Well, there was a bit of hoopla about the big announcement that NASA was going to reveal yesterday at their press conference. Today, I see no mention of it on my Yahoo Canada feed, and it is only trending at number 10 in their hot topics. At Censored.News, out of seventeen different alternative news sources, only 1 even covered the topic. All in all, it seems to be a non-event. I’ll have to ask my sister and parents if they even heard about it.

I did see mention of it yesterday, so I do know about the Trappist-1 star system which is only 39 light years away from us, and has 7 Exoplanets that are earth-like and might support life. Uh-huh, big news. Sorry, but I am underwhelmed by this piece of very soft disclosure. I don’t know about anyone else, but this is too little, too late. Sure, I’m glad that they are finally admitting there MIGHT be life out there, even close by. It’s great to know they haven’t been totally wasting our taxpayer money with not finding anything worthwhile out there. I dunno, but this doesn’t even sound like news to me…of course there are earth-like worlds out there, and I have no doubt that there is life on them.

Obviously this is a partial disclosure thing that they are using to hide something else. What is this stupid announcement trying to distract us from? The strange things going on with the sun? How about the fact that the Schumann Resonance broke records and was in the 30s range for a couple of days before the site reporting this was down for several days? The facts around why Venus is so much brighter in the sky? Bleah…this lame attempt at partial disclosure is so weak that it isn’t surprising that no one is talking about it.

I think the Cabal/Illuminati/Establishment are so out of tune with the common people that they don’t even know what will pique our interest. I mean, what significance to my life does finding 7 exoplanets in a neighboring star system play? Why should I care that they found them? It does not impact my life in any way. Now, if they had said something amazing like they sent a message to the people there and they are coming to visit us…well, that would get my attention all right! But this wishy-washy statement about potential Earth-like planets out there, not even within our ability to visit, is not big news for most of us. This is a “big announcement”????

I suspect the same will happen when they finally get around to disclosing about the ancient ruins in Antarctica. You just know they are going to use this find as a distraction from the Pizzagate mass arrests. How stupid do they think we are? What relevance does an ancient ruin have in our lives when there are more important things going on, like stopping pedophilia??? I know I won’t be paying attention to the discovery of the ancient ruins in Antarctica…Corey Goode has already disclosed this information, and my guess is his intel is more complete than the narrative that the Cabal will allow to leak out. If there is no mention of giant mummies with elongated heads or motherships found, then the partial disclosure is incomplete and deceptive. And on top of it all, they are getting CNN to cover it???? WTH…that bastion of fake news??? You KNOW the truth of the ruins will not be admitted to. sigh.

I really don’t think the Cabal can control the narrative any longer. These latest attempts to control what we think and perceive are weak and ineffectual. At least for the majority of us who are awake and aware of the truth. I do not think these partial disclosures will change how any of us perceive them. Those of us who know the whole truth will rat out the partial truths coming out, which will just make things worse for the Cabal IMO. It’s good that some truth is being admitted to, but it’s not enough, and they will be forced to admit all of it IMO.

So…what is the whole truth about these 7 exoplanets? Wouldn’t it be great if we are in contact with the ETs there? Why not just tell us?

Wait…I know what this big announcement is all about…what else…money. sigh. According to this article”HUMANS ‘COULD REACH NEWLY DISCOVERED EXOPLANETS IN 400 YEARS’“:

Scientists have the know-how to plan a trip to the TRAPPIST-1 star system, home to three potentially habitable exoplanets, but they need political and financial support to make it happen, astrophysicist Jeremy Leconte told Radio Sputnik.

“I think we may be more ready to launch something like that then we were when we announced that we would go to the Moon. But now, it’s a question of politics and money, unfortunately. Do we want to do that, and if we want to, we just need to put the means to try it and the technology will follow.”

Yeah right…we’re supposed to fund them for the next 400 years for a “maybe there’s life” scenario. Listen to the tentative rhetoric:

Leconte said that the density of the planets suggests that they are rocky, and some of them may have less dense materials such as water.

Although their orbits around the parent start are shorter than that of Mercury’s around our Sun, the dimness of TRAPPIST-1 means that three of them might be able to support life.

The four outer planets might also be able to maintain liquid water, which is thought to be key to life, if their atmospheres are thick enough to trap heat.

“At the moment, we don’t know if there is water. We know that there could be water, meaning that if there is H2O there, the conditions make it possible for this water to be liquid. That’s an interesting thing. We think that if there is liquid water, and other stuff, that life as we know it (can) emerge.”

Wow…they don’t know a whole lot of nothing about these exoplanets. It seems they are pretty damn incompetent to me if they can’t figure this stuff out. I veto the idea of giving them any more money to screw the dog, personally. Why fund an expedition to these places if we’re not even sure if there’s anything there? And we will only be able to get there in 400 years from now? Nope…not worth the money or effort in my opinion. I hope the government doesn’t fall for this stupid narrative and give them any money! Here’s a great place to trim the fat Mr. President!!!

Addendum: Well, it looks like NASA (that bastion of Never a Straight Answer) has totally given us the finger on what the disclosure narrative will be. There was a Reddit AMA that went on after their big announcement, and Collective Evolution tried to ask them a reasonable question on their take on the idea of extraterrestrial life. Here is their question:

“Collective Evolution Media asks: When is NASA going to reveal what is known about ET life? Former defence minister of Canada Hon. Paul Hellyer has said there are at least 4 known ET species communicating with humans. He is certainly not the only high ranking whistleblower on this topic. When is NASA going to address this? Thanks!”

Worse than just not answering the question, Collective Evolution was actually permanently suspended from Reddit for posting it! WTF??? According to their article “REDDIT PERMANENTLY DELETED OUR ACCOUNT WHEN WE ASKED NASA ABOUT ALIEN LIFE DURING AMA“, they succinctly state:

Given what is known about the entire subject of ET life, for those that keep up with it, you can draw a very simple conclusion: we are not being told the truth, and events like this are only a drip release of small amounts of information controlled by a number of agencies and organizations that are keeping very important information from the general public.

C’mon, we all know from the increasing number of whistleblowers that there is intelligent life out there. The Collective Evolution article even has links to the many whistleblowers. I have to agree that this was not a stupid question to ask, and certainly nothing to suspend a user over PERMANENTLY. I am just as outraged as Tyler at SecureTeam who posted this video on the subject. Well, this wasn’t any kind of disclosure event for NASA that’s for sure. bleah I think it’s a convenient excuse to ban an alternative media outlet. double bleah.