There’s been a lot of buzz about Ashton Kutcher’s congressional hearing on February 15th. He makes a very impassioned and emotional speech to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at a hearing to help end sex trafficking and modern-day abuse. I had watched the video back then, but something has been bothering me about it ever since. I guess it just doesn’t ring true enough for me. What do I mean by that? Well, yes, he is truly upset and horrified by the whole pedophilia and human trafficking thing, but my empath ability says the tears were crocodile ones. They were contrived to make a statement. He is a very good actor after all. He certainly put on a great show!

Am I being cynical here? Throwing darts perhaps? (see my previous post here for the reference) Yeah maybe, but what raised red flags for me was his sincere gratitude to John McCain for all his help. WTF???? John McCain is one of the pedophiles!!! He is a huge part of the establishment corruption, and needs to be removed when the swamp is drained! So…Kutcher is in bed with the pedophiles he’s speaking out against. Hmmm….pardon my cynicism!!!

I wasn’t going to blog about the entire incident and lend it any more credence than it deserved, but I watched a body language expert yesterday who made the claim that Ashton was “congruent” in his body language with what he was saying. Watching the video “Aston Kutcher Human Trafficking and his Side Chick- Body Language Analysis” made me question whether Kutcher was actually being truthful. Maybe his body language was congruent, but then, he’s an actor. That is how he makes his living…convincing you with words and actions that he is something he is not. Maybe analyzing his body language isn’t a way to prove his motivations for his impassioned plea for money from Congress.

Besides, the woman expert was way too distracted by the crazy woman in back of Ashton. Granted, she was very distracting, and probably a psychopath, since her facial expressions and body language are all wrong for the serious discussion being had. Which got me to thinking (in case she isn’t a psychopath) that perhaps the “fake” emotionalism just wasn’t getting to her. She obviously wasn’t listening to his dialogue, which was upsetting and even horrifying, so she must not have “heard” the emotion in his words either. Maybe that emotion was too contrived to break through her fan crazed adoration at being so close to her idol. I dunno. In any case, I don’t feel this body language expert did an adequate job of analyzing Kutcher’s body language in the video.

I had watched another body language expert’s analysis of this video before, and since she openly admitted she didn’t like Ashton Kutcher I was ambivalent about including her analysis in a post on this subject. But…I will include it because it is an alternative, if not dissenting, interpretation. In the  video “Body Language: Ashton Kutcher” by Bombard’s Body Language channel, she comes to the conclusion that most of his body language is portrayal, not deception. She does get distracted by that stupid girl in the background, but she doesn’t focus on her like the first one did. And she does the smart thing and watches the video with the sound off, so we are not distracted by the horrible images he is portraying in his words. She also disses him for his John McCain endorsement, and also notes that he is datamining for money.

So in the end, I prefer Bombard’s interpretation, not because she agrees with me on the deception, but because she does a more thorough job on interpreting the body language. Despite her assertion right at the beginning that she does not like the guy, she still does her best to be objective. She doesn’t give the girl in the back all her attention, and she mutes the video so we can focus on the physical tells. She doesn’t believe that he is lying so much as doing a portrayal…his body language is indeed “congruent” but she knows that is not the whole story.

I have to agree, I do think that he’s genuine in his horror and revulsion of the things he has become aware of with his Thorn company, but the over-emotionalism is over-wrought and he’s just playing everyone in a bid to grab money and support for his business.

Oh and did everyone know that Ashton Kutcher is also a board member of the McCain Institute?  According to this article “America Gets PUNK’D by Ashton Kutcher and the McCain Institute for Public Funds“:

More critical minds, such as investigator George Webb, explained how THORN, backed by tech partners Google and Palantir, is to become the new social justice face of clandestine operations that had previously been concealed at the Clinton Foundation .

Wow…this just gets worse! Not only is Ashton backed by a pedophile, he’s in bed with Google and Palantir, who are conspiring to censor news and push a NWO agenda! It really makes me wonder what Kutcher’s Thorn company really does! What better way to monitor the information that is leaked about pedophiles than by owning the companies that are supposed to be monitoring them!?! 😦

The article also points out that the smirking woman in the back isn’t the one to watch, it’s the man on the left…

This is Ernie Allen a member of the McCain Institute and long-time CEO of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Mr. Allen was the President and CEO of NCMEC for 23 years up until 2012.
Today, he is on the board of directors of the McCain Institute and heads the Human Trafficking Advisory Council.

Hmmm…remember my point above about controlling the pedophile narrative? What they also point out is this whole thing was a pitch to fund the McCain Institute, since the other speaker was also a board member.

If you watch the complete 2hr+ CSPAN coverage the speaker that immediately follows Kutcher is introduced as Elisa Massimino. She’s introduced to the committee as the President and CEO of Human Rights First. However, what is not mentioned is that Massimino is also on the board of trustees at the McCain Institute along with former US general and head of the CIA David Petraeus.

They also note that Kutcher’s performance was self-serving:

Something else stands out when you watch Mr. Kutcher’s speech, he describes himself as an entrepreneur and a ‘venture capitalist’. Again, nothing wrong with adventures in money but if we really think about what’s implied here, it seems rather self -serving and well, exploitive. In essence, Kutcher sees his digital company THORN, and the proprietary software it creates, as a capitalist pursuit in the realm of humanitarian aid.

Unashamed, Kutcher exploits the personal tragedies of trafficking victims before asking the SFRC for a government handout.

Ick…now I really understand why I felt unclean by that over-emotional display!

So before you praise Mr. Kutcher, THORN and co. for their valiant and noble pursuits, know what you are really watching. Corporate welfare dressed up in a Hollywood facade.

The only one getting PUNK’D here is the average American taxpayer.