I’m reading David Wilcock’s Source Field Investigations and have gotten to the part where he discusses the Great Pyramid and the power of pyramids. I had a mandela effect moment when he mentions that the capstone is missing on the Great Pyramid of Giza…that it is flat at the top and technically a 6 sided figure. Wait…I don’t remember it being flat on top. 😦 I shared my mother’s enthusiasm back in the 80s about all things Egyptian, and even took a course in university on Egyptology. I should remember this fact, right?

So I decided to google images of the Great Pyramid and did a double, double-take! Ummm…when did those 3 little step pyramids show up???? I really do NOT remember there being 3 small pyramids in front of those 3 big ones. And step pyramids??? I always thought step pyramids were from South America and the Mayan, Inca, Aztec cultures. Now I’m reading that there are actually 6 Queens pyramids in the Giza Necropolis, along with the 3 big Kings pyramids. My mind is blown because I do not remember learning about queens pyramids…not 3 and definitely not 6!!!

Now, looking at my header above, I guess it does, especially since I realize that this shot is deceptive because Khufu’s pyramid (the Great Pyramid) is the farthest away and Khafre’s pyramid looks the largest. I am willing to concede that I may be victim of incorrect perception, seeing this picture and assuming the big one in the middle is the Great Pyramid of Giza. It doesn’t look like it has a flat top and hence my belief that the Great Pyramid isn’t missing its capstone.


Definitely the Pyramid of Khufu is flat topped, as is the Pyramid of Menkaure. Here’s a closer look at the Pyramid of Khufu, which is the Great Pyramid and largest of them all.


Now seeing it from the “front” like this, or rather from the north (which is the other direction from the usual images, which are taken from the south), it is obvious that it is missing its capstone. I am thinking that perhaps all the pictures I have seen in the past were from this perspective, and why I do not remember the 3 small stepped pyramids. Although there is that little blob in front….LOL

So…I had to research this further to see how the Giza complex is laid out.


I guess that blob is the Funerary temple. It looks like there are 3 smaller pyramids in front of it too…Queen Hetepheres’ tombs. Ummm…why does she have 3??? You know, I do not remember seeing this layout when I studied Egyptology in University back in the early 80s. This all looks new to me, and looking at it, it sure seems like Khafre was the important one here, despite Khufu’s pyramid being bigger. Look at how the funerary temple of Khafre is so much bigger, the causeway is more elaborate, and the Great Sphinx is near the Valley Temple of Khafre. Menkaure has a similar set up, yet the Great Pyramid doesn’t have that. Perhaps the causeway and valley temple were destroyed by urban sprawl???

But then again, like David points out in the book, the Great Pyramid was never meant to be a tomb. Despite the so named King’s chamber and Queen’s chamber, there is no evidence that the sarcophagi ever held mummies. There are other theories of what the Great Pyramid was used for, but I’m not going to go into them here. My main point was that I do not remember those Pyramids of Queens that figure so prominently in most pictures you find on the Great Pyramid. I’m going to have to ask my mother about them, because she actually has maintained a fascination with Egypt to this day, so she is more an “expert” than I am. But I am feeling confused about the pyramids at Giza now. Could this be a Mandela effect thing????


I did discuss this with my mother, and she says that yes, those 3 pyramids were always there. She wasn’t as sure of the other Queens pyramids by Giza though. I’m still not convinced personally…I mean, I took an Egyptology course in university back in the 80s, and I do not recall ever seeing those 3 stepped pyramids in front of the 3 big ones! I do not recall them being discussed in the class at all. I have an eidetic memory, so this is strange not to recall something like this. Those 3 Queen’s Pyramids are rather significant features after all! My sister says it was a long time ago now, so maybe my memory just isn’t what it used to be. Pffftt…I think my younger sister is trying to marginalize me into old age senility or something! Wait till she turns 50! LOL 😉

However, I am reminded of the original Mandela Effect that started the whole phenomenon. I do remember that Nelson Mandela was killed while in prison, but I also remember him getting out and becoming the President of South Africa and then dying in 2013. What does this mean? I remember thinking that the report of his death in prison was just a psy-op thing at the time when he emerged from prison. That reports of his death were “greatly exaggerated” as they say. That someone wanted us to believe it to discredit him, but he proved them all wrong by surviving prison and getting out to go on to run the country! In this case, I remembered both realities. I don’t remember ever seeing his funeral though, just hearing that he had died. But funerals can be faked too. For me, the Nelson Mandela mystery isn’t a mystery…I have reconciled it in my own mind. He was such a divisive figure, and “they” tried to do away with him to silence him, so it doesn’t seem unlikely that they would try to “kill him off” to discourage his supporters in the hopes they will forget about him.

But I don’t know what to think about my memories about the pyramids though. Could it be that I am so used to seeing the pyramids from Giza’s perspective, that seeing them from the other end is just unfamiliar to me? I dunno, to be honest. sigh. Do I re-write my memory to include this idea that I just never saw the pyramids from that other angle before? Like I did with Nelson Mandela????