BLEAH! We have had such a warm winter that the trees are already budding, flowers are already coming up, and the Weather Network is already reporting pollen counts. sigh. Seriously…it has felt like spring a number of times since January! It is the beginning of March…but I noticed this last week…the end of February!

Although I hate the cold, I do realize that it has its beneficial effects. Like killing off the damn bugs! My new apartment seems to have problems with those little pill bugs when it’s wet outside. sigh. My sister said just yesterday that she had to kill 2 katydids in the kitchen! WTH? There are huge flocks of birds flying overhead these days…like the migration south in the fall! To be honest, I have never noticed the flocks coming back in the spring, but this is looking like the fall migration!

What brings this up? I just watched a totally horrendous video yesterday…ick! I never knew you could do that to a tree! Or that there was so much pollen in trees! I’m really allergic to tree buds, but what’s all that pollen in that tree??? Maybe it’s more than just the buds I am allergic to! I have never seen this ever before, but googling it, wow…tons of pics like the one in my header! 😥 My throat feels scratchy for some reason….