What a joke! Yes, I can say that because I am female. Although a lot of men have said it too, and they aren’t wrong. First, the Women’s March posted that half of the world’s population is birthed by women, proving that they don’t know what the hell they are talking about! Yeah, I guess the stork brings the other half. sigh. Then there was the MTV Twitter fiasco…see the post here. They used an auto-responder to answer any replies to their tweet about what a Day Without Women looks like, claiming that a woman runs the account and that the twitterverse will fall apart without someone manning the MTV helm. It just turned out to be inanely stupid instead. As one commenter noted…isn’t is rather misogynist of them to replace a female with a bot? Good going MTV! sigh

I really loved Conservative women’s posts that used the hashtags of #WeShowUp and #NotMyProtest…see this article “POWERFUL: Conservative women answer #DayWithoutAWoman with #WeShowUp and #NotMyProtest“. I have to agree with these women…ummm…I have better things to do with my day than protest something stupid like these liberal zealots that have nothing better to do with their time. Like some men pointed out…the real women who have families to take care of and jobs to go to, can’t be bothered with this “Day Without a Woman” nonsense.

Be assured, I did not wear red today, and although I don’t have a job and don’t have a husband/boyfriend or children, I did not honor this day at all. I am not certain what this stupid Day Without a Woman has to do with the International Woman’s Day, but it certainly made a joke of a truly important issue. When I see the International Woman’s Day issue being handled intelligently, I will partake in it. Until then, the whole anti-Trump liberalism craziness is only harming women’s issues. Trump is not sexist and is not trying to take any of our rights away…these stupid snowflakes are being ridiculous and making all women look ridiculous. I just want to say I do not stand with them either. Not all women are like these pussy hatted feminist bots!

Yahoo Style did a piece entitled “International Women’s Day: ‘Why are we still protesting this sh–?’ Here’s why.“It did make some valid points, which is probably because it’s a Canadian piece so we’re not as anti-Trump fanatical, but it still had some propaganda that I had to fault. I have to agree we still have pay parity issues and there is a huge problem with rape, abuse and murder of indigenous women…

Canadian women are still earning $0.73 to a man’s dollar. More than 2,000 Indigenous Canadian women have either gone missing or have been murdered in the past 10 years.

But I am not certain that these other “facts” are actually truthful…

“While women in North America might be shocked to learn that women in El Salvador can be jailed for up to 40 years for having a miscarriage, or that women in Iran still can’t attend sporting events without risking arrest, we still have a long way to go in Canada.” — Jess Tomlin, The MATCH Fund.

I know Islamic and Muslim women still have a horrible time of things, but it’s not so bad here in Canada and the US. That is why I find it so appalling that so many of these liberal idiots are embracing the Muslim way and Sharia law…are these female snowflakes crazy??? They really cannot understand the issues that the Muslim woman faces. They don’t understand how there is a rape culture that surrounds it, and why Sweden and France are having such issues with them. The women who are participating in the stupid Day Without a Woman protest are uninformed and quite frankly, not so bright. I think it would be fitting if they lost their jobs like the immigrants who participated in that other ill-advised protest…with the lack of jobs out there, if you don’t want to show up, hey…there are plenty of other people who will do your job without complaining! I hope George Soros is paying you enough for losing your income. Idjits. 😦

Now, this other Yahoo article makes a great point “Is ‘A Day Without a Woman’ a Day of Privilege?

Enter 2017, and the organizers of the highly successful (by most accounts) Women’s March, in January, which spurred sister protests around the globe. Not all women were on board — those with more conservative social values, particularly women who oppose abortion and LGBT rights, found the marches divisive — and now, this fourth of 10 follow-up calls for action is seeing a similar level of infighting. But this time it’s around the issue of just who is and who isn’t “privileged” enough to take part in the day.

Many women tweeted that this was more “like mass demonstration of privilege.”I would have to agree. Most of us single women/moms need the income from working. We cannot afford to not be paid for the day. Interesting who got arrested in the protest march (see my header)…ummm…she’s not representative of me as a woman! I don’t think this “nasty woman” is helping the women’s cause, just like the Women’s March back in January did not represent women either. I am resenting that they are using legitimate women’s issues to back up their misandrist notions and anti-Trump protests.

I wish they would just stop already. They are making the rest of us women look bad. bleah