I have to say that I agree with Trump rescinding the stupid Obama order about transgender bathrooms. I think transgender bathrooms are a stupid idea. Seriously…you use the bathroom that you biologically belong to. If your biology is male, why would you not want to use the bathroom with the urinals??? If you identify as female and are self-conscious, then use the damn stalls! Same with transgender females that identify as male…I know if I was a guy, I wouldn’t want a woman watching me pee at the urinal.

I think the big problem is actually that we cannot be sure if the person who is identifying as the opposite sex than their biology is serious or not. They could be lying, and being a pervert, just want to peep in at the opposite sex. I can see stupid kids daring each other to use the other sex’s bathroom and excuse the behavior by saying they are transgender. No…I don’t think you can trust people to be truthful, and the public restroom should be a safe place to do one’s private business.

I am beginning to have an issue with the whole transgender thing to be honest. It is one thing to be homosexual or bisexual, but what’s with the whole transgender thing? I don’t think we need to delineate such ultrafine boundaries in my opinion. I guess being homosexual isn’t enough of a gender disconnect for the far liberals. I know that homosexuality is caused by a female soul coming back in a male body, or a male soul coming back as female, to learn specific lessons associated with the opposite sex. There was a reason people came back as the opposite sex to that which they are primarily. I have been male a couple of times in the past…I am aware of 4 lifetimes as male. But my soul is basically female, and I know in 2 of those I was homosexual. It’s hard not to be attracted to males when you are a female, despite being in a male body!

Now I think all homosexuals have this gender disconnect, especially when it comes to sexuality. They might be able to overlook it in dress and even other social situations, but they are really “stuck” when it comes to something intimate like sex. The fact that your soul is predominantly another sex becomes glaring. Let me assure you, I have no problem with homosexual people. It was a choice to come back as other, and they should be allowed to work out the opposite role than the one they usually play. I also don’t have a problem with bisexuality…someone who’s comfortable  with both sexes. I believe that androgyny is a good thing…balancing out both our masculine and feminine energies. But wanting to physically become the opposite sex seems counterintuitive to me. It seems to me you are running away from the lessons you came here to learn.

I think that if you have the problem of being in the wrong body for a lifetime in order to learn certain lessons, then that is your personal problem. I don’t think it should become something that the rest of the world has to deal with. I resent having other people’s problems shoved in my face. I am tolerant of the homosexuals and the bisexuals, but I don’t think anyone should be shoving the fact in my face. Your sexual preferences are personal and private. Heterosexuals don’t go around shoving their more traditional sexual preferences in anyone’s face. They don’t have parades saying they are heterosexual. They don’t associate with specific colors or anything. I think sex should remain personal and private.

I think the crazy liberal SJWs are getting carried away with the whole transgender thing. I do not think it’s right that Caitlyn Jenner became Time’s Person of the Year just because she was “brave” enough to go public with her transformation. There were other people who deserved the title more IMO. Caitlyn hasn’t done anything…she’s just part of the whole Jenner/Kardashian whoredom “look at me” mentality. I am not impressed…at the same time, I don’t begrudge her the fact that she is now more “whole” because she looks physically like a female now. She wants to undergo a sex change operation, that’s her business. Again, don’t shove it in my face…I don’t care what s/he does.

But I think there’s a really slippery slope here with all this outrageous permissiveness with the whole transgender thing. For one thing, a father made a very valid point when he asked Chris Cuomo of CNN (*cough fake news cough*) what he should tell his 12 yr old daughter when she is uncomfortable with male penises in the locker room. Chris said that it was the daughter’s problem for being “intolerant”. WTF?!?!?!? I love Mark Dice’s scathing comeback that you can watch here. I will actually embed the video because I think he is right on the money!

I’m sorry, but this Chris Cuomo looks, and sounds, like an idiot IMHO. Yeah, it’s not surprising he works for CNN sigh. But what is the narrative being pushed here? Little girls should get used to seeing men’s penises??? What with the whole Pizzagate thing going on, I do not think this is the message we should indoctrinate our children with. No…if a man shows a little girl his penis, she should be intolerant and run away and tell another adult about it!!! Men should not be in girls locker rooms, and neither should boys. I do not care if the 52 year old man who identifies as a 6 yr old girl wants to use the girls’ locker room…he should not be allowed to go in there!!! Yes, this is a real case. People are getting crazy stupid these days!!! WTF is happening in our world?!?!? I’m sorry, but these people need counselling.

Addendum: Well, it looks like the man just can't stop digging a hole for himself with this one...see the article here.

What’s next…transanimalism??? Yup…here’s a story about a young woman who’s convinced she is a cat. “Trans-species? Woman claims she is actually a cat” is the story of a woman who believes she is actually a cat and is demanding to be treated like one! WTH?? sigh Yeah, I’ve heard of these kinds of people…they’re called “furries”. They like to dress up as furry animals and even identify as their preferred animal.

Should we indulge them? I dunno…it does seem like a mental disorder if you ask me. And I don’t think we are helping them at all by indulging their strange body dimorphism. I think they need help identifying as the humans they biologically are, not further encourage the unhappiness and separateness that’s inherent in feeling like you are something else. They need help being the species they really are…hey…that’s why you were born that way!! Your soul decided to do the human thing…accept it, learn the lessons, then come back next lifetime as the species/sex you feel you really are. sigh. Don’t bother the rest of us with your neurosis/psychosis. I do not care if you think you are actually a cat…act like the human you are in public please. Use the human bathroom of your sex, and not the kitty litter box. Are we going to have to have litter boxes installed in bathrooms next???? sheesh!

Well, it seems that Trump has just reversed Obama’s “invasive” ruling that schools had to allow little boys to use little girls bathrooms. This video queries the point whether the government even has the right to make such mandates? I am sure there are many parents, little girls, and even little boys, who are relieved that it’s all gotten simpler again. I think little children don’t have a sexual identity to be honest, so it shouldn’t be an issue at the school level. Simpler…because if you have a penis, you use the boys bathroom, and if you have a vagina, then you use the girls bathroom.

If the SJWs want a separate bathroom for the transgenders, then they can pay for them. If the transgender is cross-dressing, then I don’t really care if they use the bathroom that matches how they are dressed, but they better not be pulling any penises out or ogling women’s breasts or legs or whatever. Maybe all bathrooms should look the same, with only stalls. Let’s face it, there is no need to advertise that you’re transgender when you’re in the bathroom! Go in, use the facilities, and get out. Sheesh…why is this so difficult???? sigh


Here is another great reason why transgenderism shouldn’t be normalized…biological males, irregardless of how they self-identify, should not compete against biological females!

Transgender boy wins Texas girls state wrestling title amid controversy

A lawsuit was filed by a fellow high school wrestler’s parent trying to get Beggs barred from competing but a hearing wasn’t able to be held before the tournament took place.

Isn’t that convenient??? He shouldn’t have been allowed to compete until the lawsuit was finalized. Although the way that stupid judges are anti-Trump, they probably wouldn’t have voted for the fairness to the females in the competition. Let’s face it, a biological male will always have the unfair advantage over the female in any competition that favors physical strength. They should not be allowed to compete. If they want to be a wrestler, then stay a male! Compete with other males. Simple. Your sexual preferences shouldn’t be an issue in sports competitions. If they “pick on you”, then don’t go around stating your preferences. This is not rocket science people. I’m not saying you can’t be true to yourself, but you came back one way rather than the other for a reason…honor your soul and work with what you were born with!

It’s also interesting that Yahoo doesn’t allow comments on this article either…can we say censorship???? 😦