Well, I had a yucky vision about John Podesta dying with black goo coming out of his mouth. Of course, I am writing this post more for my own record-keeping, since it involves premonitions and visions that I want to keep a timeline on.

This was a very disturbing premonition/vision that I had during this morning’s MOTN meditation. Why the hell my meditation revolved around this horrible man, I am not sure. Granted, I watched a body language expert analyze his recent interview, and read a few articles that also denounced his lies that he made during said interview. I guess even James Woods has denounced this terrible man! It is interesting that he’s just now coming out of hiding to make an appearance, and it was to denounce the fake news about Pizzagate, and the horribleness of the attack at Comet Ping Pong. Wow…just wow. Now it also seems that the Washington Post has even offered John Podesta a columnist post. WTH??? I have to agree with David Seaman here, that this is outrageous and unconscionable! I guess this may be one of the final nails in the coffin for WaPo. Good riddance. bleah

But my meditation seemed to focus on all this info I recently got on the icky man, and specifically the nasty Twitter comment to John Podesta by none other than a top Illuminati, Lynn de Rothschild. She called him pathetic, which I guess was in regards to that yes, pathetic interview he just gave, and called him a loser. The chilling implications hit me during the night…this is really bad when a top member of the Illuminati calls you out for being stupid and costing the election and says you are a pathetic loser. I am certain this is a very thinly veiled threat, and he is being warned that they are going to take him out. I feel very strongly that they are going to eliminate him. He has proved to be not just an embarrassment, but I am certain they are worried that he’s about to break down and reveal details. To be honest, if I was them it would be my first thought. He was so damn nervous and totally unbelievable in his lies that I think anyone could see right through him. Podesta has become a liability to not just himself, but to the whole pedophilia organization. He’s on the edge, and I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to make him crack.

Oh boy…I really think they are going to kill him. I am ambivalent about this though…I kinda feel sorry for him. I wonder how long they are going to make him squirm before offing him? I do believe he needs to be taken out though…he is not the kind of predator that can be reformed. He will always be a pedophile, and a terrible man. But he is no longer any use to the Illuminati…everyone knows the truth about him, which makes him not just expendable, but a liability since he knows too much. I was thinking he will probably suffer a heart attack or a deadly car accident when a horrible image popped into my head. I saw him laying on his side with black goo coming out of his mouth. This is what they did to Max Spiers, and other whistleblowers, or so I’ve heard. It was a very chilling, graphic vision that really disturbed me.

They are going to make an example of him. They aren’t going to be subtle, because it will be an obvious threat to his brother and the others. Heart attacks and car accidents cannot be definitely proved to be planned. They could always be an honest accident. Not black goo though…that is definitely a planned assassination! Ick…this was a disturbing vision to have, and it wouldn’t leave me. I am pretty certain this is going to happen. I did get the sense that they might also off his brother Tony at the same time too though. I got the feeling that they might be considering the two scenarios. This other scenario would involve blowing up Tony’s house, with all that damning evidence in it, with those horrible paintings and who knows what other incriminating stuff. A gas main leak could take out both brothers, since Tony is the more dominant of the two, and would undoubtedly be upset if they kill his brother. They wouldn’t want Tony to try to get back at them. Just saying… Wow…what an awful MOTN I had! bleah

I do think that it won’t happen until after his first column with the Washington Post though…I think that column will be what puts the final nail in his coffin (pardon the dark pun there). I think he has been told to fix this problem, and he has already shown that he’s not up to the task, because that interview was actually kinda painful to watch. As an empath, I could feel the tension in his body and I can tell you he was not only nervous, but sick to his stomach. I am amazed that he wasn’t actually shaking, although I think the nervous “petting” that the body language expert pointed out, helped in that respect. Or covered it up, whatever. I think they will give him another chance to fix his reputation and make the whole Pizzagate allegations go away…hence his column at WaPo.

But he won’t be able to succeed, and I think the Illuminati know this. They’ll give him the chance though, but I highly suspect it’s just an opportunity to watch him squirm before they kill him. Oh ick…the cold-bloodedness I was sensing was so disturbing and deadly that I actually now feel sorry for him a bit. Just a bit…he unfortunately does need to be removed from our society. I do believe in capital punishment…if you can’t play nice, you shouldn’t be allowed to play at all. If you’re consistently not nice, you should be removed right out of the game. That is my opinion on the matter…life is hard enough without terrible people harming the innocent. And especially the children…there is a special place in hell for such people! 😦

Just a side note on Podesta: there is that awful video out there that is mostly an audio file because you don’t see anyone, only hear a man torturing a poor crying child. But it sounds like the child calls the man Skippy, which people know is one of John Podesta’s nicknames. The language expert, although admitting that she doesn’t do voice analysis, doesn’t seem to think it is Podesta because the voice has a heavy New York accent. But I think that his Skippy alter ego does. He was born in Chicago, and has an Italian American father. I think he may have grown up with a heavy accent that his alter ego retains. He can refine his voice most of the time, but probably when he’s triggered or excited or whatever, it comes out more strongly. That is my opinion, and I do believe that the video is him. That poor child! 😥

You know, I kinda wish I wouldn’t have icky dreams and visions about these Pizzagate monsters…I had a disturbing dream about James Alefantis recently too. bleah. Hopefully this means that they are going to be brought to justice soon. Hopefully it means I am just tuning into the mass consciousness of what is about to be. Okay…thanks for the heads up…I guess. LOL I’d rather just see the headlines that they have been arrested, to be honest!!!

Addendum Feb 26

Well, I had a strange dream this morning…I dreamt I was watching a televised report on John Podesta’s trial! He was found guilty, and the shock and amazement on his face was priceless actually. He was totally flabbergasted. I remember feeling amazed too, that it was being televised. I was also relieved that he was found guilty. I hope this one is prophetic! I don’t think this negates the other vision I had…I don’t know when or where he will die on his side with black goo coming out of his mouth. Who knows…it could be in jail. Then suspicion is really thrown onto someone else…some “replaceable” criminal. Hmmm…this was an interesting dream…it felt so real!