner of my eye, but looking straight on, they are nowhere around me! But I could have sworn that one of them just darted past me, was sitting on the furniture, was in the kitchen, etc, etc. I am starting to wonder if there isn’t something wrong with my vision! If it’s the fault of the pineal gland, I wonder if the doctors could tell? Nope, not going to put myself in the doctor’s hands for something I am sure is just an ascension symptom! I think that is why I have come into this knowledge now.

But this was very fascinating to read in David’s book, and I am more than ever convinced that it is important to stay away from fluoride because it calcifies the pineal gland! This third eye chakra is undoubtedly harmed by fluoride, and is doing what to our spiritual link???? I have heard before that the negative ETs and the Illuminati are trying to stop the ascension process by shutting down the pineal gland. That is why they are poisoning the water with fluoride and other heavy metals. sigh. I am so sick of their machinations…we need ascension already! That solar flash will eliminate the negative and hopefully heal all our pineal glands.