I just saw my first robin of the year! Yay! I always look for the little fellows, as they are harbingers of spring for me. What a wonderful way to start the day! 😀

I won’t gloat too much though, because Vancouver, the Prairies and Newfoundland were just hit on Sunday with several inches or more of snow! 😦


Here’s a shot from Vancouver,courtesy of Abby Gpotes, and head over to the Weather Network here for more. I love the short video where the guy apologizes to his Ontario relatives for the pics of flowers he sent last year! LMAO

It looks like Newfoundland and Labrador got hit with a few feet as opposed to several inches…photo from Mary’s Harbour in Labrador, courtesy of Greg Rumbolt. He claims that his uncle’s shed is in there somewhere!!!


This is from Griquet, Newfoundland, courtesy of Thresa Burden…yikes! Even more telling than the one above! Wow…and I’m here in Ontario bitching about the thunderstorms! (which is odd for February and March!)


Well, I am soooo thankful that I woke to a robin as opposed to any of this horrible snow! Like one man posted:

Hey snow, you’re not cool anymore. But come back around December.

They can keep the snow…bleah. You can’t call this global warming! LOL Yes, climate change is a reality, but it’s because the poles are shifting and the sun is going through its own cycle, which is affecting us all. All the planets have become hotter and brighter…just look at Venus in the night sky! To be honest…I’m happy to be on the warmer side of the climate change here in Southern Ontario. Yup…Canada can be harsh in the winter!!! sigh.