I just did a post on what feels like another mandela effect, and now I just read an interesting article entitled “Thoughts on Ascension, Healing and Zero Time“. She was referencing yet another article I have just read yesterday, a piece entitled “And the Former Things Will Not Be Remembered or Come to Mind“…wow…don’t you just love synchronicity? LOL And strangely, I had just been asking for more synchronicity in my life, since it feels like it has been lacking in my life recently. I have been feeling down, and not noticing any signs of reassurance or affirmation in my life recently. Well, I woke at 3:13 am last night, got up and moved around a bit, then went back to bed at 4:11 am, got up at 8:11 am…thank you guys! LOL 🙂 ❤

But the first article I read didn’t really resonate with me like that one I just read did. It had interesting things in it, but the Love in Action author put a different spin on it, and I really resonated with her take. As the author points out, the TruthEarth author talks about:

an excerpt of Dolores Cannon’s book “The Three Waves Of Volunteers And The New Earth.”  In this particular piece, the client states we are coming to a point where a very strong wind energy will spread across the planet.  She describes it as “a foggy, clean, clear energy.  It will have a lot of neutralizing energy.” These energies will neutralize things like depression, misery and poisons.  When this happens we will have reached the place of “no time”.

Ms. Cannon’s client goes on to talk about how this “no time” moment will wipe out our bad memories.  Give us amnesia. She said so much damage has been done – this is the only way to clean up the planet and us.

I resonate very strongly with that.

Yeah…so do I actually. Especially the way that she goes on to explain:

Just this week it hit me – we all have lifetimes of pain we are trying to heal from.  That’s a tremendous “ball” of heavy energy for just one person to do – a little at a time. I mean seriously – such work would really take lifetimes, you know?   There are so many Ascension articles on this topic – this idea we must learn to “let it all go” and soon!  Well I don’t know about you, but I HAVE been intending that.  I have been to energy worker’s and trauma counselor’s and yet, we are talking about LIFETIMES of such energy accumulation.  LIFE TIMES.  That is a LOT of energy accompanied with a LOT of memories, both conscious and (mostly) unconscious.

Yes…I have done so much work on myself, been to therapy a number of times, had cathartic experiences to release past life trauma, so on and so forth numerous times. Yet the problem with my neighbor that I discuss here still blindsided me when it came up recently. Sheesh…there is indeed so much “stuff” to work on, from so many lifetimes, how can we ever hope to resolve it all this lifetime, in time for Ascension? And that is just those of us who are aware that this work needs to be done…what about the huge majority of the world that are still asleep and aren’t even aware of such unconscious issues??? I watch my parents and sisters engage in these fights with each other, and I see how there are unconscious  issues they are working out (which they deny and won’t accept). Currently, two of my sisters are fighting, and they aren’t even talking to each other to resolve it. sigh. Yeah…the unconscious thing…how in the hell does anyone reslove (wow…do you see this Freudian slip I just made?!?!? LOL), I mean resolve these issues in a timely manner…like right now so we can ascend?

I think amnesia isn’t the answer…that’s what we have already. But the erasure of the bad stuff is definitely a good idea IMO.

She says it will be a case of amnesia – but I don’t like the term as amnesia implies it’s all still there.  My intention is I wish to see a total erasure of our pains and traumas and the accompanying energies.  And I KNOW to the core of who I am – this can be done in an instant.

Yes…erasure of the pain, trauma and attendant negative energies. That is what keeps us bogged down: all that negative shit that is a carry over from past lives and past traumas. Let’s face it, we have all had multiple lifetimes going back thousands of years, and in each successive incarnation we try to work on the issues, but new bad things keep happening, and the amnesia we face when we incarnate makes it almost impossible to resolve issues.


 Imagine a new beginning for us all.

 A TOTAL clean slate.  Where consciously we know we have had some difficult experiences, but the memory of them and the accompanying energies are wiped out completely.

 Imagine how easy and natural it will be then to return our focus COMPLETELY on Love and positive/high vibes – because we will have removed that toxic residue/energy of pain that has kept us down.

 Can this perhaps really be THE event?  Certainly THE event that would lead us to other events, such as Disclosure.


Well, I disagree with wiping out the memory of the difficult experiences, but I do agree that the attendant negative energies should be released and removed. I also agree that this “wind” is no doubt the Event ie. ascension. I can definitely imagine this…a time where all our past traumas and negativity is dissolved in the experience of No Time. I prefer the way that Dolores Cannon’s client put it:

It’s like a foggy, clean, clear energy. It will have a lot of neutralizing energy. They are going to neutralize energies, bad energies, poison, misery, depressions, money…none of these things would even matter. When this wind goes through the planet, people would forget things that happened in the past…

Whatever they had, they will have, but they will see things much differently now…a different perspective, a different view, a different understanding, a different consciousness. That’s the only way we can clean this planet. There’s so much damage done.

I guess Corey Goode’s Blue Avian friends told him how it equates to the Mandela Effect too:

“I was also shown visualizations of the merging of temporal realities known to many as the “Mandela Effect.” In this merging of realities, many major historical incidents that would have already happened to us have been “edited” out of our reality

This quote also suggests that once we reach “social memory,” our consciousness will change so dramatically that it will be almost impossible to imagine what it will be like.”

So I guess this is already happening then…could the winds that Dolores’ client spoke of be solar winds??? Hmmm…it all seems to come back to some sort of solar event IMO. Could the “solar flash” really be a solar wind? Or will a solar wind precede the solar flash? Hmmm…lots of food for thought I think. 😉