Well, I just found an article by InfoWars no less, speculating on all the seismic activity going on these days. They ask “IS SOMETHING STRANGE HAPPENING INSIDE THE EARTH?” As they note in the byline “So many of these long dormant volcanoes are roaring back to life”. They showed a most disturbing pair of maps that highlights the massive increase in earthquakes during this century so far vs the same period last century. And you know that earthquakes tend to be precursors to volcanic eruptions.



I dunno about you, but this is quite disturbing to see! Maybe they didn’t report about the Atlantic ones in the last century, but still…the whole Ring of Fire is jam-packed with earthquakes so far this century! What is it leading up to???

In the article, they talk about what is happening with Mt. Etna in Italy, which I talked about in an addendum to my Dotsero Diamond Dialogue post that outlined my visions I had a while back. Yes, Europe’s largest active volcano is erupting. It’s lava flow is still only moderate so far though. So far. Yikes! The article also goes on to note that National Geographic points out about the Campi Flegrei supervolcano is becoming active, and also notes that there is yet another supervolcano that is starting to awaken in North Korea. Mt. Paektu seems to have been awoken by the nuclear testing that the idiot North Korean prime minister is doing. “North Korea’s Nuclear Tests Could Trigger A Deadly Volcanic Eruption” shows how the nuclear tests underground could be destabilizing the supervolcano. There’s also this video that explains what would happen. Wonderful….just wonderful. Does Kim Jong Un know that he is harming his entire nation, as well as China and Japan? Does he care? sigh.

So…we have the supervolcano under Yellowstone that is active, the Campi Flegrei supervolcano that is active, and now the Mt. Paektu supervolcano. Wow…the world is in deep shit! The Yellowstone one will take out the US, the Campi Flegrei will take out Europe, and the Mt. Paektu will take out the Far East. Who needs a solar flash???? bleah

Any one of these supervolcanoes can create a huge cloud of ash that would plunge huge sections of the earth into a volcanic winter and disrupt weather patterns and crops and animals. I think Mother Gaia is pissed and is going to squash us for our stupidity. Climate change? Nope…angry Mother Nature will destroy us all! And I can’t blame her. I think my visions were premonitory and this is going to happen soon. Not to be a fear-monger here, since there isn’t anything we can really do except pray real hard. But I believe that knowledge is power, and I’d rather know about these things than be unpleasantly surprised. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the Solar Flash will happen first. Yup…that’s my prayer these days. 🙂