Well, the Cabal and their public fronts are getting to be just as bad as the SJWs when bemoaning their downfalls. The Cabal is increasingly being defeated, and they are not taking it well. I have read that they are so used to dealing with sheeple who are asleep and just don’t question anything that they have not adapted to the new reality of an awakened populace who won’t put up with their shit any longer. I actually find it amusing that the ex-CIA boss (shown above in better days…can we say smarmy??) is blaming the millennials for the Wikileaks’ dump. Wow…self-delusional or what?!??!?

Ex-CIA Boss Blames Millennials For Wave Of Damning Government Leaks” covers how

former CIA Director Michael Hayden recently told BBC news that millennials are the weak link because they do not view loyalty and secrecy in the same light as previous generations.

Say what??? Seriously??? Thank God the millennials have minds of their own and don’t unquestionably believe everything a government agency tells them! The CIA has been lying to us for decades, and it’s about time that people start questioning the alphabet agencies’ over-grasping authority. I can’t believe this old fart actually complained about the current generation being less loyal to secrecy! Not only is this an admission that they keep secrets, but that their people are expected to uphold these secrets. Ummm…no, not when those secrets are harming the people who they are supposed to be protecting. No…the secrets being revealed by Wikileaks are gross and flagrant abuses of power. The corruption is so rampant that clean-up is going to be difficult. Wow…what a mess Trump has inherited!

But yes…millennials are different, although I’d like to point out that it’s not just the millennials. I am not a millennial.

A 2013 Pew poll found that millennials were more skeptical of government surveillance than any other age group — with 45 percent of millennials saying it was more important for the federal government to ‘not intrude on personal privacy, even if that limits its ability to investigate possible terror threats’ than ‘to investigate possible terrorist threats, even if that intrudes on personal privacy.’

According to this poll, only 26% of those 65 or older felt this way. Well, I’m not in that age group either. But I think this isn’t so much a generational thing as it is a sign of ascension that we are all going through…we are all waking up to the Truth! It’s taking older people who have been indoctrinated longer to let go of their misperceptions, but it’s happening too. After all, Trump is 70, and he’s sick of the corruption to the point that he has vowed to “drain the swamp”.

Then there is the whole tempest in a teacup about AG Sessions asking for the resignation of all the Obama administration attorneys, which is actually standard procedure whenever a new president is interred. Someone asked why it took Trump so long to do this necessary purge, and I’d like to remind people that the Democrats delayed the swearing in of Sessions using baseless criticisms for far too long. And there were other priorities too (can we say Pizzagate?). But the irony here is exemplified by this silly attorney who tweeted that he would not resign so he got fired.

Preet Bharara drama over firing as U.S. attorney completely typical of the whiny Left” points out how

Now, of course, the Left is completely outraged and taken aback that this upstart AG, with the support of his equally upstart boss, President Donald J. Trump, would do such a thing.

Even though all administrations do such a thing and it is common knowledge among U.S. attorneys that they are expected to resign when a new occupant takes up residence in the White House, especially when the new guy is from a different political party.

This takes on added significance when we realize this:

That Bharara has become the libs’ cause celebre shouldn’t surprise anyone. During an appearance on Fox News‘ “Tucker Carlson” program last week, U.S. Rep. Patrick Maloney, D-N.Y., couldn’t stop singing Bharara’s praises in calling for him to investigate “perjury” committed by Sessions during the latter’s Senate confirmation hearings, though no such incident occurred.

Bet it felt good for Sessions to fire the guy! LOL Again, the liberals are just making fools of themselves. sigh. This irony isn’t as amusing as the CIA one though. It’s just pathetic IMO.

But some of the tweets in response to Bharara’s original tweet about being fired are funny…see this post “Chaos! Speechwriter for last president who sent US Attorneys packing forgot that elections matter“. I like Greg Gutfeld’s response best LMAO

wait – Preet got fired instead of resigning? (starts rearranging sock drawer)

The liberal left should just give it up…their opposition is way smarter, wittier, and on point than they are! LOL