I have to echo Corey Goode’s wow…things are really starting to happen. See his latest video below on his thoughts about President Trump’s Listening Session that just went down. Corey says there are high level, secret trials going on, and it seems Trump is totally dedicated to investigating and using all the resources he has to stop this “horrible” human trafficking problem.


I have to agree with David Seaman that he has to mean the whole Pizzagate thing, because his repeated use of the word horrible and horrific is not about the trafficking where migrant workers are used in low paying jobs here in America. Check out his analysis starting around the 5:16 point.

Yup…I think the shit is about to hit the fan! Hence the big NASA announcement and the reason for CNN and CBS to be in Antarctica. You know the arrests are next as soon as the ancient ruins are disclosed!!! Exciting times!!! Suddenly my apathy and discouragement are gone…I find myself excited to see closure on some truly horrific things that need to be corrected!!! Fuck that Podesta just got a column with Washington Post…he will never get to use it! Lady Rothschild has already called him a loser and said that he was pathetic…the sacrificial goat is about to be slaughtered is my guess!!!

What will the news be tomorrow???? Thank you God for it finally coming to a close! I know I have been praying for months now! I know that over 1500 arrests have already been made, and just very recently another 12 that were rather big fish…an admiral, a police chief, an alderman, etc. I suspect this Listening Session is a precursor for even bigger fish! Yay!