I am posting this in support of David Seaman, who has been a very vocal investigator of the whole Pizzagate thing, and has been repeatedly attacked and blocked and locked out of his various social media accounts. It was just done again to the poor man, and in the spirit of promoting the content that he was censored by Twitter for, I will be posting the video here as well.

Here is the YouTube video:


Here is the mirrored backup video on Vid.me:



Interestingly, it is a video about the Rothschilds that got him locked out. Hmmm. I read something interesting about them recently. That their ancestors are from Rigel and that they might be able to be reformed and come with us in the ascension process. The Rockefellers will never capitulate though, for they have a Draconian ancestry. Interesting eh? I guess all Illuminati are not created equally. This same piece I was reading also reiterated this idea, and reminded us that this secret group isn’t just a single, all-powerful sect that can’t be defeated from within and by dissecting the different components. Again…very interesting idea. Makes them seem a lot less scary IMO.